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7 Stages of Client Commitment

7 Stages of Client Commitment

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Published by Mahmudur Rahman

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Published by: Mahmudur Rahman on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7 Stages of Client Commitment

1.P rospect Attention - Capturing the prospect's attention happens when you successfully cold call, network, or respond to an inbound lead by making contact with an appropriate prospect who has economic approval to buy.

2.P rospect Disbelief - Prospects automatically tend to disbelieve you on the first pass for
the simple reason you're a salesperson. Use your knowledge of their business model and
business pain to break through their disbelief filter and "prove" that you sell your
offerings as a business tool which can help their business.

3.P rospect Value Identification - Based on your firm's unique sales value proposition, you must position yourself and your firm differently from your competition and get the prospect to verbalize the difference.

4.P rospect Action Step Commitment - To sell more prospects, you need to drive them to make "action step" commitments not "verbal" commitments. Has a prospect ever told you "we are going to sign the Purchase Order in December" and then not respond to any of your calls or email inquiries until April of the next year? Prospects need to show action steps that move your sales cycle forward to prove you should spend time with them.

5.P rospect Time Management Commitment - To close deals, management must commit
their time for your product or service review, demo's, executive briefing, and contract
negotiations. If you have a prospect who will not commitment their time, then they are

not ready to buy.

6.P rospect Financial Commitment - There is an old Sicilian saying that my grandfather
(a successful entrepreneur) use to say "No money? Call me when you have a nickel in
your pocket." Spending too much time on a prospect because they "should" buy or "will"
buy sometime in the future will not help you hit your sales quota (or target) now.
Prospects must make a financial commitment by giving you their budget or confirming
your investment is affordable, otherwise you are just making friends - not customers.

7.P rospect Decision Commitment - The goal of every sales cycle is decision
commitment. It's one thing to take a prospect through 6 steps and at Step 7, they buy from
someone else. It's another for the prospect to decide NOT to buy from you or your
competitors. You must force prospects to make a decision or else you are wasting your
time with professional lookers.

Prospects must prove they are buyers through commitments . . . not just words.
Many salespeople "project" these steps as being completed before they have actually happened
and end up incorrectly making an assumption that the prospect is going to buy.
Once you have networked or cold called your way into the beginning of your sales cycle with a
prospect and established there is a business need for your product or service, give them a "Client

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