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Published by The Delphos Herald

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, a
14, 2010
50¢ dailyDelphos, Ohio
Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869
1st football scrimmage of season, p6Van Wert Foundationscholarships p5
Chanceof show-ers, stormstonight andSunday. Lowtonight in low70s; Sundayhigh in upper 80s.
Dena Martz photos
Mosquito bites can cause illness
From the Allen CountyHealth Department
LIMA The AllenCounty Health Departmenthas received two reports of suspected cases of La Crosseencephalitis (also knownas California encephalitis).Both cases were reported inchildren and both are recov-ering at home. La Crosseencephalitis is transmittedby the bite of an infectedmosquito.“This is a good reminderfor all of us to ‘fight the bite’and protect ourselves frommosquito-borne diseases,especially this time of year,”said Health CommissionerDavid L. Rosebrock,“Mosquitoes can transmitdiseases from infected birdsor mammals to humans andthese diseases can make somepeople very sick.” The fourdiseases people can get frommosquitoes in Ohio includeLa Crosse encephalitis, St.Louis encephalitis, Easternequine encephalitis and WestNile virus.While most people infect-ed with mosquito-borneviruses show no symptoms,some people have a mildfever, headache and muscleaches that will last up to aweek. A small number of infected people will developsevere illness requiring hos-pitalization. Symptoms of more severe illness are bodyaches, fever, confusion,weakness, stiff neck, trem-ors and convulsions. Peopleover 50, children under theage of 16, and people withexisting health problems areat greatest risk for devel-oping severe illnesses frominfected mosquitoes.The most important stepsto protect one’s self is toavoid being bitten and toeliminate mosquito breedinggrounds.
To avoid being bitten bymosquitoes:
Avoid outdoor activi-ties between dusk and dawnwhen mosquitoes are mostactive; if it’s necessary tobe outdoors, be sure to wearlong pants, long-sleevedshirts, shoes and socks.Light colors are least attrac-tive to mosquitoes. Useinsect repellent and followthe label directions.
To eliminate mosquitobreeding sites near thehome:
Remove all discarded tiresand other water-holding con-tainers, such as tin cans andunused flower pots, from theproperty. Eliminate stand-ing water from the property.Make sure all roof gutters areclean and properly draining.Clean and chlorinate pools,outdoor saunas and hot tubs.Keep them empty when notin use and drain water frompool covers. Change waterin bird baths weekly.
Fight the bite
 Motor Madness takes over Fort Jennings
Hundreds gathered in Fort Jennings Friday evening for the start of thetwo-day Fort Jennings Motor Madness Weekend. Friday’s events includedthe annual car show, burn-out contest and duck races. Today’s eventsinclude the Lawn Mower Poker Run at 1 p.m. and the Lawn mower Racesat 7 p.m., with live music to follow at Fort Jennings Park. Left: Burn outwinner Dave Craig in his ‘64 Nova smokes out the fans during the Burn-OutContest Friday. Below: For the first time ever, placements were awarded forthe Burn Out. The first-place winner was Dave Craig (with his ‘64 Nova), left, with third-place winner Isaac Dockery Jr (‘79 Trans Am) and second-place winner Andrew Johnston (‘80 Camero Z28).
Franklin offersregistration
Franklin ElementarySchool will hold regis-tration for the 2010-11school year next week.The schedule for reg-istration is as follows:Monday —new fam-ily registration for studentswho did not attend FranklinSchool last year (all grades);Tuesday — families of students in grades K-1;Wednesday — families of students in grades 2-3; andThursday — families of students in grades 4-5.Office hours are 9-11a.m. and 1-3 p.m.On Aug. 24, Franklinkindergarten teachers willhold a parents’ meeting from6-7 p.m. This is an oppor-tunity to meet the teachersand sign the kids up for atesting appointment for thestate mandated KindergartenReadiness Assessment-Literacy (KRA-L). Themeeting is for parents only.
Jays alumni game today
The St. John’s varsity soc-cer team will hold its tradi-tional scrimmage versus thealumni 2 p.m. today on thefield behind the high school.It is open to any St. John’sgraduates that were on thesoccer team or club team.
St. John’s HighSchool setsregistration
St. John High Schoolwill hold registrationTuesday and Wednesday.The schedule is as follows:— Seniors registerfrom 8-11 a.m. Tuesday;— Juniors registerfrom 1-3 p.m. Tuesday;— Sophomores reg-ister from 9-11 a.m.Wednesday; and— Freshmen Orientationwill be held at 1 p.m.Wednesday in the RobertA. Arnzen Gymnasium.Incoming freshmen will reg-ister, receive their schedules,pick up their rental booksand purchase workbooks andsupplies at the book store.Shorts and blue jeansare not acceptable forFreshmen Orientation.
Middle school tohold registration
The Jefferson MiddleSchool has announcedregistration dates for the2010-11 school year.To facilitate efficiency inthis task, students are askedto follow the registrationdates and times as listed.On Wednesday, newfamilies to the district;eighth-grade students onThursday; seventh-gradestudents on Aug. 24; andsixth-graders on Aug. 25.Registration hourswill be 9-11 a.m. and1-3 p.m. each day.
Stacy Taff photos
 New Elida High School on schedule
Work continues on the new Elida High School. Superintendent Don Diglia reportsthe building is on schedule. The new school is to open for classes for the 2011-12 schoolyear. Above: the font entrance is underway. Below: The commons area just inside thefront entrance.
Metro photo
Mosquitoes can transmitdiseases from infected birdsof mammals to humans.
Although the calender may not reflect it,summer is almost over. How do I know this?Well, for one, I was attacked by a cicada theother night on my porch. That is definitely nota “summer” activity.I’m sure for anyone who caught the per-formance, it was a show-stopper. I yelled andran around in circles with my arms up in theair. Probably not the most graceful thing but itworked. That awful thing got off me and whenI got in the house and shut the door, it beat onthe storm door four or five times before givingup and flying off.According to my esteemed colleague, theearlier you hear them, the earlier the frost is.Fall may be sooner than we think; I’ve beenhearing them buzz for weeks.I know we’ve had some pretty steamyweather in the last month and it couldn’t seemless like school is going to start in two weeks.It doesn’t seem possible. After we celebratethe Fourth of July, the rest of the summerseems to evaporate. I couldn’t believe it whenI got the first school registration.Many of my flowers are starting to showthe wear and tear of blooming like crazy forweeks. The impatiens are looking creepy withtheir spindly pale stalks and sparse leavesand my pink petunia, aptly named PinkyTuscadero, has flowered its brains out andnow only looks somewhat healthy in the twi-light while I’m watering it.Unfortunately, the potted tomatoes havethat funk that comes from water splashing upfrom the dirt and the ones in the back couldhave a case of the blight.My husband seems to be tomato-chal-lenged. We have tried to grow two tomatoplants in that Topsy Turvy thing and failedmiserably both times. The first time we gotone from a friend and pushed our little tomatoplant through the bottom and filled it with dirtand then my husband watered it diligentlyevery day. We found out you really aren’tsupposed to fill it up with dirt or water themthat much and it quickly drowned and lookedlike a weed that had been set on fire.The second time around, we got one alreadywell established. It was ginormous. It alreadyhad three tomatoes on it. We thought we hadit made. We were going to show that TopsyTurvy a thing or two. It only took us fourweeks to kill that one. We did get a coupletomatoes off of it before its demise. I’m notsure what happened to it. I know at one pointmy husband thought I was watering it and Ithought he was. Hmmm.Both ended up in the garbage. Maybe weshould just stick to the cherry and regular weplant in the ground. Kind of hard to go wrongthat way as long as you water them.Football practice has been underway forweeks and the first local scrimmage wasFriday morning. I don’t know if you knowthis but there is a girl on the Jefferson juniorhigh team. She’s soft-spoken and cute andisn’t afraid to hit or take one. She listens toher favorite Michael Jackson tune before eachpractice. She rocks! She’s one of my heroes.I know many won’t agree but that’s OK. Itmakes it all the more interesting. We all don’talways have to agree.Another sure sign of the end of the summeris Allen and Van Wert county fairs. They are just around the corner, too.So now is the time. Carpe diem! Take thatweekend trip, get in that last swim. Summer’salmost over and times a-wastin’. You need toget in the last hurrah of summer.2 The Herald Saturday, August 14, 2010
For The Record
The Delphos Herald wantsto correct published errors inits news, sports and featurearticles. To inform the news-room of a mistake in publishedinformation, call the editorialdepartment at 419-695-0015.Corrections will be publishedon this page.
The DailyHerald
Vol. 141 No. 53
Nancy Spencer, editorRay Geary, business managerDon Hemple, advertisingmanagerTiffany Brantley,
circulation manager
William Kohl, general manager/Eagle Print
The Daily Herald (USPS 15258000) is published daily exceptSundays and Holidays.By carrier in Delphos andarea towns, or by rural motorroute where available $2.09 perweek. By mail in Allen, VanWert, or Putnam County, $105per year. Outside these counties$119 per year.Entered in the post officein Delphos, Ohio 45833 asPeriodicals, postage paid at,Ohio.No mail subscriptions willbe accepted in towns or villageswhere The Daily Herald papercarriers or motor routes providedaily home delivery for $2.09per week.405 North Main St.TELEPHONE 695-0015Office Hours8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.POSTMASTER: Send addresschangesto THE DAILY HERALD,405 N. Main St.Delphos, Ohio 45833
Parrot Head
1st Annual
$5 Cover
Childrenunder 10 FREE
“Parrots of theCaribbean” 
#1 Jimmy Buffet cover band in the midwest 
Keith’s Landeck Tavern
Keith & Rana Yonker, owners
14620 Landeck Rd., Landeck, OH419-692-0833
Landshark Beer!  
Bud & Bud Light! 
Elite Naturescapes 
10740 Elida Rd., Delphos 419-692-2525
Open M-F 9-5; Sat. 9-1 *Some exclusions apply
Plants* - TreesShrubs - Perennials
 Come Grow UpWith Us!
 Invites YOU toour Open HouseTues. Aug 17th6-9pm
 (Just east of Delphos on Elida Rd.)
 Call Today! 419-692-6809
  Accepting new students!Dance & tumbling for all ages!
 New “Mommy & Me” classes, ages 18 mo. - 3 yrs!
Accepting new students!Dance & Tumbling for all ages!
New “Mommy & Me” classes, ages 18 MO. - 3 yrs!High School Jazz/HipHop class with Gina
249 N. Main St., Delphos419.692.0000
Gifts from the Heart 
Need to make room for newFALL AND CHRISTMAS MERCHANDISE.
•Marie Osmond Purses•Children’sSummer Clothing
Open Tues. Thru Fri. 10-5; Sat. 10-2
The following is the week-ly report concerning con-struction and maintenancework on state highways with-in the ODOT District 1 whichincludes the counties of Allen, Putnam and Van Wert.(All work will take place dur-ing daytime hours Mondaythrough Friday only, unlessotherwise indicated).
All Cuyoh 501 uh f FAmada rad – 
Traffic willbe maintained during a drain-age tile replacement whichwill take place three days dur-ing the week, likely Mondaythrough Wednesday.
ia 75 a naplrad vhad bdg – 
Traffic reduced to one lanethrough the work zone untillate August for bridge paint-ing which began July 26.Lane closures will occur bothduring day and nighttimehours.
ia 75 fmBavdam  oh 235 – 
Paving is underway. Daytimeand nighttime lane closuresare occurring. The project willcontinue until late August.
Puam CuyPavm pa wllak plac a h fllwglca wh affc ma-ad hugh h wkz. Wk  bg p-fmd by Puam CuyoDot:
- Ohio 634 from U.S. 224to Ohio 613- Ohio 15 from Ohio 613to Ohio 108- Ohio 613 from Ohio 108to Ohio 109- Ohio 114 from Ohio 694to Kalida
oh 114 v hAuglaz rv, a f Clvdal – 
Traffic main-tained by temporary trafficsignals during a bridge paint-ing project which is underway. The project will con-tinue until late August.
oh 613 fm hPauldg Cuy l oh 15 – 
Pavement repairand resurfacing project isunder way with traffic main-tained through the work zone.The project will continue untillate August.
oh 189 v h oawarv bw Cuy rad18-5 ad Cuy rad 18-r, rm – 
Route closed July 19for 44 days for bridge reha-bilitation. Traffic detouredonto Ohio 190, Ohio 634,U.S. 224 and Ohio 115 backto Ohio 189.
Va W CuyU.s. 127 fm hMc Cuy l  Fxrad, Va W – 
Pavementrepair and resurfacing projectwill begin during the weekof August 23 with trafficmaintained through the workzone.
oh 116 bw Davrad ad sa rad – 
Route will close for two daysbeginning August 18 forinstallation of a crossover.Northbound traffic will bedetoured onto Ohio 709 andU.S. 127 back to Ohio 116.Southbound traffic detouredonto Ohio 697, Ohio 66 andOhio 81 back to Ohio 116.
U.s. 127 bw Cuyrad 36 ad syd rad – 
Route will close for twodays beginning August 16 forremoval of a railroad cross-ing. Traffic detoured ontoOhio 81, Ohio 118 and Ohio709 back to U.S. 127.
old U.s. 30 v U.s.30, Mddl P – 
Bridgepainting is under way and isreducing traffic at times ontop of the bridge and on U.S.30 below the bridge to onelane through the work
o hoh Had
by nacy spc
B o W e r s o C K , 
 Angela J. (Crow), 67, of Delphos, Funeral servic-es will begin at 2 p.m.Sunday at Trinity UnitedMethodist Church, theRev. David Howell offi-ciating. Burial will be ata later date. Friends maycall from 2-8 p.m. today atHarter and Schier FuneralHome, where an EasternStar service will begin at3 p.m., and one hour priorto services Sunday at thechurch. In lieu of flowers,memorials are to TrinityUnited Methodist ChurchBuilding Fund or AllenCounty Junior Fair.
Van Wert Cinemas
August 13 thruAugust 19
Friday Aug 13 - Sunday Aug 15 
Screen 1
Dinner for Schmucks 
The Other Guys 
Screen 2 
Ramona and Beezus 
Charlie St. Cloud 
Screen 3 
Cats and Dogs 2 
Despicable Me 
: $7.00 Adults - $3.50 ChildrenUnder 5 FreeGates Open at 8:30-Showtime at dark
       2       1       0       8       0       6       4
COMING SOON: VAMPIRES SUCKWed. 18th- Thurs. 19th
All shows before 6 pm $4.50 Adults $7.00 Kids & Seniors $4.50 
New ClassBeginningSept. 13, 2010
Tom Osting
 Applications availableat local schools
“We want to give you the opportunity toLEARN to drive.”
CLEVELAND (AP) —These Ohio lotteries weredrawn Friday:
Mga Mll
06-17-24-43-55, MegaBall: 36
Mdday 3
Mdday 4
Pck 3
Pck 4
Estimated jackpot: $38million
rllg Cah 5
05-08-20-35-39Estimated jackpot:$110,000
t oH
t oH Mdday
May 15, 1926 - Aug. 13, 2010
Elizabeth M. Ricker, 84,of Ottoville, died at 6:30a.m. Friday surroundedby her loving family atVancrest Healthcare Centerin Delphos.She was born May15, 1926, in Junction toThomas and Emma (Clark)Bullinger.On Feb. 12, 1949, shemarried Rudolph Ricker,who died July 20, 1972.Survivors include twosons, Carl (Monica) Rickerof Ottoville and EugeneRicker of Cloverdale; abrother, Rollin Bullinger of Oakwood; a sister, MadonnaAmato of Dephos; two grand-children, Jason (Sara) Rickerof Jacksonville, Fla., andKerri Ricker of Whitehouse;and a great-grandson, JoshRicker.She was preceded in deathby four brothers, Richard,Raymond, Robert andRussel Bullinger; three sis-ters, Margaret Finn, MevlinaMeyer and Mary Dizanze.Mrs. Ricker retired fromPhilips Display Componentsin Ottawa. She was a memberof Immaculate ConceptionCatholic Church in Ottovilleand its Altar Rosary Society.She enjoyed bingo, flow-ers, gardening and preparinghome-cooked chicken din-ners. She loved chocolatecandy and anything sweet.Mass of Christian Burialwill begin at 10:30 a.m.Monday at ImmaculateConception Catholic Church,the Rev. John Stites officiat-ing. A private burial willbe held at a later date in St.Mary’s Cemetery.Friends may call from2-8 p.m. Sunday at Love-Heitmeyer Funeral Home,Jackson Township location,where a scripture servicewill begin at 2 p.m.Preferred memorials areto donor’s choice.
elzabh M. rck
A girl, Rosalie Charlotte,was born Aug. 11 to Tony andAmy Stemen.She is welcomed home bybrothers Will and Ben.Grandparents are BobDixon of Waverly, Pam andMarv Coppuck of Chillicotheand Linda Stemen of Delphos.ST. RITA’SA girl was born Aug.12 to Kirk and ShannonWannemacher of Spencerville.
G  h la huah
HOLT, England (AP) —He’s Britain’s most talked-aboutyoung artist. His paintings fetchhefty sums and there’s a longwaiting list for his eagerly antici-pated new works.It has all happened so quick-ly — he’s still getting used tothe spotlight — and KieronWilliamson fidgets a little whenhe’s asked to share his thoughtson art.“Cows are the easiest thingto paint,” said Kieron, who has just turned 8. “You don’t haveto worry about doing so muchdetail.”Horses, he says, are “a lotharder. You have to get theirlegs right, and you have to maketheir back legs much bigger thantheir front.”Paintbrush prodigy Kieron— dubbed “mini Monet” bythe British press — is a globalsensation. All 33 of the pas-tels, watercolors and oil paint-ings in his latest exhibition sold,within half an hour, for a totalof 150,000 pounds ($235,000).Buyers from as far away as theUnited States lined up overnightoutside the gallery, and there isa 3,000-strong waiting list forhis impressionistic landscapesof boat-dotted estuaries, snowyfields and wide marshlandskies.He has a website and a busi-ness card. Strangers approachhim at the gallery, asking himto sign postcards of his work.Journalists from around theworld travel to his small hometown in eastern England to inter-view him.Kieron shrugs off the atten-tion. “It feels normal to me,”he says.It definitely doesn’t feel nor-mal to his parents, Keith andMichelle Williamson. They arebemused, proud and a little anx-ious about their son’s talent andits effects.“It has been overwhelm-ing,” said Michelle Williamson,a 37-year-old nutritional thera-pist. She and her 44-year-old artdealer husband live in a smallapartment with Kieron and his6-year-old sister, Billie-Jo.Kieron was a normal, ener-getic little boy, and his parentswere surprised when he askedfor pencils and paper during aholiday in Cornwall two yearsago. They were astonished whenthe then-5-year-old produced anaccomplished picture of boatsin a harbor. He progressed rap-idly to fully realized landscapes,many depicting the flat, openNorfolk countryside near theirhome.“Keith and I don’t paint,so we find it difficult to knowwhat’s going on inside his head,”Michelle said.“We don’t understand it.We don’t know where it comesfrom. But he’s adamant it’s whathe wants to do. When your childhas got such a gift and a talent,you have to support him.”That hasn’t stopped theWilliamsons worrying aboutwhether they are doing the rightthing in exposing him to somuch attention. They showedKieron’s work to a local gallery,which has mounted two exhibi-tions and is helping them copewith the flood of global interest.
8-year-oldpaintingprodigyis new artworld star
Molly is a 7-year-oldJack Russell/Beagle mix.She know all her obedi-ence commands but she’sa little rusty on them. She just need a little work andShe would be perfect. Shewould do better in a homewith adults only and she’sgood with cats.Conner is a veryhandsome and laid back1-year-old domestic shorthair. He’s waiting on hisforever home so that hecan be the center of yourattention.
NEW for 2010:
Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Workout 
•Tai Chi Workout 
•Specialty Classes In:
 Acupressure, Self Defense,Eastern Healing
Call fordetails!
Welcome new massagetherapists: Amy Urtonand Tony Jacomet 
208 N. Main St., Delphos
 N E W!
N   E  W  
1/8” Cracks 2 Year Warranty!Water Cleanup6 Yr. Warranty! Easy to Apply!
5 Gal.
5 Gal.
5 Gal.
242 N. Main St.Delphos 419-692-0921Mon.-Fri. 8-7:30, Sat. 8-5
Saturday, August 14, 2010 The Herald –3
This captain’s table from the Margueritecanal boat, which last docked in Delphos, ison display at the Delphos Canal Commissionalong with many other canal era artifacts.Made of solid wood — possibly oak, thistable is a great example of early Delphoscanal boat furniture. Note the inset for glass-ware just under the tabletop near each leg of the table. What an ingenious idea!
The captain’s table
From the banks of yesteryear...
From the Delphos Canal Commission
We also have an example of anearly portable metal bathtub (right)and a large shovel\scoop, (picturedbelow), which was used to hand hauldirt from the site during the diggingof the canal. Pictures from the canalera, as well as canal boat models, replicas, paintings and photos canalso be viewed at the museum. andfrom 7-9 p.m. on the 2nd and 4thBeams and pieces of theactual Marguerite, whichwere recovered from thecanal by the Knights of Columbus Squires youthorganization, are also beingbrought to the museumfrom storage. With themuch-needed expansion of the museum well underway, many more of the treasuresgenerously donated to themuseum by the citizens of Delphos and the surround-ing area will soon have aplace of honor for all tosee!The Delphos Canal Museum is open from 1-3 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Sunday andfrom 7-9 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Monday. Visit us soon!
Rotted Post Problems?
If you own a pole building, chances are you’ve seen rotten posts before.Our pre-cast concrete post solves the problem for both repair and newconstruction. Perma-Column offers the economy of post-frameconstruction and the durability of concrete. What are you building on?
Call us for all of your construction needs.
Meyer Building
 Toll-Free: 1-800-742-2861 Phone: 260-565-3274 Visit us on the web at www.meyerbuilding.com
The Humane Society of Allen County has many petswaiting for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter,first shots and a heartworm test. The Humane Society islocated at 3606 Elida Road, Lima, and can be contacted at419-991-1775.
The following pets are available for adoption throughThe Animal Protective League:
M, 1 year old, cream and rust color, blue eyesCalico, 5 years old, spayed, dew clawed, shotsCalico, 1 year oldF, 5 yrs, multi color, named Sally
M, F, 6 weeks, smokey gray, white and black andbrownM, F, 11 weeks, tiger, black and white, silver gray,creamM, F, 10 months, brown and white, black and white
Yellow Lab, M, 4 years old, neutered, named Yeller
Beagle, M, 8 monthsShepherd Rottweiler, F, 8 months, black, named EchoFor more information on these pets or if you are inneed of finding a home for your pet contact The AnimalProtective league from 9-5 weekdays at (419) 7419-2976. If you are looking for a pet not listed call to be puton a waiting list in case something becomes available.Donations or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321,Van Wert, Ohio 45891.
Dear Readers:
Whenwe printed the letterfrom Walt Paluch, ask-ing for the words to anold Father’s Day song,we had no idea so manyreaders would be interest-ed. Although none seemsto hit the nail on thehead, one comes close. Itwas sent in by two read-ers, one from Ft. MyersBeach, Fla., and the otherfrom New Bedford, Mass.Take a look:
Wonderful Daddy of Mine
Songwriters writeabout MothersSongs that are touch-ing and sad.Seems they forgetabout DaddiesSo I’ll sing this songfor my Dad.There’s no pal in theworld like my Daddy,Wonderful Daddy of mine.I will always be kind tomy Daddy,Wonderful Daddy of mine.I was thinking today if my Daddy’d go awayHow I’d miss him, howI’d long for him.I know that I’d say,there’s no pal in the worldlike my Daddy.
From California:
 Could these be thewords?F is for the Faith that Ihave in you.A is for the Affectionthat you treat me with.T is for the Tendertouch of yours.H is for the Happinessthat you give me.E is for the Endlesssacrifice that you makefor me.R is for the Rapturethat I get in your com-pany.
Myukulele classhas been sing-ing this song astaught to us byKumu Na’aleiLiana:F is beingFaithful, under-standing.A is Alwaysgenerous andkind.T for Tenderloving care you gave me.H is for the Helpfulthings you do.E for Every sacrificeyou’ve made, dear.R is Remembering tobe extra-special kind.Put them all togetherthey spell FATHER,A man who means theworld to me.
Dear Annie:
AlthoughI’m 84 years old, I’venever heard a Father’sDay song. So I composedthese words — they’reyours if you want them.— Regina EnglerF is for the faith withwhich you raised me.A is for affection thatwe shared.T is for the tendernessyou gave me.H is for the heart thatshowed you cared.E is for the eyes thatglimpsed the future.R is for rememberingthe past.Put them alltogether theyspell Father,The one whoselove will alwayslast.
CollegeStation, Texas
:My father used tosing this when Iwas a little girl:F is for thefunny face of Father.A is for the alcohol hedrinks.T is for the tales hetells to Mother.H is how she believesthem, though he thinks.E is for the eveningshe’s spent rambling.R is for the rum hedrinks with joy.Put them all togetherthey spell father. Andfather he’s a gay ole’boy.
Maybethis is what Walt is look-ing for:F is for the faith andlove you gave me.A is for the attentionthat you paid me.T is for the tears youhelped to wipe away.H is for your heart of purest gold.E is for the proudnessin your eyes.R is for the right you’llalways be.You put them alltogether they spell father.You mean all the worldto me.
Tamiment, Pa.:
Here’sthe Father’s Day Song:F is for my fat andfunny father,A is for the alcohol hedrinks,T is for the tales hetells to mother,H is for his heart liketiddlywinks.E is for the eyes hegazes into,R is for the rum hedoes consume,Put them all togetherthey spell FATHER,The guy who sleeps inour front room.
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Food plantexpansion tocreate 169 jobs
MASSILLON (AP) — AnOhio snack foods manufactur-er has said its new productionfacility in northeast Ohio willcreate 169 jobs.Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland joined Shearer’s Foods Inc.CEO Robert Shearer at theribbon-cutting ceremonyFriday for the company’s newMassillon production plant.Officials say phase one of the project will create 79 jobswith a second phase creating90 more jobs in January 2011.The state of Ohio in 2008awarded the company a taxcredit valued at an estimated$612,000 to assist the project.Shearer’s officials say thenew plant will use about 30percent less energy per poundthan the company’s currentmanufacturing lines.The Brewster-based com-pany manufactures snackfoods including potato chips,pretzels, tortilla chips, wholegrain chips and pork rinds.
Police dog leftin hot car dies
CINCINNATI (AP) —Cincinnati police say one of their dogs has died after anofficer inadvertently left theanimal in a hot car during afamily medical emergency.Police say 13-year vet-eran Brian Trotta found thedog named “Juno” dead afterresponding to the family mat-ter Thursday. It wasn’t clearhow long the dog was leftalone. Trotta has been placedon administrative leave pend-ing a police investigation.

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