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Published by Anand Bhat

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Published by: Anand Bhat on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anand BhatProfessor Adam ScottEng 101Tuesday, September 29
, 20Response to my letter to the FCC, about refraining from moral policing and curtailing freedom of speech and expression.Freedom of expression is a raging debate. The issue was never whether one must be allowed tofreely express oneself. That would be ludicrous as we would all be in agreement. The questionsthat plague us are always “What is expression?” And “Where is the line?”The policing of societal behavior is perhaps as old as society itself. Someone always feels theneed to control; it is instinctive and feels like the right thing to do. This self righteous messiahcomplex has been passed on from one generation to the next, ensuring that the watchdogs of thehuman mind are omnipotent and omnipresent.Pornography is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “Printed or visual material intended tostimulate sexual excitement.” The definition seems simple enough, well rounded with noloopholes. Yet closer inspection reveals the obvious flaws. Sexual excitement is not a constant, itvaries and depends on a number of factors like gender, sexual preferences, age and culture toname a few .What the implication of this is that pornography is not a constant but a perception. If 
we have established that pornography is merely a matter of how one sees things then we should be in agreement that regulating pornography becomes impractical.Furthermore the pornography and adult film industry work on the same free market capitalist principle that all other “moral” goods and services work on. Supply and demand. Where there isa demand a supply will exist and judging by the sheer size and magnitude of the porn industry itis safe to assume there exists a massive demand.The women for the most part are women who intend to exploit their looks and physical assets tomake money. Some may view this as self deprecating but this conclusion is again very perceptive and lies in the realm of individual judgment.To expect everybody to conform to a particular body’s idea of morality is nothing short of fascism.Thus it follows logically that pornography is merely catering to the natural sexual urges that areinherent in any sexually reproducing species. To demonize this natural drive as immoral and tochastise those who gratify it is nothing short of being ignorant. Suppressing peoples’ sexualitywill only make issues like STDs and rape harder to deal with. The FCC--by censoring and over regulating creative content-- is only serving as an agent to this agenda of mind control.The principle of free will is a wonderful guide to morality. When free willed men or womenchoose to cater to the sexual desires of free willed men or women, there can be no moral conflict.Child pornography is another issue altogether for this very reason. A child in the absence of afully formed worldview requires protection from exploitation..In conclusion, it is necessary to foster an atmosphere of research, learning and education aboutfacts that do not depend on any one individual’s personal views. Morality is perceptive and must be treated that way with no efforts made to police thoughts.

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