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History - Slave Entry

History - Slave Entry

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Published by Becca
A creativ peace I've wrote about someone who lived as a slave. Very breif.
A creativ peace I've wrote about someone who lived as a slave. Very breif.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Becca on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History ; Slave entry.
My name is Rosemary Tocali, and I am 22 years old. I havebeen ‘free’ from slavery for 6 years now, and am gettingmy life sorted out. I now have a partner and a beautifulbaby girl. I am going to be telling you about my lifetimeexperience; that will haunt me forever, as a child born intoslavery. To start at the very beginning, when I was first born. Mymother was a slave to quite a wealthy family. There wasmy mother’s mistress and master. As a child I thought of my mother’s mistress as a second mother as she cared forme and taught me, like a teacher. At the age of 10 mymother became very ill with cholera and was sent away byher master. I did not understand at the time what washappening but they told me she was going to be okay andone day I would be with her again.Later that year I realised that my mother was goneforever, and I would not see her; she was dead. When mymother died her mistress decided to keep looking after meas I would be helpful around the house like my motherwas; as I got older. The year was 1801, and I had startedto realise that my new master was not as nice as I thoughthe was.I was growing more and more suspicious as the years wenton. In 1806; on my 15
birthday I was shocked at whatwas about to happen. My mistress had gone out to a socialgathering after wishing me a happy birthday. I was leftalone to read my book; as a birthday treat. It was just meand my master. It was about an hour since my mistressleft and I knew that something was off, with my master. Hekept on looking at me a funny way, smiling ever soslightly; like he was considering an evil plan. Then it happened he asked me to assist him in hisbedroom to look for something; and as he was my masterI had to obay. He locked the door and then it happened; itwas the most horrible thing that would or could; everhappen. He abused me in a way that should have been
illegal. Once he had had his fun, he realised his wife, andmy mistress was about to arrive home. He said “you musttell no one of this. Or else.”I did as he said, and told no one of what had happened.Every time my mistress left it happened again; I wanted tosay no, for there to be a way to make it stop. However, Iknew I was defensless.After a year I was fed up, and then my life was saved. In1807 slavery was abolished in Britain. I felt overwhelmedwith joy. When I was little my mistress taught me how toread and write and all the basic skills I needed. It wasn’tuntill then that I fully appreciated it. I would be able tohave a ‘future’ and maybe help people troughout my life. The day that slavery was banned I wasn’t sure how mymistress and master would have taken it. At the time thiswas happening my master was out of town; a businesstrip. My mistress was stressing out and knew that hewould not take this news very well (and mostly take it outon me or her).She struggled all of that day thinking of ways that thiswould work out. As we had a bond she decided that sheloved me like a daughter. There was only one thing thatshe could do. She gave me money from her savings; atfirst I refused to do this to her but she toldme it was theonly way. I accepted this, and left. She told me to get outof the city and go far away and start a new life. I told her Iwould always remember her and this gift of a new start inlife. My mistress for the last time gave me a hug and sentme on my way. I knew what this meant, and so did she.He- her husband - my old master, would not like what shedid and she would be hurt because of this. She cared tomuch for me; and should not be treated by him the wayhe did. After knowing what he was capable of I feared forher - for her life. So I ran and kept on running untill I wasfar away, and this is when I met my world - my new life;which had just begun.My childhood was not nice; there was ups and downs.

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