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Guerrilla Warfare Liberation Movements Flyer

Guerrilla Warfare Liberation Movements Flyer

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guerrilla warfare
guerrilla warfare

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Nelson S. H. Ganancial on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“You can’t wipe out a terrorist operation that operateson two continents by attacking the mountains” – aidworker’s comment on Turkey’s biggest militaryoperation in its modern history against Kurdishguerrillas in 1995.“One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter” isoften quoted when the subject of guerrilla warfarecomes up. The massive American bombing ofAfghanistan appears to have ended the ruthless rule ofthe Taliban but is being replaced by the equally ruthlesswarlords who successfully ended a Soviet occupationthrough years of guerrilla warfare. As Robert Aspreywrites in his monumental history War in the Shadows(1975).“Guerrilla warfare (including its kissing cousin, terrorism) has evolved into an idealinstrument for the realization of social-political-economic aspirations of under-privileged peoples. We may be witnessing a transition to a new era of warfare”.In 1994 he added, “If we add the current imbroglio created by the aspirations ofIslamic fundamentalism, I stick to my earlier statement”.It is not sufficiently remembered perhaps that the first armed revolt of theMujaheddin began a jihad in 1978 with exploding bombs in the cities and the murder ofthe U.S. ambassador in Kabul and guerrilla revolts in Herat suppressed by troops withsome 5,000 deaths, and a government blood bath slaughtering thousands of politicalopponents.Asprey writes “the worlds “Winning” and “Victory” diminish in meaning as we face theawesome political economic challenge that to date many of our leaders, particularlymilitary commanders, seem unable to comprehend despite manifold lessons of history”.The “lessons of history” can be learned from this comprehensive collection of literaturewhich includes a large number of titles in Asprey’s bibliography and many which are not.Quality of content and condition are guaranteed.Duplicates can be removed and the price reduced accordinglyCondition is excellent. Most titles being in dustjackets.

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