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Syllabus Mathematics of Investment

Syllabus Mathematics of Investment

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Published by rudyr bacolo
Syllabus in Math of Investment
Syllabus in Math of Investment

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Published by: rudyr bacolo on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Republic of the Philippines
Puerto Princesa CityCollege of Sciences
Math 2a Mathematics of Investment
Semester, SY 2009 ± 2010
University Vision
University Mission
The Palawan Staten University is committed to upgrade the quality of life of the people by providing higher education opportunities through excellentinstruction, research, extension and productive services and specifically seeks to:
Produce globally competitive graduates who are morally upright, humane, competent, productive and prime movers of development in their discipline;
Engage in research and development that will further the frontiers of knowledge in the professions;
Propel the sustainable development of the province, the region, and the country;
Deliver extension services that will contribute to the progressive transformation of communities and clientele groups; and
Augment national budgetary subsidy for operations through income generating projects.
College of Business and Accountancy Goal
:To produce value-oriented and globally competitive leaders and entrepreneurs in business and industry.
College of Business and Accountancy Objectives:
1. Provide quality instruction in all business programs;2. Produce relevant researches responsive to the needs of the community;3. Create business programs and services that would enhance the quality of life of the urban poor;4. Complement government subsidies through productive ventures and activities; and5. Develop entrepreneurial skills of business students for global competitiveness.
 Course Number:
Math 2a
Course Title:
Mathematics of Investment
Course Description
: This is an introductory course in the Mathematics of Investments as it occurs to current in business and investment affairs. It covers thetheory and applications of interest and the simple case of annuities certain.
Course Credits
: 3 units
Course Prerequisite
: Math 1b College Algebra
Course Objectives
: This course aims to:1. develop understanding of the theory and applications of interest and annuities certain;2. familiarize the students with the use of the tables for Mathematics of Investment and also the use of the calculator as a powerful tool insolving pertinent problems in business;3. stimulate in the students curiosity, critical thinking and interest in the study of mathematics; and4. relate the concept of Interest in real-life situation and environmental issues.
Course Requirements
: Quizzes, assignments , problem sets , and long examinations
Unit Title Objectives Key Content InstructionalStrategies/ActivitiesTimeFrameInstructionalmaterialsEvaluation of Teaching-LearningInstructionalResources1. Introduction 1.1Demonstrateknowledge andunderstanding of theschool purpose system1.1 Brief history of PSU and theCollege of Business and Accountancy1.2 PSU Vision and Mission1.3 Share values and collegegoals1.1 Leveling of Expectation1.2 Powerpoint of the school purposesystem1.3 Question andanswer 1.4 Group work1.5hoursLCD, Manilapaper,laptop, CD1.1Group outputpresentation on howto promote PSU toother people1.2Use of Rubrics for group performancePSU AnnualReportPSU Coffe TableBookCollegeHandbook2. SimpleInterests andSimple Discounts2.1 Differentiate:a. Simple fromcompound interestb. Interest from discountc. Ordinary from exactinterest2.2 Identify parts of 2.1 Terminologies and notations2.2 Ordinary and exact interest2.3 Interest between dates2.4 Amount and present values2.6 Simple discount2.7 Promissory notes2.1 Question andanswer 2.2 SolvingProblems onSimple Interestand SimpleDiscount9hourswhiteboard,Worksheets,examples of passbook,examples of promissorynotes2.1 Seatworks and Assignments,2.2 Quizzes2.3 Group will presenthow they solve agiven problem aboutSimple Interest andReference #:1:p1-192:p1-203:p152-1844:p123-1395:p1-477:p243-277
promissory notes2.3 Discountingpromissory notes2.4 Solve problemsinvolving simpleInterest and simplediscount2.3Boardwork2.4 ConnectingEnvironmentSimple Discount3. Compoundinterest3.1 Define compoundinterest3.2 Differentiate nominalfrom effective rate3.3 Discount a givenamount3.4 Find theaccumulated value of agiven amount3.5 Solve problemsinvolvingCompound interest3.1 Terminologies and notation 3.2 Comparison between simpleand compound interest3.3 Compound amount andinterest3.4 Nominal and effective rates 3.5 Equivalent rates3.6 Equation of values3.1 Question andanswer 3.2 Group oralpresentation3.3 SolvingProblems regardingCompound Interest3.4 connectingEnvironment12hoursLCD, Laptop,WorkSheets,Boardmarker 3.1 Seatworks and Assignments3.2 Quizzes3.3 Group will give anoral presentation onwhy they choose agiven option in theproblem regardingCompound InterestReference #1:p20-562:p23-615:p49-1027:p143-1514. Simple Casefor Annuities
4.1 Identify differenttypes of simpleannuities4.2 Solve differentproblems involvingsimple annuities
4.1 Terminologies and notations 4.2 Ordinary annuity4.3 Annuity due4.4 Deferred annuity4.1 Question andanswer 4.2 Solvingproblems onSimple Case for  Annuities4.3Boardwork4.4 ConnectingEnvironment12hoursBoardmarker, worksheets4.1 Seatworks and Assignment4.2 Quizzes4.3 Group outputpresentation onSolving a Problem inbusiness regardingsimple AnnuitiesReference #1:p57-852:p65-925:p115-151,193-204
5. Amortizationand SinkingFunds5.1 Solve for theamount or presentvalue of annuity,periodicpayment/deposit5.2 Create anamortization or sinkingfund schedule.5.3 Compute for the
5.1 Amortization5.2 Finding the outstandingprincipal5.3 Sinking fund5.1 Solving amountor present value of annuity, periodicpayment5.2 Creating and Amortizationschedule or SinkingFunds5.3 Question andanswer.11.5hoursWork sheets,visual aids,examples of  Amortizationand SinkingFunds5.1 Seatworks and Assignment5. 2 Quizzes5.3 Presentation of created amortizationschedule and sinkingfundsReference #1:p92-1202:p95-1095:p157-176

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