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Effects of Saturn in All the Houses Written by Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji

Effects of Saturn in All the Houses Written by Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji

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Published by krasivaad

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Published by: krasivaad on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Effects of Saturn in all the Houses
Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji
First House

Saturn in your 1st house, or Ascendant, for which the Sun is the significator or
karak, indicates that you speak harshly and bluntly. The 1st house governs
physique, appearance, strength, and happiness, while the Sun is related to
appearance, rule, domination, strength, and confidence. Saturn governs action,
diplomatic pursuits, intelligence and caring, gain, injury, and hurt.

Saturn is known for supporting the house it occupies, and if alone in a house, it
will rule that house, enhancing all qualities common to itself and the house.
Saturn in the first house gives one courage and a striking appearance. As well,
you are a hard taskmaster on yourself, and do not tire easily. One outstanding
quality of this Saturn, with which you have been blessed, is that your presence
proves lucky to everyone. Saturn is not a ruler, thus you will have a very nice
appearance, but not an impressive or majestic one. Saturn makes one cunning
and conspiring, and instead of winning hearts, one seeks to achieve one's aim
however possible. Saturn here makes one attached to money and wealth.

As Saturn is not related to health, it will damage this area of the 1st house by
imposing his own bad qualities, such as addictions to drinking, smoking and bad
food, reckless behavior, all of which will ultimately reduce one?s health. Thus,
you may suffer from ill health, most probably from colds, falls, and injuries to your
head. Saturn is famous for making friends, as it understands that an increase in
friends means an increase in strength. Thus, your circle of friends will be very
large, and you will help them, and be popular for your actions. In addition to
friends, Saturn also creates for one many rivals who will always be challenging
you. Your attitude will be to ignore them, and to continue with your own plans.
This is a mistake, as they may continue to conspire, and ultimately force you into
a position where you may not be able to find anyone to help you. Only your own
family members, especially those who are younger, will come to your aid.

You will have a good time in life only after middle age, since Saturn's gifts in life come slowly. You will acquire a lot of wealth, but may not feel much comfort from it or not be able to enjoy it, as Saturn will always keep you busy and working, or

unhealthy. Saturn will keep you moving about, and so you do not like to sit in one place. Even your style of working will involve walking or driving from one place to another. This constant movement may be another reason that you are unable to enjoy your wealth.

Being alone and away from the world is your most enjoyable pastime, as you
gain a lot of strength through it. During such hours alone, you enjoy thinking
about the past or planning for the future. Thus, these lonely times play a major
role in your life. While alone you like reading auspicious books and singing. It is
unfortunate that every 6 months, you will suffer setbacks in acquiring honor,
respect, and gain, for which the Sun's movement will be the cause. When the
Sun moves from north to south, i.e. from June to January, Saturn gains strength
and you have a good time, but from January to June as the sun moves north,
Saturn loses strength, and you may suffer a lot of stress in your business or
work, such that you may not be able to see any progress.

Saturn is also making you greedy, hence you like to receive gifts, and the one
who gives you a gift rules your heart. You are famous for your shrewdness and
are very clever. You never hesitate to take any step that will help you achieve
your goal. You will take action which others cannot understand, and which you
will not try to explain. While others may argue with you, you will not be
persuaded, nor will you try to make others understand the reasons for your
actions. No one can change your opinion. Yet, you believe in God, a main quality
of Saturn.

Second House

Saturn in your 2nd house, for which Jupiter is the significator or karak, indicates
that you will never be able to reply to anyone on the spot, or may not be able to
speak properly, or may even be dumb. The 2nd house governs speech, income,
cash, family, enemies related to income or gain, and precious metals and stones,
while Jupiter is related to academic pursuits, knowledge, kindness, and is known
as the teacher of all the planets. Saturn governs land, construction, income
through business, and stealing or unfairly acquiring others' property.

Saturn will not harm any area of the 2nd house which is common with Jupiter,
such as knowledge, home, and faith. Thus, if you are educated, your knowledge
may extend far beyond your academic qualification. For example, a medical
doctor might have a very good knowledge of some field completely unrelated to
medicine, such as computers and electronics. Even if you do not have a good
academic qualification, your knowledge covers a very vast range. As well, you
are free from any directional restriction of architecture (Vastu). According to
Vedic astrology a house whose main door opens to the south is thought to bring
illness to one or more of the occupants, specifically pain in the joints. However,
thanks to Saturn in your 2nd house, you are free from any effect of this, as are
your family members, and so house direction will never affect you negatively.

You have a lot of faith in luck and believe that good deeds and honest use of

your skill brings success, thus you are never lazy during working hours. As well,
you don't like people who work slowly, and you are always using hard words with
them. Here Saturn is aspecting the 4th house, which is related to mother, hence
you may not have smooth relations with your mother, and she may experience
injuries from animals, or may have some chronic illness. If your mother is not
living, this effect will transfer to your spouse. It is said that when a 2nd placed
Saturn aspects the 4th house, one can never get good results in respect of one's
home, hence you may not have a peaceful domestic life, and may feel irritated in
the home, or you will have a lot of differences with family members.

You may have suffered many injuries in your childhood, continuing even up to
the age of 18 years. You may experience a lot of trouble earning, and may even
use unfair means to gain more income. You will likely face many obstacles in
acquiring education, or you will be aimless in doing so. The opposite sex does
not attract you, and in fact, you rather dislike them, and do not care about having
good relations with them. As the 2nd house is related to income, and Jupiter, its
karak, never cares about earning a lot of money, you will likely not have a good
income. However, according to another rule, Saturn will push you and keep you
working, and so none of your work will ever stop due to lack of money. At times
you may experience financial troubles and worries, but at the last moment you
usually get help from some unexpected source, such as another job, a bonus, a
refund, or payment to you of a back debt, all of which are the ways of Saturn.

Remedies: It will be good to visit some holy place like a temple by walking
barefoot from your home to the temple. This will loosen the restriction of Saturn
on your income, and your money will not be wasted.
Third House

Saturn in your 3rd house, for which Mars is the significator or karak, indicates
that your father will have bad health in later life, but you will get a lot of fame in a
place far from your birth. Although you may acquire paternal property, due to
quarrels with your close neighbors or your siblings, you may relinquish your
share, or sell it off at a low price. The 3rd house governs siblings, courage,
anger, journeys, and death of parents, while Mars is related to brothers, anger,
courage, blood related problems, and injuries. Saturn is related to death, illness,
loss of money, injuries, and hidden treasure.

This Saturn makes many of your thoughts very negative, which you never share
with anyone. It also indicates that you may have as many as three brothers and
sisters, and that you will dominate them. Saturn here is making you brave and
courageous while at the same time pouring anger into you. It makes you fearless
in hand to hand combat, and you will never run away from any fight. Even when
faced with many opponents, you will try to defeat them. As far as health and your
resistance to illness are concerned, you will be free from any reactions of the
blood, such as allergies and reactions to medicine. You may, however, have
some weakness related to fever or heat, such as sunburn or heat stroke, and you
should take care in respect of these.

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