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2006 MWK Interview

2006 MWK Interview

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Published by coolshades
Old interview with David, Neal, and Andy
Old interview with David, Neal, and Andy

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Published by: coolshades on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MWK Interview -- 2006
David: If you, if you write a good song, and it reaches...you know, ten people incompletely different ways, it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. To seepeople interpret a song that you wrote-- I mean, I've written songs that-- aboutthings that I've read-- I've read in the newspaper. And somebody'll find some wayto connect it to themselves and their story. And I think that's the coolest "thankyou" ever. [
stuffs french fries in his mouth
scene changes to Neal
]Neal: We were in....Wisconsin. The night ends up with, like, our old drummer getsthis huge scar on his face for, like, three weeks. Andy gets pissed on. And then...[
] I think the-- and then I think the drummer might've got pissed on back, asrevenge. It was a great night.[
scene changes to Andy 
]Andy: I was home sleeping. [
gets an "Oh geez" look on his face
] Home. Hotelroom. La Crosse, Wisconsin. Robby Merrick comes in with Bryan Jewett. [
]No, without Bryan Jewett. Bryan Jewett was sleeping in the bed next to me. RobbyMerrick comes in... [
] sleeps for a couple hours. I'm already asleep. Wakesup at about four...or five in the morning. [
] Probably five. Wakes up...startspeeing on me...from the other...side of...the bed. I wake up.[
scene cuts to a band performance as Andy continues talking
]Andy: Don't really know what to do. I try to...maybe hit him with a pillow. But thenI realize quickly that if I hit him with a pillow, his pee would spray. Probably get myface. So I don't do that. I just yell at Bryan Jewett...a lot...[
scene cuts back to Andy 
]Andy: ...to try and stop him. Doesn't really do anything. And then I get up,and...Robby seems very, kind of uncomfortable. Lays back down, right where hepeed on me. And uh...and then I pour beer on his head.[
scene cuts to David 
]David: We were in... [
 pauses to think 
] Cedar Rapids, Iowa? No. [
] Yeah.Cedar Falls, Iowa? Cedar something, Iowa. Uh...and...we were on tour with theKings with my-- I was in my band Axium in Kansas City at the time. We did like, atwo week tour with...the Midwest Kings. And the last out of town date was in Iowa.Cedar something. And um...we went and ate at this sub place. And...the bassplayer-- the old bass player for the Midwest Kings, uh, Briggs-- got, um...a horriblebout of diarrhea...from the sub. And so we ended up staying at the sub place for

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