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Published by dolavine

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Published by: dolavine on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Timeless ConnectionBy Dolnmoon1991
 Jensen blows the candles out on his thirteenth Birthday cake as he makes a secret wish.Later that night he lays in bed with his new baseball mitt on his hand as he throws a baseball up into the air catching it when it comes back down. He thinks about howeveryone told him he’s a man today, how thirteen is such a great age, but all he knows isthat thirteen sucks so far because he doesn’t feel any different. He rolls over and looks atthe poster of Superman hanging on his wall and wishes he had superpowers too. Wisheshe could do something special, something so special that even scientists would be baffledat how he can do it, like make himself invisible, or run at lightning speeds, or maybe even be bulletproof. He stares at the poster in a daze as his mother looks in his door. “OkayJensen, even big boys need their sleep.” She says switching off the light and closing thedoor. “Good night.”He rolls over on his back and stares at the ceiling. “Yeah, something really great,” hesays out loud as he drifts off to sleep.*~*~*~*~*~*!*Jensen sits in history class thinking about how much he really dislikes history, how hehates the fact that history is in the past and he only wants only to be in the future. Histeacher Mr. Barnaby always says; you can learn a lifetime of lessons from the past, but allJensen knows is that the past is over with and long gone now.Mr. Barnaby is giving another one of his endless speeches about how the Second WorldWar was one of history’s greatest times and Jensen can feel himself slipping off into adream world. He looks over to see Sandy McCoy staring at him and he smiles at her.Sandy McCoy is the prettiest girl in his history class; she dates Mike Rosenbaum, a tenthgrader who is on the wrestling team.Jensen isn’t vying for her affections because he isn’t interested in defending himself fromthe brute force of Mike’s jealousy. He smiles, turning his head to gaze out the windowand wishes he was outside instead of here in class being bored to death. He wants to be inthe cool shade sitting under the big oak tree like he does every morning before 1st period.He feels himself slipping into a sleepy daze, he feels dizzy, everything starts hummingand he closes his eyes with the heady feeling. He suddenly feels startled like he is wakingup from a deep sleep, his skin is buzzing and when he opens his eyes he’s outside under the oak tree sitting on the warm green grass.He’s confused at first not sure what’s happening and then he starts to freak out, he standsup looking around wondering if this is a dream, he warily reaches over and touches thetree to make sure it’s real, pinches himself to make sure he is awake and looks over at the
 building up to the window of his history class and falls into a panic.He can see Mr. Barnaby working at the chalkboard, the class is taking notes, and his seat,is empty. He looks around nervously his chest heaving as he’s breathing rapidly. “Whatthe Hell?” He spouts out as he tries to hide behind the big tree so that no one sees him.He tries to stay hidden until he can sneak back into the building safely without fear of  being caught cutting class.He can’t figure out what happened, how he moved from the classroom to outside. Hecan’t remember what he might have done or what he was doing before he opened his eyesand was outside. He is completely baffled.Sandy is standing at her locker when Jensen approaches her and asks if he can borrow her notes from history class as he missed them when he left class early. Leaving early is theonly lie he can come up with hoping that nobody noticed how he just disappeared fromhis seat in the middle of class.Sandy laughs. “Yeah, left class early, who are you trying to fool Jensen?” Her eyesnarrow as she glares at him and folds her arms across her chest.He looks back at her with a startled expression. “What do you mean; I missed the noteswhen I had to leave class early.” He says trying to pass off the fact that he missed thewhole second half of class because he was busy hiding behind the oak tree scared out of his freaking mind.She makes a funny face at him and blows hard through her lips making a flapping sound.She points a well manicured finger coated in pink lacquer at his chest. “Jensen RossAckles everyone knows you skipped History class today. I saw you sitting under the oak tree before class and then you never showed up but when I looked out the window thereyou were sleeping under the tree. You’re so lucky Principal Jacobs didn’t see you or youwould be in detention.” She pulls her notebook out of her locker and hands it to him.“Make copies and give it back before the end of the day.” She walks off flipping her longdark hair behind her and giving Jensen a coy sideways glance before turning the corner out of his view.Later that night at home Jensen sits on his bed, legs crossed Indian style his palms on hisknees, head leaning back, eyes closed and breathing slow and purposeful. He wants to seeif he can try and recreate the very thing that caused him to possibly have moved throughtime or at least through the walls of the classroom. He wonders if he emulates the greatYogis, who claim to be able to move through time and space, if he can manifest it again.He tries to think about being outside on the porch sitting on the swing. He squeezes hiseyes tight as he thinks hard about it, wishes upon all wishes that he will be there when heopens his eyes and then he pops his eyes open to see he is still sitting on his bed.“Damn it.” He curses. He doesn’t know what’s missing, what part of the equation he isn’trepeating.A feminine voice chimes in from the hallway. “Jensen Ross Ackles watch your language.” Jensen sighs. “Aww Mom.” He groans. The voice echoes back. “Watch your language or no TV tonight.” Jensen rolls his eyes. “Yes Ma’am.” He says compliantly.
Two weeks pass and nothing more happens. He tries repeatedly to move out of historyclass, to move anywhere at any time, he even tries numerous variations of what hethought he did to move through space, he even went so far as to close his eyes and relaxtotally causing himself to fall asleep and get in trouble for it, but no more moving, nomore disappearing through time.
 Two years pass and Jensen has no more incidents with time travel as he likes to refer toit. He tries many times to repeat his process, to rekindle that one time spark he had begunto think was nothing more than a figment of his own imagination or just a dream butnothing, so he decides he won’t think of it again.Fifteen is a fresh start for him, no more childish dreams and his Superman poster has been replaced with a poster of Cindy Crawford in a bikini from A Sports Illustrated thathis brother Jeff has forced on him claiming it’s a coming of age thing. Personally Jensenlikes his poster of Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman much better but he’dnever let Jeff know that.Jensen’s parents have rented the local bowling alley for his party so he invited a group of friends from his baseball team and school to attend. Sandy is the first to show up.“Thanks for inviting me Jensen,” she says shyly.Jensen smiles as he puts on his rented shoes. “Glad you could make it Sandy.”Jensen helps Sandy pick a ball off the back wall rack. “This should be a good weight for you.” He says holding it in her hands from behind. She smiles blushing red.“I’ve really never bowled; I’ll probably make rain gutter balls all night.” She says.Jensen laughs. “It’s just gutter balls Sandy and don’t worry before anyone gets here I’llshow you how.” He leads her to one of the lanes they have rented for the day.Jensen starts to show Sandy how to hold the ball, he stands behind her and puts the ballon her hand, positions the ball just right and walks her up the lane before swinging her arm back and showing her how to release the ball. Sandy lets it go, it rolls down the alleyat a slow speed but hits seven pins and knocks them over. Jensen smiles at her. “Theresee no rain gutter balls for you.” Jensen flashes her a smile that is all teeth and lips.Sandy claps her hands and jumps excitedly. “Yay!” She cheers.The party is a success, everyone shows up, has a good time, eats, bowls and is gettingready to leave when Sandy walks over to Jensen who is putting on his sneakers and sitsdown next to him on the bench.“Jensen?” She says shakily.Jensen looks up. “Yeah Sandy?”“I... I...” She stammers on the word.“You what, Sandy?” Jensen looks in her wide eyes.’“Oh, I just wanted to say thanks for inviting me.” She smiles shyly.

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