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Oral Notes - Picture Discussion Sec 4B

Oral Notes - Picture Discussion Sec 4B



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Published by Neera Vijay

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Published by: Neera Vijay on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A summary of 4B’s comments for Picture Discussion.
This picture depicts a scene of anautograph signing session of the F1racers. I think that it could be during theSingapore F1 race as the strong lightingshows that it is in the night and Singaporeis the only country who hosts a night race.The men seated behind the table could bethe f1 racers that are competing in therace. the two men in blue and the twoother in red are possibly from differentteams as they are wearing different shirts.the man in brown, sitting in between thetwo teams could be somebody important,possibly the organizer of this race.The photographers are all wearing anaccess card around their necks possiblyto enable them to have special access tothe racers. They could be news reporterstaking the photographs in order to have itpublished in the newspaper the day after.The photographers are also getting thephotographs of the racers as they mightbe getting it for their children or just for keepsake. They could not miss such aone in a life time opportunity to get theautographs of the famous racers. Thispicture shoes many people gatheredtogether around a few tables in an indoor area. From the looks of it, it is mostprobably an F1 autograph signing sessionwhere the fans are meeting up with their favourite F1 racers to get theiIf this question is also asked for theconversation like why was theformula one held in Singapore, youcan adapt some of the info youalready have for YOG. Please don’tleave out sports as a themebecause you think it has come outlast year. You are not the examiner.You have no way of predicting whatwill come out.Talk about the person getting theautograph, how he may feel as well.Notes prepared by Mrs Neera Vijay and Sec 4B 2010
autographs.I can recognise some of the F1 racers asthey are quite world reknowned drivers.Furthermore, there are manycameramen/newsreporters who havetaken this opportunity to get a good shotat the drivers/take news coverage of theupcoming F1 night race to be held inSingapore.As u can see, the shirts they and capsthey are wearing shows many of their sponsors and supporting partners too.This shows that the drivers are very goodat what they do to have recievedrecognition and sponsorship from thevarious companies. from the picture, I cansee that the drivers are very happy too.this can be seen form their wide grins ontheir faces, probably because they areoverwhelmed by the number of fans thathave turned up for the event.Notes prepared by Mrs Neera Vijay and Sec 4B 2010
This picture depicts a scene of a functionprobably for an old folks home. This canbe seen from the large number of elderlygathered and seated at tables. Theelderly are probably watching aperformance as they are clapping along.The performance could be someonesinging a song and the audience areclapping along with the song. Theperformance could be to liven up themood of this function.The woman in the middle seems to bereally enjoying herself she is standing upand clapping very enthusiastically. It maybe because the song being sung could beher favourite song.There are two people beside the veryenthusiastic woman. They could be thecare workers of the old folks home. Thiscan be seen by the similar t shirt that theyare wearing. They are wearing name tagsso that the old folks could identify them.They are probably encouraging andsupporting the woman standing up so thatshe will not feel shy as she is the onlyperson standing up.I think after the performance, food will beserved and everyone would start eating.After eating, the old folks would mostprobably be engaged in some games.SeeMoreFor the woman in the middle- talkabout her dressing as well ascompared to the other women whoare seated. Then the two ladiesbeside her. Stretch this part ... Whatare they doing with their hands?One lady is pointing to the lady inthe middle. Perhaps they areplaying songs on stage and she istelling someone on stage about thelady and then asking them to playon.Conversation topic linked to thiscould be1)How can the elderly bemore engaged in thecommunity2)What kind of hobbies dothey take up after their retirementNotes prepared by Mrs Neera Vijay and Sec 4B 2010

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