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Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing

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Published by Bilal
Stair Climbing Best Articles
Stair Climbing Best Articles

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Published by: Bilal on Aug 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stair Climbing vs. Running and Walking
Article By: William Sukala, MS, CSCSStair climbing v. running and walkingIn our weekly fitness Q&A series, William Sukala, MS, CSCS, answers questions about fitness,from whether to eat before exercising to how to treat sore muscles.
How does stair climbing compare to running and walking?
The vertical movement associated with stair climbing is what separates it from running andwalking. You place higher demands on your lower body muscles by virtue of lifting your bodyweight upward against gravity. Furthermore, your muscles must balance and stabilize duringboth the climbing and lowering phase.Running and walking, on the other hand, are also very effective for burning calories, toning yourmuscles, and activating your cardiovascular system. But unlike stair climbing, you minimize oreliminate the vertical component. Running has a small upward movement and so burns slightlymore calories than walking (which has no upward movement).Even though the calorie burning associated with stair climbing is slightly higher, it reallydepends on how long you do it and at what intensity. If you're new to exercise, I suggest youease into stair climbing. Start off with 10 minutes at a slow to moderate pace three times perweek and see how your body responds. Then build up from there. Be sure to pay attention to anyhip, knee, or ankle pain.That said, let me add that no single exercise is "better" than another. The best exercise is the oneyou enjoy and to which you will remain loyal. After all, long-lasting weight loss is a result of consistency!The Wise Curve get smarter everyday
Stair climbing as an alternative to jogging / running
by Relax on February 9, 2009
Stair climbing as an alternative to jogging / running
Running can make us fit, but it has its own disadvantages. It’s inconvenient, if not impossible, torun in cold winter, where thick snow covers your running path and chilly wind makes you shivernon stop. Running is a high impact aerobic exercise that can wear off your shoes pretty quicklyand might cause injury and blisters to your legs. Sometimes you don’t even have a proper placeto run properly. If you are facing these problems, you might want to consider stair climbing asalternative to running.Stair climbing is great if you live in or near a tall building with staircase and it’s hard to find arunning path nearby. It’s relatively warm compare to jogging in snow during winter. It is lowimpact, which means your expensive sport shoes won’t wear away quickly, and it builds legmuscles for you to cope with difficult terrains. It burns fat too, just like jogging!When you climb up the stairs, you are actually working against the gravity. Your body’s energysource (fat and carbohydrate) is converted into heat and potential energy according to E = Mgh(energy burnt is proportional to body mass and height climbed). That’s one great advantage over jogging on level ground, especially for heavy people because the energy converted isproportional to your body mass!It is less effective to go down the stairs because you are not working against gravity. So it is bestto take a lift down the building for the next lap, which is faster and easier than running down thestaircase.You can add weight to make your stair climbing more beneficial by putting heavy stuff (filledwater bottles or heavy dumbbells) into your backpack, wear it, and walk your way up thestaircase. Stair climbing with weight is good to train your muscle and it burns more energy thanwithout weight.
Studies show that stair climbing is effective for achieving health benefits like burning extracalories and boosting your health and confidence. Find other benefits of stair climbing and thetechniques to start safe and effectively, in the article below.Regular physical activity is important for leading a healthier life. This is true because a movingand agile body helps fight vulnerabilities to diseases and suffering. Stair climbing can be aseffective as any other aerobic exercise. Researchers claim that incorporating two minutes of stairclimbing in between serious workout sessions can help achieve the similar health benefits.
Stair Climbing Machines vs. Actual Stair Climbing
 Stair climbing machines are not regarded as effective as the actual climbing of stairs. This arisesbecause machines are designed to perform a particular leg stroke with a set pattern of motions.On the other hand, actual stair climbing can help your legs to pound and workout more.
How should you Stair Climb on a Machine?
 Experts claim that stair climbing machines can help achieve effective results if they are done inthe right way. For example, one should always place each foot flat on the platform and shouldnot lean forward while climbing. Avoiding the use of side railings can also exercise the legs andhip better. One could only profit by moving or pumping the arms while climbing on the machine.
Benefits of Stair Climbing
 The benefits of stair climbing are listed here below:
It requires no specific equipment to climb.
Stair climbing is effective for cross training in between workouts.
30 minutes of stair climbing can be incorporated anytime during the day.
Stair climbing programs help develop stair climbing as a healthy habit in people.
Studies show that the risks of mortality are reduced for people who climbed 55 flights perweek.
One’s aerobic capacity increases which is indicative of a healthier and effective heart,lungs and blood vessels.
Reduces weight. Studies prove that 2 flights of stairs climbed per day can cause 2.7 kg of weight loss per year.
Reduces the cholesterol levels and maintains a good level of it in the body.
It can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis that primarily affects the knees and the hip.
Boosts your attitude, mood and confidence.
Increases your stamina and energy to perform activities.
Helps you lead an active and independent life by strengthening your muscle and heartcapacities.
Helps tone the muscles.
Puts less pressure on the joints than running or jogging on concrete surfaces would do.
Guidelines for Stair Climbing

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