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Choice Final

Choice Final

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Published by Remo Camerota
Choice magazine from a while back featuring Remo VS Shantell Martin ... Great Article
Choice magazine from a while back featuring Remo VS Shantell Martin ... Great Article

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Remo Camerota on Aug 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our world is connected by billions of nodes of information thatcreate and process data, connect people, grow ideas and changeculture. These analog and digital nodes are the invisible linksthat form our society. They can send 200 million simultaneoustransmissions down a single strand of fiber-optic cable everysecond, and can process over 30 billion Google searches permonth. The ties that bond our human race together are growing atexponential rates, and, as a result, our world is getting moreconnected every day.The prevalence of technology, social networks and new nodesof influence grant us access to a knowledge base never beforeavailable on such a large scale. This access to information givesus a new sense of empowerment. It provides us with the abilityto connect and communicate at extremely accelerated levels, andgrants us the opportunity to be hyper-influencers in our owncircles — sharing, debating, linking, distilling and propagatinginformation. We have become masters of reaching the criticalmass. With a touch of a button we can connect with people, shareour visions, spark trends and begin movements with anyone andeveryone on this planet.To succeed in this world means havingharnessed the power of connectivity.The role of CHOICE is to dissect, understand, articulate andnavigate these connections. We recognize that the greatestideas and trends are found in connections between the analogand digital and between the familiar and unknown. We understandthat finding various hidden links between individuals, as wellas groups of individuals, can be the key to answering the manyquestions posed about business and consumerism. As we explorethis growing matrix, we will discover and uncover these bondseach step of the way.CHOICE is connectivity and creativity.CHOICE is our world, unraveled.
 I n t r o d u c t i o n
 2 0 0 9
 Video Site:
Hulu (www.hulu.com)
Hulu, our best-of-the-betas picklast year, is all grown up andhas clearly become one of thetop online video sites on theweb. Between Tina Fey’s SaturdayNight Live Palin bits during the2008 presidential campaign andthe Alec Baldwin Super Bowl ad,we see no signs of slowing forthis soon-to-be monster.
Most Absurd:  Woot (www.woot.com)
It’s half cheap consumerelectronics store, half StarWars-obsessed, techie nerdpacking his secondhand crap intomiscellaneous boxes… and thenselling them to willing fools.Japanese Culture: 
If New York and Tokyo had a lovechild, it would be a slightlychaotic, pop-subculture hipstercalled ny-tokyo.com who knowseverything and anything on thebrink of cool in Japan.
Eco Conscious: Breathing Earth(www.breathingearth.net)
Imagine having a real-timeaerial view of the earth’sinherent demise, showcasingdeath, birth and carbon-induceddestruction. It certainly addsa chilling perspective to ourmass consumption.
Most Musically Inclined: HypeMachine (www.hypem.com)
Picture a site that aggregatesevery new track, mashup, bandnews feature, artist biographyand music blog in the world. Ashard as it is to fathom thatsomething so glorious exists,believe it!
Innovative Trends: PSFK(www.psfk.com)
PSFK will spark hours offascinating procrastination.Touch screen turntables,futuristic recycling, webbrowsing through time and ababy Jesus protected by thepowers of GPS are just afew of the things you’ll find.If you need some new ammunitionto take out your friends ina round of one-upmanship, thisis the go-to spot.
Youth Evangelist: Ypulse(www.ypulse.com) 
Not many people have the abilityor energy to dive into thedepths of the complicated andoften moody minds of teenagers.Not only does Ypulse do thiswell, it actually gives ushope that not all kids areoverindulged smart-asses.
Techno-Geek Gone Do-Gooder: DIYCity (http://diycity.org)
Reinventing the world one widgetat a time, DIYCity challengesyour inner competitive geek tocreate social apps that helpmake life a little easier — fromcity projects to traffic tweets.
Hulu.com and Saturday Night Live both got a jolt from Tina Fey in 2008Photo by New York-TokyoBreathingearth.net — tracking global birth rates, real time

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