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ORAL NOTES - Conversation

ORAL NOTES - Conversation

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Published by Neera Vijay

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Neera Vijay on Aug 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You will be asked two questions – one more personal like “ What makes you anxious? And theother more on general issues such as “Do you think teenagers are too addicted to the internet?Listen carefully to the question. If not clear ask them to repeat the question.Then be calm as you answer the question. If you are too fast or nervous, you tend to stumble onyour answers.
Here are the samples to the answersContributed by Marc, Caleb, Jun Ming, Adolphus, Aster, Hong Yi, Amanda and Mrs Vijay.
YOG – Why has Singapore been chosen as the venue?What is it about Singapore that would make it attractive as a venue?I think that the most important factor that led to Singapore's opportunity to host the YOG is itshigh level of safety and security. Singapore is well-known for its low crime rates. This would beappealing as it would ensure that the athletes competing in YOG would be safe from criminalattempts to harm them, especially against opposing teams which wants to play foul, making surethat it is a fair game among competitors. Singapore got this opportunity also because it is a cleancountry compared to some others. Singapore is probably chosen because of the comprehensiveplans that the planning committee of singapore had proposed. This plan that the committeeencompasses a a whole range of educational benefits, for the students of singapore, as well as inother countries. As part of this effort all schools were twinned with another country’s school andlearnt about their culture and sports through many exchange activities I believe that it is due tothese factors that ultimately gave Singapore an advantage when it comes to deciding the venue.Singapore is also seen as modern and has many facilities to have big scale event such as this. Atthe same time Singapore is multi-cultural and has a rich history and this is seen as plus point for Singapore.3. Do you think teenagers these days lead a sheltered life?Talk about what it means to have a sheltered life – probably in that teenagers do not know wheremoney comes from. They ask and they are given. They are protected to the extent they do notknow the daily happenings in Singapore. On the other hand there are teenagers who make anattempt to contribute to society like the example of teenagers who shave their hair for “Hair for Hope”Sample : I think teenagers today live a pampered life. They are too protected by their parents.Their parents would do what they can to 'protect' their child from what they think is a negativeinfluence. Such love and care is suppose to be good ...but in the long term, it had actually broughtabout problems to the teenagers.The teenagers had became too uses to being safe and started to become more too easilydefeated. Whenever they are coerced to do something they disliked, they would either do it with aglum face, or they may even complain to their parents, or on their blogs.
Do you think Singapore teenagers are so used to the good life that they cannot cope in acrisis?Yes, I feel that teenagers these days lead a sheltered life as they have almost everything theyneed all under 1 roof. For example, teenagers nowadays spent most of their time on thecomputer, either playing computer games or social networking. One example of a commonwebsite teenagers use for social networking is Facebook. Also, teenagers can meet their dailyneeds at home, unlike some teenagers who are living in the rural areas. People living in the ruralareas have to share their facilities with the whole village as they have limited resources.Teenagers also lead a sheltered life as they can get whatever they want when they ask for it.Parents who are busy working, often reward their child with things that they want. Hence, if Prepared by Mrs Vijay and Sec 4B
teenagers ask for anything, they will normally accede to their requests to pay for the lack of timespent with them. Lastly, teenagers lead a sheltered life as they are not really exposed to theworld. When they are bullied, some of them complain to their parents and always expect their parents to shield them when they are in trouble. They are not strong enough to face realitythemselves, hence, leading to parents spoiling them by going to their defence.In my opinion, I think that Singapore teenagers are capable enough to brave the storms of society and that they are able to overcome any challenge that is put forth to them. I say thisbecause I've witness countless outstanding singaporeans achieving great heights in society.That alone is sheer proof that today's generation is as able as any generation before this.Being spoilt and pampered is another issue altogether. At the same time I feel that there aresome Singaporean teenagers who are not able to take hardship well and at a loss what to do.3.Ageing Population – Issues, generation gap, Facilities for the elderly, healthcareSolutions?Upgrade elderly friendly facilities, create more jobs for the elderly
-eg, consultants. They have a wealth of knowledge which can thus be utilized.
-More upgrading of elderly friendly lifts
-More Old Folk’s Home built
-More subsidies for voluntary welfare organizations taking care of the elderly.
-Policies like Eldershield implemented to help elderly-Provides help for disabilities above the age of 40.
-However, Elderly people still largely neglected. Do not haveMedishield or CPF.Solution? Implement more funds to help the elderly.
Generation Gap?
The Old do not understand the young and vice versa
-Breakdown of communication
-eg, Young people do not understand certain traditions or customs that theelderly may have. May think that they are silly
-The elderly also do not understand the younger generation eg, the liberal andopen-mindedness of youths these days and think that they are being rude anddisrespectful4.Importance of doing Literature/Music as a subjectSubjects such as Literature and Music are cornerstones to stimulating the left brain. Tobe an 360 degrees student in our school, it is absolutely essential that one is ablyacquainted with these subjects. Although I admit that science and maths seem to be of paramount importance in today's society, it is not right to neglect literature and music. Awise man once said," the decline of literature signifies the decline of society". Also, musicis a revenue of stress relief We play music on our ipod, itouch, iphone, mp3s nowadays,don't we? That is significant enough to show us how important music is. In our curriculum, we see that music is only present in our time table from kindergarten tosecondary 2. Perhaps that is the ministry of education's way of telling us that musicshould be developed from young so as to arouse interest of the subject later on in life.Also, literature and music injects pleasure and amusement into our life; whilst literaturestimulates the thoughts and abstract theories that one would think of when reading aprose or poem, music carries us in a rhythmic beat, so as lift us from our routine life.5.Do you think students should be exposed to more outdoor education?I feel that students would enjoy more outdoor education. Most of their school life is spentcooped up within the four walls of their classroom. I, myself, feel that stayi...ng indoors allthe time has become a rather mundane routine.Prepared by Mrs Vijay and Sec 4B

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