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Black Book II (1)

Black Book II (1)

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Published by Frank Gallagher

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Aug 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1January 1 2009Irrefutable evidence the government is Organized Crime personified with the RCMP providing theconclusive proof by persistently refusing to Investigate Government Organized Crime-corruption andconspiracy demonstrating their modus operandi designed by the conspirators that has permitted their success.BLACK BOOK II (1)The RCMP Connection Part 1Compiled RCMP Correspondence January 3 2006 until November 8 2007Commencing page 37 is the Correspondence with the RCMP that began January 3 2006 up and to November 8 2007 when I filed with the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP for refusingto investigate Government Organized Crime of corruption and conspiracy.On September 10 2008 I received the RCMP Final Letter of Disposition dated September 3 2008 signed byRCMP Superintendent Robert Davis, District Commander Greater Toronto Area. (Pages 17, 18)On September 23 2008 I requested a REVIEW of the RCMP Final Letter of Disposition (Pages 3-32) andreceived confirmation September 24 2008 signed be S.Smitt stating the pertinent evidence has beenrequested from the RCMP (Page 36)On page 7 I note the importance of acquiring a copy of Staff Sergeant R.B.MacAdam¶s report ASAP and on November 7 2008 I wrote requesting copies of said report but they have refused to respond as suspected being under the control of the conspirators. (Pages 33-36) Note: the Chain of Command of the RCMPPrime Minister Parliament of CanadaDOJ-Minister of Justice and Attorney General of CanadaMinister of Public SafetyRCMP Commissioner These offices have responded irrefutably proving their involvement in the conspiracyAmongst the evidence provided to the RCMP is the original BLACK BOOK dated September 1 2006clearly noted in Lawyer File # 14 addressed to Sgt. Michael Thomson that clearly shows the issues have persistently been of Government Organized Crime of corruption and conspiracy headed by the office of theOntario Attorney General and the major role the RCMP play in it since Sgt. Thomson¶s response of January18 2006 where he links the DOJ to the conspiracy as they ignore the evidence of the criminally fraudulentoccurrences at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal June 30 2005, as had others before I came to the RCMPwith the evidence.Since Sgt. Thomson¶s response of January 18 2006 I have proliferated cyber space with irrefutable evidenceof the Government conspiracy and refusal to restructure the illegitimate system to a legal one consistent
2with the Constitution conducive to the support of every individual¶s guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefitsThe RCMP, the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, my MP Peter Van Loan, DOJ-Minister of Justice andAttorney General of Canada, Robert Nicholson and former Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety StockwellDay, and RCMP Commissioner William Elliot and former commissioner ³ZACK´, Senators, the Governor General and Armed Forces have been e-mailed the irrefutable evidence along with a prodigious numbers of others of the Federal Government whose e-mail addresses appear in the AAAALIST document published onthe Charter Democracy Force web site and others referenced on the URus Charter Democracy Force ROPweb sitewww.URus.ca The AAAALIST also includes a prodigious number of prominent Ontario Government personnel, thePremier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty, my MPP Julia Munro, Ombudsman, Attorney General Chris Bentleyand former Michael Bryant to name a few, the media, Church, charities, Bar Associations across Canada,the Federation of Law Societies and the Lieutenant Governor.The issues are addressed in other editions of the BLACK BOOK irrefutably proving the entire government,federal and provincial are staffed with personnel that do not give a damn about the Constitution, the peopleand their guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefit cooperating with the conspiracy and thereason for its success as the struggle of humankind persists as it has since long before Confucius 551 BC-479 BC gave us the Golden Rule ³Do not impose on others what you would not wish for yourself´ and³There were no dates in this history scrawled this way and that scrawled across every page were the wordsBENEVOLENCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and MORALITY«finally I began to make out what was written between the lines; the whole volume was filled with a single phrase: EAT PEOPLE´As Confucius says there were no dates as the same ideology persists today in the illegitimate systemstructured by government members of the Law Societies to ransack the people and protect their membersfrom their victims who become aware but stand alone against these charlatans of deception, prevarication,manipulation and orchestration of the people and the entire government for the unscrupulous purpose of thenefarious bent.The evidence is overwhelming supported by reality itself with no legitimate way out that will finally end thestruggle of all humankind or just mine.The government conspirators illegitimate system is well documented as they cite this law and that devoid of mention of the Constitution and Charter rights simply because there is no semblance to the spirit of their modus operandi with ³The Spirit of the Law´ that provides the authority and demands, either stated or implied the Constitution: Establishment be the personification of the Constitution: Document yet tomaterialize.The Ideal is simply reality sanely dealt with
3Continued in BLACK BOOK II (2)The RCMP Connection Part 2Compiled RCMP Correspondence November 9 2007 up to September 3 2008

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