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Published by api-1481671

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Published by: api-1481671 on Jun 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let\u2019s start with the basics. My name is Lexi and I\u2019m 26 years old. I have medium brown hair with
its own natural wave, my eyes are bright green with eyelashes so long and thick I never need
makeup, and I\u2019m 5\u20198\u201d tall. I\u2019m may not be the skinniest, prettiest girl in the whole world, but I get
by and I like the way I look. My breasts are a 36 D, and my ass is a perfect heart shape. Guys
seem to like my looks pretty well too. But most of the time, they just stare at my tits.

I\u2019ve been working in the hospital as a nurse for five years now. It\u2019s what I\u2019ve wanted my whole life.
I love my job, but it can get tough; especially when I have young male patients. See, I have a
problem. I\u2019m addicted to sex, and the sight of a hott man with a huge cock gets my pussy dripping
wet in an instant. And those gowns the hospital provides don\u2019t leave a lot to the imagination, if
you know what I mean. It\u2019s against hospital policy to have any sexual contact with patients, so my
little problem can become a huge problem at times.

Here\u2019s my story\u2026

It was a hott Indian summer. I had to work the midnight shift, 11p-7a. The air conditioner on the
floor I work broke down, and maintenance was trying to hurry and fix it. I could feel a light trickle
of sweat working itself up on my neck, so I tossed my hair up into a messy bun in hopes of
cooling off a little before I got started for the night. The intense humidity in the air was making all
my loose hair curl.

Unfortunately, all the patients were hot, sweaty, and cranky. Call lights were going off constantly
with patients asking for ice, fans, or cool washcloths for sponge baths. There was a mistake
made in scheduling and we had more nurses than we really needed for a usual night. But tonight
it was a blessing because everyone had 2 patients instead of 5. That made it easier to give our
individual, hot, cranky patients more attention.

Amy, the charge nurse, passed out the room assignments. I had rooms 19 and 20 at the end of
the hall. Mr. Johnson, in room 19, was pretty much out of it. He was in for chest pain, and the
pain killers he was prescribed just knocked him right out. I quickly did my patient assessment on
him and documented everything in the chart. I didn\u2019t need to go back for a few hours to check on
him again.

The man in room 20 was a problem. Mr. Green. In the hospital for a bullet wound to the left
forearm. He was 6\u20192\u201d, 30 years old, had dark brown hair cut short and spiky, and he had the most
beautiful blue eyes I had seen in my entire life. When I looked into his eyes I could see into his
soul. And, he was a street cop. Therefore, he was in pretty good shape. He had broad, muscular
shoulders, and biceps that made the sleeves of his gown bulge. But, the second I looked at his
hands, my pussy started dripping and I couldn\u2019t control myself. His fingers looked long, thick, and
strong. I could just imagine them ramming in and out of my wet cunt, making me scream in
pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.

Shut up Lexi, you\u2019re just going to make things worse. He\u2019s your patient and you can\u2019t touch!
This was going to be a looooong night.
\u201cHi Mr. Green. I\u2019m Lexi and I\u2019ll be your nurse for tonight. Is there anything I can get for you before

I do your assessment?\u201d
\u201cYou can call me Anthony. Mr. Green is my father.\u201d He said with a chuckle. \u201cAnd, no, I don\u2019t need

anything right now.\u201d
My pussy was soaking my panties right through.
I knew I should\u2019ve brought extra panties to keep in my locker for times like this. Damnit!
So, I got started on Anthony\u2019s assessment. I took his temperature first. Staring as his lips as he

wrapped them around the thermometer made me imagine the way they would feel on my skin.
His moist, plump lips wrapping themselves around my nipples, his tongue flicking and licking my
nipples and clit into a wild oblivion, all while those strong hands caress every inch of my body.

Oh god\u2026I can\u2019t stand it!
My knees were locked together so I wouldn\u2019t jump on the bed and straddle Anthony for the ride of
his life.

I cleared my throat and asked, \u201cAre you having any pain right now Mr. Green\u2026I mean, Anthony?\u201d Then I wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his bulging arm and tried not to run my hands all over him.

\u201cNo, the last nurse came in and gave me some pain killers.\u201d He said as he looked at his wound
dressing. Then he turned and looked me dead on in the eyes.
Those eyes! They were staring into mine with a heat I\u2019ve never seen before. I could feel it all the
way down to my toes. The heat inside my pussy soared through my body and I felt like I was

going to cum just from that one look!
I finished taking his blood pressure; 120/80, perfect patient.
I bet he\u2019s perfect in the sack too.
Where are these thoughts coming from!?! He\u2019s my patient! I have to be professional!
Now, I was getting into some problems. I had to touch his bare skin to finish my assessment. I

located his pulses on his wrists. 92 beats per minute. Still in normal range, but a little high.
Maybe he\u2019s getting as hot as you are from all the skin to skin contact.
Then I checked his arms and legs for temperature and color to make sure his blood flow was

normal. I noticed a slight quivering from under the blankets. I believe his cock was starting to get

I\u2019d love to help him get it fully erect. And then help him release that sexual tension.
His temperature was warm and dry (normal) and his skin was dry and intact, except for the

dressing on his forearm. It was starting to become saturated with blood. That would need
changed soon.

I finally listened to his heart and lungs. These were saved for last because it would involve
sticking my hand and stethoscope down the top of his gown. As my hand slid into the gown, I
could feel the mass and strength of his pecs.

Just rip his gown off and stare at his beautiful, muscular body. No one has to know!
A chill ran up my spine. My heartbeat quickened and my breath escaped my mouth in a loud

\u201cAre you ok? It\u2019s a million degrees in here and you just got goosebumps.\u201d He asked with a smirk.
SHIT! He caught me. He knows that he\u2019s turning me on without even doing anything!
\u201cYes, I\u2019m fine. I was just thinking of something that I have to do with my other patient that I\u2019m not

looking forward to.\u201d I lied.
\u201cWhat\u2019s that?\u201d
\u201cTrust me; you really don\u2019t want to know.\u201d

\u201cTry me.\u201d

\u201cI have to give him an enema later.\u201d No I don\u2019t.
\u201cWow, that\u2019s absolutely disgusting,\u201d he laughed.
I had finished listening to his heart and lungs, but I didn\u2019t want to take my hand out of his gown. I

wanted to run my fingers all over his body. I wanted to lick his skin, taste him from head to toe.
\u201cHow many patients do you have tonight?\u201d he asked.
\u201cJust two. And you\u2019re the only one that\u2019s conscious.\u201d
He laughed again. \u201cThat\u2019s good. You can spend all your time with me tonight and keep me

company. I usually work nights, so I\u2019m not going to sleep any time soon.\u201d
Oh god! Kill me now! My pussy is already soaking my panties, and soon it will be soaking my
scrub pants! Being in here with him all night is going to be pure and adulterated torture!
\u201cI could probably arrange that. Is there anything I can get for you before I go do some paperwork

really quick?\u201d
\u201cA glass of ice water and some cool cloths would be wonderful, actually.\u201d
So, I got him some ice water and cool cloths.
He\u2019s going to rub those cool cloths all over his body\u2026you should help him. Maybe give him

another reason to get all hot and sweaty other than the heat tonight. Put some heat in his
pants\u2026or *gown* since he\u2019s not wearing any pants.

\u201cDo you need any help with this?\u201d I asked as I handed him the cool, wet cloths. Again, I needed to
clench my knees together so I wouldn\u2019t jump his bones and rub my hott, wet, cunt all over his
rock hard manhood.

\u201cIf you don\u2019t mind, that would be great. My wound is starting to shoot pain straight up to my neck,\u201d

he said.
He\u2019s sooo lying just to get me to help him!!!
I rung out a cloth and handed it to him so he could wipe his face. I swear I saw a hint of a twinkle

in his eyes right as he covered them with the cool cloth.

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