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English Essay1

English Essay1

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Published by Michael Nosal

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Published by: Michael Nosal on Aug 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running head: TECHNOLOGICAL BOOM1Technological Boom During My LifeMichael A. NosalProfessor JacksonEnglish 1January 20, 2010
Running head: TECHNOLOGICAL BOOM2Technological Boom During My LifeWhile I was growing up, I often heard the phrase “When I was your age, we never had…” You can fill in the blank. Most people know this saying all too well. Our grandparentstold it to our parents, and in turn our folks regurgitated to us. As children we would reply with atypical rolling of the eyes accompanied by the ever popular and over-dramatic sigh. We alwaysthought that they were stretching the truth in the same way that taffy can be stretched. With the passage of time comes knowledge, if not humility. Now, at the age of forty, I find myself repeating those exact words to our younger generation.I am amazed at how far technology has progressed since I was a child. Everything haschanged at the proverbial “blink of an eye”. I can remember when the most advanced appliancein our home was the new push button telephone. We no longer had to agonize over the strain toour index finger whenever we made a phone call. I can also recall when my grandmother got acontraption called a microwave one year. She was in awe of this device. Have in mind that in themid seventies this item was the equivalent in weight, if not size, of the sub-compact cars out onthe market today. It just seemed that my youth was full of fun and fancy new gadgets to explore.The people of my generation were lucky enough to witness this technological boom. Ihonestly do not think any other generation since the inventions of electricity, the automobile or television has seen so much change so fast. Go to any department store and stand in the center of their electronics department. Just stand there and slowly turn around in a circle and let your eyestake in all you see. Now close your eyes and remember what was there. If you were transported
to when I was a child and opened your eyes in that same department store, you would see atotally different picture. You would not have flat screen televisions, surround sound systems, i-Running head: TECHNOLOGICAL BOOM 3Pods, digital cameras, computers, cell phones or even a CD player. There was no such thing as a“compact disc” until the nineteen eighties. Records made of vinyl dominated the aisles of themusic sections during my youth. Cassette tapes were a new concept when I was a small child.During my pre-teens, the eight-track tape was all the rage. I can still remember “borrowing” mysister’s eight-tracks and going to my friend Eric’s house to listen to them. If you never experienced the joy that was the eight-track, I cannot explain well enough the magic that it was.Technology has changed the music experience. We used to sit outside of record stores waitingfor new albums from our favorite bands. The joy of running home, flying up the stairs, slammingthe door, ripping the cellophane wrapper and slowly placing the needle down on the record for the first time has now been replaced by the “point and click” world of the Internet.Computers exploded onto the scene late in my adolescence. When I was in high schooland my teachers would ask us to take out our notebooks, I would never in my wildest dreamseven thought that one day it could mean a small laptop computer. Computers were big andawkward and heavy. They usually had to occupy a large area just to perform simple tasks. Now,they are so small and lightweight and can do just about anything and access almost everything.Computers evolved at rocket speed during the end of the last millennium. With the advancementof computers and software applications, video games have become more exciting. The little boyin me can forget about that sad little video game my dear grandmother got us for Christmas innineteen eighty. Gone is “Pong”, a game where two rectangles hit a square back and forth toeach other. Simple as it was, we were totally enthralled by it. Once games like Halo and Final

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