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Kaine Horman court papers objecting to his estranged wife's request to delay divorce proceedings

Kaine Horman court papers objecting to his estranged wife's request to delay divorce proceedings

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Published by The Oregonian
(Source: The Oregonian) Objection to respondent's motion to hold case in abatement; and counter motion for attorney fees.
(Source: The Oregonian) Objection to respondent's motion to hold case in abatement; and counter motion for attorney fees.

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Published by: The Oregonian on Aug 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FORTHECOL\TY OF MULINOMAHFamilyLaw DepaftmenlIntheMatteroftheMarriage lI'{INE ANDREWHORMAN,Petitioner,andTERzuLYNN MOULTONHORMAN,Case umber: 006-66084OBJECTIONO RESPONDENTMOTIONTO HOLD CASE NABATEMENT;AND COL]}JTERMOTIONFORATTORNEYFEESRespondentPetitioner, aineAndrewHoman, by and htough isattorneys,auraE. RacknerandGearing, ackner, ndEngel-LP, espondso Respor.lenlr MotionctHoldCasen Abcrt metas ollov:s:I.OBJECTION TO MOTION TO HOLDCASE IN ABATEMENTPetitioner Husbandbjectso theabatementfthe dissolution ase r a bifurcationofany issues.Respondent'sWife'sMotionessentially sks he Coult o abate ndbifurcatethedissolution roceedingy delayingheproceedingntil heconclusion fanypossiblecriminalnvestigationgainstWife or, n thealternative, ygnntingtheparties'ivorce,ut,o1thespecific eliefrequestedy Husband ndauthorizedy ORSS107.105. his ncludesa timely determinationflegalandphysicalustody fa minor child,parentingime,childsupport,nd he divisionofpropertynddebts.
Page-oBrECrIoNo RESPoNDEI,-r'sortoNo HoLDAsE ABATEMENT;i:i:i#jffiii..f[T'"AND olrNrER orIoN oR rroRNF.YFFS,,,i.i.iiiii,, ,,
1 There s no authority r basisor\\rife'srequesto postponeesolutionfthepafijcs'2 divorceandlusband's laims or relief. Suchdelaywouldbe derrimenralo theveLiaref3 the nvolvedchildren ndwouldviolatelusband'sdueprooessight o theadministrationf{jusricevithoutdelay nderAnicle,Scction 0, of theOregonConstitution.5 A. Generaluthorityallo{ing anabatement r bifurcation fissucsnlimited nstances.6An abatement aybc appropriatehen hereareextemal ctiviries hatmayhavean 1effecton the outcome r conduct ftheproceeding.LR 1.0151).For example,batements
are ypicalll usedhcnthcre s a ncedosta,vproceedingendingrbitration. eeMotsigner9r.LithiaRose-Ft.,1rc.,11Or App610 2007)ltotay nlorcementfajudgment endingl0appealORS$19.310):o stayaprcceedingendinganlruptc,v1USC5362);rto allow11additionalimecontingentpon heoccurrencefan eventOregonivil LitigationManual't2$15.44,15.46).n those ircumstances,he court s awaidng decisionromanother nti!onparallelssuesnvolving he sameadies,uchasa.n rbitration;rtheentire Jaimort4reliefis deferredurtila specific vent ccurs. uchaswhen damagesanbe accurately15established, oneofthese ircumstancespplyhere.l6Bifurcations aybepermittedt he discretion fthe trialcourt,but only f l-he17bifurcation s conduciveo expedition ndeconomy r would urther onveniencer arert 18prejudice.ORCP53(81Bremner . Charles,M.D., 312Or 211,279 .1991).heOregon19Supreme ounhasheld hatlb]ifurcationfissuesor trial s noto be orderedoutinely;20rather,decisiono bifurcate houldemade nlyasa resultofan nformed xercise f2ldiscretion" fthe tdal courl. TaylorRamsay-Gerdingonstruction ompany, 33Or App22272,29220t0).
Pase oBrECrIoNoRESPoNDENIsorloNo HoLDASENABATEMENTi iillfiffiililfii'"
An abatement or bifurcation\r'ould bc contrar-!to OregonDolicYregarding hc adiudicalion fdirorceprocecding\nd therelfareofchildren.
Oregonegislative ndudicialpoliclrequireshe expeditiousdjudlcationffamilylau'procccdingsnd ustodyetemrinatjons.ecSI-R .017(5)"[d]issolurion,nnulmentandseparationases hallproceedo trialu'ithineightmonthsf thedateoffiljng, exceptuponapplication* *to theChicf 'anilyLaw Judge"):Jeelatsanlldtson,213Or 182(1958) indicatinghat hecourtna divorceroceedtngs obligatedo makeacuslod,vwardwithinareasonableime');ee lsoStonebrink Stonebrink,2rApp 328,2331970)(statinghatdelay r'reseationfa decisionncustody* *should eusednly nexceptionalaseshere hebest nterest fthechild equirest andshould e ortheshodest
nr,.fi.'hip npri^/l"l Tha .^irrr'cqrli.,,l,te,l,rn,l i< t. nr,rri/]p fin,i;h an,l rii<Fntrnole thP
pafiies'affairs.SeeSlauson ndSlausoa, 9 Or App 177,183-811977) highlightinghecourt'sobjectivesn a dissolutionroceedingoprovideinaliq andplacehepartiesn apositionohat heycanbeginanew"); eeldguelrood ndHaguev,ood,92Ot 197.207(1981) emphasizinghecoun'sgoalofdisentanSlinghepalties'inancial ffairs o thegreatest xtentossible).Ifthis cases abated,t wouldbeplaced nder two-year tayorderpursuanlo SLR1015().IfWile's assededlaimsor reliefareacceptedy theCourt, heproceedingsouldtheoreticallyestayedndefnilely. Theres noguarantee\'hen hecriminalaspectsfthiscasewill be esolvedi.e. n one, wo, ive,or even enyears)r horr ongmedia nteresr illcontinue. fthis casesbifurcated,-lusbandouldbe officiallydivorced,"ut heweltareof his childrenwouldbeeopardizednd hebalance f his egaljghtsasapanfto themarriage 'ould emain nresolved.Page' oBJECrtoNo RESPoNDENI'sorloNro llolD cASEN ABATEMENT,1ili#jffiii1'l::::'"
AND ou\rERMorroNoR TTORNEYEESr,.i,itii1:.;.r;"

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