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Waking Up and Reflections

Waking Up and Reflections

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Aug 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Waking Up and Reflections
When evil surrounds the world, we have the right to disagree with it. So, the inerranttruths of reality remain.
These truths are that every human have dignity and worth,that the creative imagination of man should harnessed to better society, and it is novice in proclaiming our unique personalities.
Long ago, the leaders & the prophetsstruggled with the same issues that we wrestle today. In the midst of their hardships, theystill preserved their courage. In our generation, we must persist with that precise courage.True courage doesn’t exist within the parameters of nihilism nor irrational violence.Courage entails being a stand out against oppressive conformity and to think against thepernicious grain of the establishment. A man or a woman shouldn’t beg for their freedomto promote equality. A man or a woman should demand and fight for their liberty. I’m notsupporting some hypocritical, wicked obtuse, and barbaric mainstream culture.
I’m inmy late 20s, so folks can’t con me. I‘m not going to be political correct,since the truth displayed in a raw, uncompromising fashion will always hasthat resonance
You form your own communities and maintain your own culture andcivilization. The current economic system obviously doesn’t work. Therefore, there oughtto be radical redistribution of 
to benefit the poor and the middle class especiallyglobally. This reconstruction shouldn’t just focus on one avenue. Violence is not onlywrong in America, but it’s also wrong when it’s done under the guise of patriotism andwar overseas. That violence here and abroad is really socially degenerate and mentallycontradictory. It is contradictory for America to spend billions of dollars in warfare, yetthat money is vastly larger to the money spent for a public job creation programdomestically.
This policy ought to deal with the elimination of the neo-imperialist Africom group andthe just end to the war on terror. Africom is a slickster organization that is trying to gainthe mineral resources and political power of especially sub-Saharan Africa. Africom isnothing more than another form of modern age imperialism. No imperialist or neo-colonialist should own a square inch of Africa. This immoral war on terror makesintelligence agencies act as instruments of illegal monitoring and agitators for falserevolutions. This results in numerous occasions for reactionary leaders to reign in variousnations (like in Brazil, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Iran, and so many other countries. The CIAhave had links in these wicked coups that harm the essence of true Nationalistmovements. Even the FBI dealt with COINTELPRO and the other actions from 33
 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason J. Edgar Hoover) to benefit the wealthy, elite classamong the West instead of the people.
The war on terror forge more tensions (alongethnic lines in Afghanistan among the Balchuis, the Pasthuns, etc.) instead of truepeace. Bombs and the ruination of infrastructure can never transpire into authenticpeace
. Pakistan has its flood disaster (the flood is probably the worse in Pakistan‘shistory. About 2 million Pakistanis are now homeless. About 1,6000 people have diedfrom the flood among the great Indus River), but still drone bomb attacks are still acommon occurrence in the vicinity of that country. What’s really despicable is that onU.S. new sites, some ignorant people have commended in those places in promoting thedisaster as a type of political payback. The U.S. has pledged assistance to the Pakistanicitizens, which I have no qualms about. In the meantime, secretive drone attacks andcovert Special forces units ought to cease the military attacks in Pakistan. The evil warmachine (or the military industrial complex) doesn’t conclude in long term socio-economic benefit of man at all. Come to think about, the oligarchy don’t want oppressedpeople of many backgrounds to unite in a movement promote
a more egalitarian culture
that could of happened with the POOR PEOPLES campaign. The oligarchy utilize slick means of distraction (from various mediums, puppet political figures, poisons pumped inour food & water, etc.) in order to lull our minds into the sleep of gullibility (whileNAFTA and other globalization policies contributed to the outsourcing of jobs and theinstable lowering of the standard of living not only in North America, but in placesworldwide). Conversely, we can overcome that gullibility and embrace the wake up of honorable solutions and inspirational hope.I don’t subscribe to the tenets of Communism. Its ethical relativism is abhorrent and itspolitical totalitarianism is an unjust tenet. Yet, when I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the errorsof cartel-capitalism. Communism omits the importance of individual effort, while cartel-capitalism doesn’t acknowledge the legitimate need for collective solutions in the globeas well.
That immoral system can allow big corporations to accumulate recordbonuses, while no radical policy is here to really promote the General Welfare of thepeople
. Cut throat competition and a selfish mentality is definitely related to cronycapitalism. This form of capitalism is very parasitic. Its supporters yell about Mao, Stalin,and Hitler. These 3 individuals are indeed murderers and ruthless dictators. Together,they have murdered over 100 million individuals in a total savage, unjustifiable fashion.Yet, the supporters of this current system of archaic, Austrian economic capitalism shouldbe reminded that the Wall Street affiliated bankers gave billions of dollars to facilitate the
destructive regimes of all three men. This has been confirmed by the literature of AnthonySutton and others.
Recently, there were about 30,000 people waiting for hours in Atlanta is try toreceive applications for subsidized housing. This is apart of the bad circumstancesof the economy. The recovery is difficult since millions of people don’t have jobs,millions only work part time, and millions of other people lack money as well. Somefear to lose their own jobs. That is why some people have can’t afford long termmortgages. Corporate profits are used as a means to deny adequate housing as abasic human right. That is why many people are creating mass movement to developreforms in promoting the right to own a house, to have health care, to have a job,etc.This evil form of capitalism directly promotes greed, racism (under a “divide andconquer” strategy. I‘ll never a hate another human being because he or she is adifferent color than me), class warfare, and materialism.
That is why one reason forour economically negative straights deals with certain corporate special interestsmanipulating the market in order make it move to beneficial for a select few (1 in 4Veterans are homeless. Of the 1.6 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 38% of Armyand 50% of National Guard service members have been diagnosed with mental illness.This is according to a 2007 Pentagon report). This silly materialism is played outeveryday in America and throughout the world. Materialism has grown even in thisrecession. Even when I was young, I’ve always hated materialism. Some peopleexperience an inferiority complex, because others view them as not worth anything (byvirtue of wealth or class). The super rich are having a field day in acquiring profit. Whileat least a billion people on the planet subsist on the equivalent of a dollar a day or less,the concentration of wealth among a handful of people at the top has set new records.Forbes magazine listed a record 946 individuals and family units worth $1 billion or morein 2007, an increase from 793 in 2006. The combined wealth of these billionaires alsoreached record levels--a staggering $3.5 trillion, an increase of 35 percent in just one year,due largely to resurging stock prices. That is certainly a lie since no human is inferior toanother human being. These people being taunted are victims of emotional abuse.

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