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The Mercury Room Chronicles- Nemesis- Epilogue

The Mercury Room Chronicles- Nemesis- Epilogue

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Published by The Dr.

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Published by: The Dr. on Jun 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Doctor Steinman stared blankly at the wardrobe before her. For almost twomonths now she had been running tests, analysing data readouts, attending progressmeetings and there was still nothing. Absolutely nothing. The object clearly wasn’t simply a Victorian-style wardrobe, it had to be muchmore than that. There was simply no other explanation. The structure could not havebeen of Earth origin. There, she had been thinking it for days but now she was sure of it. The Wardrobe was alien. From outer space. Yes indeed. That was going to go down well when she presented her findings to the board of directors first thing in the morning.It was almost three am and everybody else from this section of the complex hadgone home. Only the security detail remained and they were being about as useful asever, sat in their little office cramming as many donuts into their worthless mouths aspossible. Watching Wrestling when they thought Steinman was observing them … andthe Days of Our Lives omnibus when they thought she wasn’t.She sighed and turned off her computer. There was nothing else that could bedone. Maybe if she could actually manage to open the thing she might get some answersbut the doors simply would not budge for love, money or a giant tow truck they’d broughtin especially. She sighed again, drank what remained of her now ice-cold coffee andpicked up her handbag.She almost made it to the door when a thought suddenly struck her. Where it hadcome from she had no idea. It was a strange thought. Gamma particles? Why on Earth would gamma particles suddenly pop into her head?It was a silly thought she told herself, but then again. Maybe if she used thegamma reciprocator in the lab and concentrated a high-intensity beam at the Wardrobe,that might just break the seal on the doors, allowing the contents to escape. To escape? That was a strange notion. But then again, this was the best she’dbeen able to muster in two months, so she supposed she should probably give it a go.She had nothing to loose afterall. The Gamma reciprocator roared into life as she activated it and wheeled into thecentre of the lab, positioning the laser so that it was pointing directly at the lockingmechanism between the two brass handles. The beam needed to be fired exactly hereotherwise the effects of the temporal-transfusion-field could not be nullified.Steinman stopped. Now, she knew
was nonsense. Why was she having suchstrange notions? She stared at the Wardrobe.‘Are you doing this?’ She said quietly. ‘Are you planting these ideas in my head?’ No, she was being silly. It was inspiration, that’s all. She’d been awake for too longand she was stressed. This would work, she knew it. She activated the machine, aimingthe beam right at the small keyhole. The gamma reciprocator began to shake and spat afew sparks out as the beam intensified of its own accord. It shouldn’t be able to do that. The machine reached critical level, alarms sounded all around the lab, alerting theguards who came bounding up to see what on Earth was going on.‘What have you done?!’ The first guard shouted furiously.‘Miss, we’ve got to evacuate!’ The second guard said, his mouth still full of pastry. ‘COMEON!’ But Steinman didn’t move … she didn’t
to move. She was transfixed. TheWardrobe was glowing, the doors were juddering, the lock was rattling as the gammareciprocator finally exploded. Steinman kept her balance, even when the security guards were knocked over. She stared at the object as the doors flew open and the most evil,most bone-chilling cackle erupted from inside.What had she done?A menacing green light poured out of the inside of the Wardrobe where a figurestood, silhouetted against the sickly green background.

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