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Meal Plan

Meal Plan

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Muhammad Faisal Rasheed on Aug 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2008 www.CheatToBeLean.com
Cheat To Be Lean Notes, Meal Plans, andRecipesBy Joel MarionCISSN, NSCA-CPT© Joel Marion Fitness Solutions, LLC
© 2008 www.CheatToBeLean.com
 The Cheat To Be Lean program is made up by two phases: anintroductory Priming Phase, the main Core Phase. The Priming Phase, three weeks in duration, does exactly what youwould think; it primes your body for the weekly cheat days of the CorePhase. The day before you begin the Priming Phase should be a very liberal eat-whatever-you-want day 
(Yes, this diet actually starts with aCheat Day!)
. Week one takes on the form of a low-carb diet. During thesecond week, we will reintroduce carbohydrates, but only those low onthe glycemic index/glycemic load scales. Higher Glycemic Index(GI)/Glycemic Load (GL) carbs, such as breads, pastas, and other grainsare allowed during week three, and the Priming Phase is concluded incelebratory fashion with the diet's first official cheat day. Below is a tableoutlining this three-week phase:
The Priming PhaseMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayWeek 1
Low-carb Low-carb Low-carb Low-carb Low-carb Low-carb
Week 2
Week 3
HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL 
Expect to lose anywhere from 7-12+ lbs (of fat; not water, glycogen,or muscle tissue) during these opening three weeks; the difference will be
in the way your clothes fit and your appearance in the mirror.Lastly, rest assured that this is the longest you will ever go withoutindulging yourself while on The Cheat To Be Lean program.After the completion of the Priming Phase, the Core Phasecommences and continues until you have reached your target weight.Each week of the Core Phase is set up as a mini Priming Phase. Monday and Tuesday are low-carb days; low GI/GL carb sources are reintroducedon Wednesday and Thursday; and higher GI/GL carbs such as breads,potatoes, and pastas are allowed on Friday and Saturday. Every Sunday, you will do both your body and mind a favor by eating the foods you crave with no remorse. Expect to lose 1.5 - 2 lbs (of fat) per weekduring this phase. Again, below is a table outlining each week of theCore Phase.
© 2008 www.CheatToBeLean.com
The Core PhaseMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Low-carbLowGI/GL LowGI/GL HigherGI/GL HigherGI/GL 
Meal Frequency
On The Cheat To Be Lean program, you will be eating oftenthroughout the day-- every few hours or so. Breakfast, lunch, anddinner will be staples, and in addition to the standard three, severalsnacks will be implemented into the daily menu. The reasoning for my choosing this frequent feedings approach can be summed up with thefollowing table:
Frequent Feedings vs. 1-2 Meals/Day
Below is another table outlining a sample day's meals:
Frequent Feedings
Aides in the:
Preservation of leanbody mass
Curbing of hunger
Utilization of ingested calories
Increased ThermicEffect
Stabilization of leptin andmetabolism
1-2 Meals/Day
Starves muscletissue
Promotes cravings
Most ingestedcalories are stored
No additionalcalories burned
Leptin plummets;metabolism crashes

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