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Sports Injuries - Mechanisms, Prevention and Treatment 2nd Ed - F. Fu, D. Stone Lippincott 1994) WW

Sports Injuries - Mechanisms, Prevention and Treatment 2nd Ed - F. Fu, D. Stone Lippincott 1994) WW

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Published by platonRO
Sport medicine
Sport medicine

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Published by: platonRO on Aug 17, 2010
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Sports Injuries: Mechanisms, Prevention, Treatment 2nd edition (December 1994)
: by Freddie H. Fu (Editor), DavidA., M.D. Stone (Editor) By Lippincott, Williams & WilkinsBy OkDoKeY
Sports Injuries: Mechanisms, Prevention, Treatment
EditorsDedicationContributing Authors
1 Customizing the Preparticipation Evaluation
Dan M. Somogyi and Ian Shrier 
2 Conditioning and Training
Paul A. Borsa and Scott M. Lephart 
3 The Athletic Trainer
Robert O. Blanc, Kevin M. Conley, Stacey C. Inglis, Karl A. Salesi, and Jennifer B. White 
4 Environmental Factors in Athletic Performance
Timothy A. Barker, H. Andrew Motz, and Wayne K. Gersoff 
5 Biomechanics of Ligaments in Sports Medicine
Savio L.-Y. Woo, Mark A. Knaub, and Maria Apreleva 
6 Rehabilitation
David J. Pezzullo and James J. Irrgang 
7 Medical Problems
Thomas H. Trojian 
8 Cardiovascular Evaluation of the Athlete
James D. Mills 
9 Ergogenic Drug Use in Sports
Richard T. Ferro 
10 Special Concerns of the Pediatric Athlete
Morey S. Moreland 
11 The Aging Athlete
Robert E. Leach 
12 Special Concerns of the Female Athlete
Mary Lloyd Ireland and Susan M. Ott 
13 Disabled Athlete
Henry H. P. Ho 
14 Baseball Injuries
Russell S. Petrie, John J. Klimkeweicz, and Christopher D. Harner 
15 Basketball
Delmas J. Bolin and Craig Bennett 
16 Bicycling
Matthew J. Morelli and David A. Stone 
17 Boxing
Lyndon B. Gross 
18 Competitive Diving
Richard L. Carter 
19 Cricket
Thomas Crisp, John B. King, and Answorth A. Allen 
20 Dance
David A. Stone, Ruth Kamenski, Julia (Chuan-Hsiu Liu) Shaw, Kathleen M. J. Nachazel, Stephen F. Conti, and Freddie H. Fu 
21 Emergency Medical Care at Sports Events
Ronald Roth and Vincent Verdile 
22 Equestrian Sports
David M. Jenkinson and Sarah W. Jenkinson 
23 Fencing
Julie M. Knowles, Rebecca Jaffe, and Marlene Adrian 
24 Football
Robert O. Blanc and Deryk G. Jones 
25 Golf
Peter J. Carek 
26 Gymnastics
Patrick E. Greis, Jeffery R. Weiss, and Robert T. Burks 
27 Ice Hockey
Jeffrey Minkoff, Steven Stecker, Gerard P. Varlotta, and Barry G. Simonson 
28 Skating: Figure, Speed, Long-Distance, and In-Line
David L. Muller and Per A. F. H. Renstrom 
29 Judo and Karate
Joseph F. Fetto 
30 Canoeing and Kayaking
David M. Jenkinson and Sarah W. Jenkinson 
31 Lacrosse
Leslie S. Matthews, Richard Y. Hinton, and Nancy Burke 
32 Nordic and Alpine Skiing
Gloria M. Beim 
33 Power Lifting, Weight Lifting, and Bodybuilding
Thomas C. Namey and Peter J. Carek 
34 Racquet Sports
Marc R. Safran 
35 Rugby
Mark Ferguson and Clive Noble 
36 Running
David N. M. Caborn, Thomas D. Armsey II, Larry Grollman, John A. Nyland, and Joseph A. Brosky, Jr.
37 Scuba Diving
Kevin O'Toole 
38 Soccer
John H. Lohnes, William E. Garrett, Jr., and Raymond R. Monto 
39 Surfing
Ronald A. Navarro 
40 Swimming
Peter J. Fowler 
41 Track and Field
Jerome V. Ciullo and Jeremy R. Ciullo 
42 Triathlon
Mary L. O'Toole, Thomas K. Miller, and W. Douglas B. Hiller 
43 Volleyball
Kathleen A. Swanik and Stacey C. Inglis 
44 Water Skiing
Robert L. Waltrip and Noelle Grace 
45 Wrestling
Mark C. Mysnyk 
46 Soft Tissue Athletic Injury
Wayne B. Leadbetter 
47 Dermatology
Arlene S. Rogachefsky, Wilma F. Bergfeld, and James S. Taylor 
48 Sports Neurology
Steven Goldstein, Lawrence R. Wechsler, and Neil A. Busis 
49 Head Injuries
Donald W. Marion 
50 Treatment of Sports Eye Injuries
Robert G. Devenyi, Robert C. Pashby, and Thomas J. Pashby 
51 Cervical Spine and Spinal Cord Injuries
Robert G. Watkins and Robert G. Watkins IV 
52 Lumbar Spine Injuries in Athletes
Robert G. Watkins and Lytton A. Williams 
53 Shoulder Injuries