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Published by michaelshayne_2002

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Published by: michaelshayne_2002 on Aug 17, 2010
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This was sent to me so enjoy a good laugh.RAWR dragons,In corsepondace with this threadRaw was asked to please his friend out of the Dragons vent. Instead himself andLoR jumped in general channel started yelling and swearing, which is boot offense.LONG VERSION HERE:Also, if someone has issue with Dragon members, he has issue with all of us.THIS IS NOT A CORPORATION, THIS IS A KNIGHT ORDER, A BROTHERHOOD. NO ONE WILL SUPPORT US IF WE DONT SUPPORT EACH OTHER.AraratPosts: 5Join date: 2010-08-03PostSubject: Re: Enemies of the guild are not allowed in our vent and faction Today at 8:00 pmReply with quoteThe person in question was LOR's RL brother, so if you truly think that pixels will win over family, you are more than a bit deluded. We have peeps in this guild that truly don't like each other, but one of the major idea I liked when we talked with you was let the past be the past and base attitudes on what happens going forward. No need to have everyone love each other and sing songs, just treateach other with respect and don't squad with peeps you can't stand. Drakon justadded someone to the faction that was World Chatting crap about Rawthorne an hour before he joined. According to your rules, he should have been banned instead, OR let bygones be bygones. Choose the rules and stick with them. Just becausesomeone personally disliked you (and all the perfect world forum stuff shows hisconflicts with you have nothing to do with the faction Drakon at all considering it goes back way before Drakon even existed), should not mean that they get banned from even being a guest in OUR vent.RATLast edited by Monoftalm on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:43 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Edited to remove the spamm and politics)Back to top Go downView user profile Send private messageMonoftalmAdminPosts: 51
Join date: 2010-07-16PostSubject: Re: Enemies of the guild are not allowed in our vent and faction Today at 8:41 pmReply with quoteAratat,You have already made an offense on vent and guild chat being disrespectful prior to explanations me and muah gave. You have been warned. Not to mention that members are very unhappy about Raw being here at the 1st place, his issues with everyone, and his lack of will to change and adopt with others and respect other players (TW squads, spam, talking over ppl etc.). Same is for LoR after last night issue.You have had no knowledge why Dominus officer is not welcome in our vent prior to your default Raw cheering and yelling on vent and spamming the guild chat.Also, I dont have to prove something to enforce it 1st, as I said I will - I posted why here. I have the right to ban from vent, boot players and add as long asthe terms are clear. You on the other hand have 0 rights to call me out for banning players that break the code, that yell, calling me out saying this is not my vent for me to ban. WTF IS THAT?VENT WE USE IS PAYED BY LEO AND LEO, MUAH AND I HAVE GENERIC ADMIN - end of story. Other officers have server admin.EVERYONE that is breaking our code can be banned and booted. You saying i dont have the right to do that coz 'vent is not mine' is one more disrespectful act.Now tho, you try to say I am deluded about something that is not even an issue?Its untruth about me having issue with that player, nor is it true someone askedLoR to pick: family or dragon.. that is not true. They were just asked to not host him in our vent.I never had a squad nor a pm with that dominus officer, him spamming my promotion thread on pwi forums just means 'he has an issue with the faction and the leader'.That was not a personal thread to have personal replies etc. To be honest, one thread GM's deleted was about a Sanctuary BM asking whats going on on HT. On my reply (coz i know the fellow) that its Enrage featuring TE that made map blue rapidly fast - this Dominus officer again quoted me insulted etc. Thread got deleted by GMs eventually.Overall. Guild does not care what is the offensive players relation with Dragonmembers. This is a game.When someone bashes on the guild, the guild leader, tries and works to underminethe faction by recruiting our members with untruths starting on the official forums (which is example calling the guild crap and communist), then forcing and bad mouthing the whole leadership in guild guild chat calling us fail (YES I KNOWTHIS I HAVE FRIENDS IN HIS FACTION) - he is not welcome.End of story.Muah, myself, Dark and others that were aware of LoR's brother actions knew about this.Bottom line about ''double standards'' you keep mentioning here and you have no
idea what you talking about.Players that were ADDED AGAINST MEMBERS WILL (READ RAW and LOR) DO NOT HAVE THERIGHT TO BAN ANYONE FROM THE FACTION, NOR ASK FOR PERSON TO NOT BE ADDED - UNLESS THAT SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING WRONG IN THE FACTION ITSELF.Raw and LoR were about to get booted. Everyone that yells, screams, spams - is being disrespectful and is breaking the CoC BEING RIGHT OR WRONG IS BAN-ABLE OFFENSE.They pick not to listen to me and muah about this, nor to look at forums of pwi(like link i posted where he is CLEARLY TALKING ABOUT A GUILD CHARTER BEING CRAPAND GUILD COMMUNISTIC, beside that there is no other thread on forums anymore).No one is forced to stay here. This is a game.BTW part of your post about real life politics and lies about the issue is beingdeleted as its irrelevant.Back to top Go downView user profile Send private message Send an e-mail message http://dragons-pwi.forum-motion.netAraratPosts: 5Join date: 2010-08-03PostSubject: Re: Enemies of the guild are not allowed in our vent and faction Today at 10:42 pmReply with quoteMono,First time I read your message, the link to the perfect world forum didn't showup. After I posted, I could see the link. So, I read it. IMHO, what he said about Drakon or you in that thread was like at most a 1 out of 10 for disrespectful.Heck, you were much more disrepectful of people in that thread then he was. I went back and did a global search for Duckingtiger messages and read all that came back to dec 2009 and actually didn't see him ever use swear words or call people names, unlike the result I got from a search on your posts.Warning for someone that is yelling or screaming is fine I guess, but trying toscare people to not speak out against injustice and abuse of power is just sad.I'd love to hear back from other peeps in Drakon to see what they think. Go to the perfect world forum and do a search on Duckingtiger and Mono and compare thetone and attitude in posts. This whole thing is supposed to be about having funand working together, not having someone tell us what to think or say.RATBack to top Go downView user profile Send private messageMuahPosts: 21Join date: 2010-07-23Location: USA,CA

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