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Imagine - August 2005

Imagine - August 2005

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Published by Chris
The August 2005 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.

The August 2005 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.


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Published by: Chris on Aug 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Join the debate on a future republic
 Republic goes to conference
 Can the Queen defend the faith?
 Downing Street vigils
The Royal Family has spentcenturies building wealth andinfluence. They have much influentialand powerful support. We republicanson the other hand even have troublegetting our message aired in themainstream media, even though, for example, our bottom line support is of the order of 25% according to polling.This is most certainly not reflected prorata in BBC’s news coverage.Notwithstanding this, we all have topay the licence fee.
We have seen just how valuablefinancial support can be through theexample of the legacy recently left toRepublic and how much good workcan be done to further our cause. Mywife and I are at present reviewing our will arrangements and will be writingnew wills before the end of the year.These will include gifts to Republic.This is so that our work can continueto be as effective as possible for aslong as it needs to be done. I canthink of no better way of ensuring our principled stand in favour of democracy can be expressed than toraise two fingers from beyond thegrave to the concept of inheritedpower and privilege. I urge allmembers of Republic to do likewise towhatever extent their circumstancespermit.
Joe CotenLondon
See www.republic.org.uk/legacy.htm for information about leaving money to Republic.
We’d like to hear from you. Are youorganising any local activities or doyou have some views on thecampaign or the issues that you’d liketo share? Send your letters toimagine@republic.org.uk or to
PO Box 34851, London, W85YA.
PO Box 34851LondonW8 5YATel/Fax: 08708 508 825www.republic.org.ukenquiries@republic.org.uk
A few years ago Republicdeveloped a policy on the shape of afuture republic. As the campaigngrows and Republic gains moremembers it is important to open thatpolicy up to debate and review.
The Way Forward,
which will be aregular section in
willprovide an opportunity for membersto comment on current policy andsuggest changes and new ideas.This edition deals with the proposedmodel of a future British republicwhich is included in Republic’s policystatement.
 Republic currently says that, “ThePresident will be directly elected. Theprecise powers of the elected Head of State will be debated by theConstitutional Convention andultimately decided by referendum.Republic suggests that, besides aceremonial role, these be limited toreserve constitutional powers. Therewill be provision for an impeachmentprocedure. The position of PrimeMinister, as Head of Government, willremain.”This Irish-style model is based ontwo ideas; a) that we should call for minimal change and b) that the Britishpeople would not wish to have a USstyle presidency.However, there could be other options for Republic to pursue. Wecould state that we simply want arepublic and do not mind what sort.Alternatively we could learn from theAustralian campaign. The AustralianRepublican Movement has detailed anumber of alternative models. Theyargue that any future referendumshould be preceded by a number of non-binding plebiscites. The firstplebiscite should ask a question of principle, should Australia become arepublic with an Australian Head of State or should we remain as amonarchy with the Queen as Head of State? This would be followed by asecond plebiscite involving apreferential vote on a range of models. This way the final choice isleft in the hands of the voting public
 What do you think? ShouldRepublic retain its current preferencefor an Irish-style ceremonialpresidency? Should we opt for anexecutive Head of State, or follow theAustralian example and provide thevoter with a choice or should we nothave a Head of State at all? Perhapsthere are other options not mentionedhere.Let us know your views. Simplyemail imagine@republic.org.uk or write to ‘The Way Forward’, Republic,PO Box 34851, London, W8 5YA.Republic is a democraticorganisation and we are keen to giveplenty of opportunity to members toget involved and participate in thedebate. It is important that the causewe fight for is a cause we all believein.
 This year’s Annual General Meetingis to be held on Saturday, October 29th at the Westminster University inLondon. As well as a panel of interesting speakers there will bepresentations from leading membersof the campaign team and committee.Details will be sent to all membersnearer the time.Please remember that to attend theAGM your membership must be up-to-date. If you wish to check on thestatus of your membership, or renewfor another 12 months, please call uson 08708 508 825 or emailenquiries@republic.org.uk.
Do the Australians have the answer?
Scotland organisers
 Republic needs committed volunteersto help build a strong support networkin Scotland.
Writers for the
 Join our team of writers for 
 We are also looking for volunteerswith editing and production skills.
Events organisers.
Do you have experience organisingpublic events?
Designers, artists and models.
 We want to improve our range andmarketing of our merchandise. Aswell as designers we need peoplewho can model our products.For details email Graham Smith atg.smith@republic.org.uk or call 08708508 825.
Party members and trade unionistsattending the Labour, LiberalDemocrat or TUC conferences thisSeptember will have a chance to findout more about Republic and our campaign for an elected head of state.Republic will be exhibiting at each of the conferences, displayinginformation, handing out promotionalmaterial and talking to conference-goers.“This is a first for Republic,”Executive Chair John Campbellexplained, “all our research, plus alittle common sense, suggest thatthese organisations represent our core audience. We’re keen to usethis opportunity to build on Republic’srecent growth and success in gettingmedia attention. We are seeking togain greater recognition in the politicalcommunity.”As well as being visible to delegatesand party members Republic will alsouse the opportunity to speak to MPsand union leaders.Although it is just the threeconferences this year, if theexhibitions are a success they will betaken to other party conferences inthe future. Graham Smith, CampaignCoordinator outlined the thinkingbehind the conference plan, “We arecurrently focussed on targeting our core support, telling people whoalready agree with us that we arehere and are campaigning hard to winsupport for a republic. As we build upour resources and strength we willbegin to shift our attention toward lessobvious audiences, including theConservative party.”Republic is also hoping theconferences, being held in Brightonand Blackpool, will be a chance toboost local group activity in thoseareas. The Sussex group hasalready met and discussed how theycan help at the conference.
Increase Circulation of 
We are keen to get copies of 
into shops, clubs, offices, communitycentres, libraries and venues across the country. To do this we need your help. Send us contact details of venues and shops who are prepared to stockcopies of this free magazine. We’ll do the rest, contacting the venue ownersand arranging delivery of copies direct from Republic.
Each supporter who sends us details of potential stockists will be entered intoa prize draw.* Three winners will be drawn, winning £50, £30 or £20 worth of merchandise from our Gifts and Merchandise shop.Send all details to: Graham Smith, Republic, PO Box 34851, London, W8 5YA,call 08708 508 825 or email imagine@republic.org.uk
* The details sent in must result in at least one agreement to stock
Members of theRepublic Executive Committee and employees of Republic are not eligible to win prizes. Prizedraws will be held every three months.
Brighton: Conference venue
As part of the continuing strategy toimprove the image and accessibilityof Republic we now have a newnational phone number; 08708 508825. If you have queries, need torenew your membership or would justlike to find out more about Republicwhy not give us a call.
 Republic haslaunched a newWelcome Packfor newmembers. Thepack, which willalso be sent to allmembers whorenew during thenext twelvemonths, willinclude aRepublic pinbadge, a window sticker, amembership card
and usefulinformation about the campaign andthe organisation. Members will beable to keep all this together in a smartnew presentation folder that comes aspart of the new pack.
Welcome Pack

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