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2010 Antelope Hunting Regulations

2010 Antelope Hunting Regulations

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Published by NEGameandParks

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: NEGameandParks on Aug 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oct. 9 - 24
* Archery 
Aug. 20 - Nov. 12, Nov. 22 - Dec. 31
** North Sioux Muzzleloader
Sept. 18 - Oct. 3
*** Prairie Muzzleloader
Sept. 18 - Oct. 3* Archery hunting is closed in all rearm units during the period open torearm antelope hunting** Valid only in North Sioux Unit*** Valid in all areas, except the North Sioux Unit
Legal MethodsFirearm Permits:
Rifes,** 22 caliber or larger that deliver at least 900 oot-pounds o energy at100 yards. Handguns** or muzzleloading handguns that deliver at least 400oot-pounds o energy at 50 yards. Muzzleloading rifes 44 caliber or larger.Muzzleloading muskets 62 caliber or larger, ring a single slug. Shotguns**o 20 gauge or larger that re a single slug. Archery equipment is not allowed,except crossbows that have a draw weight o 125 pounds or more.
** Semi-automatic frearms capable o holding more than six cartridges arenot allowed.Muzzleloader Permits:
Muzzleloading rifes, muskets and muzzleloading handguns as dened orrearm permits.
Archery Permits:
Longbows or compound bows are legal. Arrows must be released by handor handheld release. Devices that maintain the bow at ull draw or in ringposition are prohibited. Crossbows and draw locking devices are permittedonly or those who are incapable o drawing a longbow due to a permanentphysical impairment.
It is unlawul to use any electrical device to ampliy natural light or toproject a light beam or image to a target, including night-vision or inraredscopes and laser sights. Red-dot and illuminated reticle sights and scopes arepermitted. Magniying and variable-power scopes are allowed.
Shooting Hours
It is legal to shoot 30 minutes beore sunrise to 30 minutes aer sunset.
A permit is valid only or the unit or which it is issued and must be signed by the permittee. It is unlawul to borrow a permit or to transer or loan a permitto another person.
Get Permission
Most hunting in Nebraska is done on private land, where permission isrequired. It is unlawul to hunt with a rife within 200 yards o an occupieddwelling or eedlot without specic permisson or that purpose or within 100yards using other methods.
Tere is no restriction on the length o time game birds or game animals may be possessed. However, it is unlawul to possess more than a possession limito game birds or game animals.
Hunter Orange
Any person hunting antelope during an authorized rearm season mustdisplay on his or her head, chest and back at least 400 square inches o hunterorange material.
Habitat Stamp
All residents 16 years o age and older and all nonresidents regardless o agemust carry proo o a valid habitat stamp while hunting big game. Only onehabitat stamp is necessary or all hunting in any calendar year. Individualswith valid, ee-exempt permits are not required to purchase a habitat stamp tohunt big game. Tose hunting their own land with a landowner permit do notneed a habitat stamp.
Hunter Education
Required or all hunters ages 12 through 29: 1) hunting with either a rearmor crossbow must have on their person proo o successul completion o Firearm Hunter Education; 2) hunting deer, antelope, elk, or bighorn sheepwith bow and arrow must carry proo o successul completion o BowhunterEducation; 3) who have not completed a Firearm Hunter and/or BowhunterEducation course may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education ExemptionCerticate rom the Commission.
Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certifcate
Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certicate provides the novicehunter age 12 and older an opportunity to try hunting and receive trainingrom an experienced hunter beore completing Hunter Education. A hunterusing this certicate must be accompanied at all times while hunting.Tis certicate may be obtained once in each person’s lietime, expires onDec. 31 and may be renewed once. Te ee is $5. Accompanied is denedas: in the presence o a licensed “experienced” hunter age 19 or older. Teaccompanying person, i age 19-29, must be certied in hunter education.Tere may be no more than two hunters using the certicate accompanied by the “experienced” hunter at any time and the “experienced” hunter must at alltimes be in unaided visual and verbal communication with the child underage 12 and/or the “apprentice” hunter ages 12 through 29.
Antelope harvested during the rearm or muzzleloader seasons mustbe checked by 1 p.m. the day ollowing the close o the season. Antelopeharvested during the archery season must be checked within 72 hourso the kill, but no later than 1 p.m. the day ollowing the close o theseason. Antelope archers and muzzleloaders may use elecheck by visiting
or calling
(800) 405-7700.
Te carcass may be separatedinto halves or quarters, provided that evidence o sex is retained on each hindquarter/hal. Head and hide must accompany the carcass to the check station.Te permit/tag and check station seal must be retained while transporting theanimal to a point o permanent storage or processing.
Sale o Parts
It is lawul to sell the hide, hair, hooves, bones, and horns o any antelope thatis taken legally. Te sale or purchase o antelope meat is unlawul.
Use o Radio
It is unlawul to use two-way radios or any other electronic devices to transmitinormation about the location o any game animal or game bird to or rom aconveyance o any type (including vehicles, aircra, boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, etc.).
Hunting Methods
It is unlawul to chase, harass, shoot or shoot at any antelope rom a vehicleor vessel while the vehicle or vessel is moving. It is unlawul to shoot romthe right-o-way o a public road. It is unlawul to carry a rearm on asnowmobile, except when it is unloaded and in a case. It is unlawul to huntrom or with a snowmobile.
It is unlawul to use a spotlight or other articial light rom a vehicle or vesselwhile having in possession or control any rearm, crossbow or bow andarrow.
Immediately aer an antelope is taken, the hunter must punch or notch hisor her permit or tag, showing date taken and sex o the animal. Punching/notching the permit or tag automatically cancels the permit or tag. Tepermit must be kept with the hunter and/or the antelope at all times. Whenthe animal is not with the hunter, the entire permit must remain with theantelope.
2010 Antelope Hunting Regulations

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