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Fidel Castro Returns to His Cuban Theater of Subterfuge

Fidel Castro Returns to His Cuban Theater of Subterfuge

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Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on Aug 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Column 081610 Brewer-2
Monday, August 16, 2010
Fidel Castro Returns to his Cuban Theater of SubterfugeBy Jerry Brewer
Former President Fidel Castro of Cuba has once againreturned to his glittering stage laced with smoke and mirrors.Although a mere specter of his once physically strong andboisterous command presence, his costume of revolution ofolive-green fatigues were tailored as well as possible
albeitfrom another era of violent revolutionary history and minus hismilitary adornments.
As Castro took to his mark at center stage in his once familiararena, his familiar and ambidextrous dialogue did not fail him
although his memory clearly did. His run and act of 49years was in fact revolution and intense venomous hatred ofthe United States. He began his lines once again from wherehe left off.
“My job is to draw attention to topics and events and let othersdecide,” Castro explained. “You should understand that our 
(leaders) are not people I should order around or tell what to
do. I want them to think for themselves,” Castro said last week
in Havana.
Diverting from the obvious attention in Venezuela ofdocumentation provided of FARC revolutionary presence and
their conflict with Colombia; as well as Spain‟s Foreign
Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos announcement that the writagainst revolutionary ETA and FARC members allegedlyplotting to kill Colombians in Spain has been sent to Cuba andVenezuela for their support in hunting down ETA militants,Castro warned of potential U.S. nuclear war.Posing and gesturing, the 84 year old and white-beardedCastro focused his performance under the lights on repeatedly
warning that “the U.S. „empire' could start a nuclear war.”
Castro has written on the topic of nuclear war for months, andmaintains that the United States and Israel will attack Iran, andthat Washington could also target North Korea.
Much of his recent credits and acts include addressing and
mentoring “communist youth meetings and other Cubanintellectuals.”Castro‟s context and timing with Latin America‟s critical armed
revolutionary dilemmas in the forefront appear to be deliberatetransference of attention to potential nuclear war in Iran and
the Korean Peninsula by the “empire.”
He did lend an ear and an opinion on Mexico.
Also last week, in a published commentary, Fidel Castrosuggested to leftist Mexican presidential candidate Andres
Manuel Lopez Obrador that he join the “struggle” to prevent
the United States from unleashing nuclear war. With LopezObrador recently announcing that he plans to make another
run for Mexico‟s presidency in 2012, Castro stated, “Theempire did not allow him to assume the office in Mexico,”referring to the 2006 election; and Lopez Obrador “will be the
person with the most moral and political authority in Mexico
when the system collapses and, with it, the empire.”
In Castro‟s recent article he stated that he shares the opinion
of Lopez Obrador about Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, whom
Castro calls “an intelligent man who knows all the secrets of 
he markets and mechanisms of the capitalist system.” Too,he reiterated, “… the fact [is] that in the United States a
colossal drug market has been created and its military industrysupplies the most sophisticated weapons that have turnedMexico into the first victim of a bloody war in which already
every year more than 5,000 Mexican youths are dying.”
As the designated lead in Cuba‟s continued revolutionary
picture, President Raul Castro (who took over from his brotherFidel in 2008) is still largely an understudy, as an example
copiously taking notes from his chair during Fidel‟s recent
media appearance. However, Fidel still commands centerstage and, as he is first secretary of the governing CommunistParty, it indicates an inherent power.
It appears that Fidel Castro must continue to deflect attentionfrom his cast of leftist protégés due to ever-increasingevidence mounting against them. The U.S. State Departmentnamed Cuba as harboring Colombian guerrillas in a recent"Country Report on Terrorism 200
9.” The report found that
there was "no evidence of direct financial support for terroristorganizations by Cuba in 2009," although the communistregime "continued to provide safe haven" to members of theColombian guerrilla groups FARC and ELN, as well as theBasque separatist group ETA, and it provided them 'with living,logistical, and medical support."
Fidel Castro‟s appearances continue to conceal Cuba‟s
repressive laws, sinister state security apparatus, the silencingof government opponents, and a stated obligation of theCuban government to respect the human rights and dignity of
all Cubans. Where is Cuba‟s good faith effort to dismantle the
repressive ideology?
Whether Fidel Castro will soon face his final curtain call or not,

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