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Restoration 2010 August 30 Service Change Brochure

Restoration 2010 August 30 Service Change Brochure

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A description of all of the St. Louis MetroBus service changes coming on August 30 as Phase II of Restoration 2010.
A description of all of the St. Louis MetroBus service changes coming on August 30 as Phase II of Restoration 2010.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Bi-State Development Agency on Aug 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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#18 Taylor
Now provides service in bothdirections along Lee Avenue, Marcus Avenue,Carter Avenue, and Pope Avenue. Servicediscontinued on Bircher Boulevard.
Providesimproved and efcient service to customersin the Penrose neighborhood.
#21 WaTson
Operates in the service area betweenShrewsbury Transit Center and STLCC — Meramec.Service into Crestwood Plaza no longer provided.For service east o Shrewsbury Transit Center,see the #11 Chippewa.
The #21 Watson is a new route that will help make the Metro systemmore efcient.
#27 norTh CounTy shuTTle
Provides a connectionto Jamestown Mall instead o the FlowerValley Shopping Center. Service extended alongParker Road between New Halls Ferry Roadand Old Halls Ferry Road to serve DelmarGardens North.
Connecting to JamestownMall provides an improved customer experiencebecause o the bus shelters and restroomsavailable at that location.
#30 soulard
Service extended to the northalong Saint Louis Avenue between KienlenAvenue and Lucas and Hunt Road. On thesouthern end o this route, #30 Soulard nowtravels via Watson Road and River DesPeres Boulevard to Shrewsbury Transit Center.
Provides new service to a major street inSaint Louis and improves connections tothe #16 City Limits and the #64 Lucas-Hunt.
There are only time adjustments to theollowing routes: #10 Gravois-Lindell, #41 Lee,#49 North Lindbergh, #64 Lucas-Hunt,#70 Grand, #90 Hampton, #91 Olive,#95 Kingshighway, #97 Delmar, #36X BissellHills Express, #158 Ballas-West County and#258 Clayton-Chesterfeld.
      M      K      1      0      2      5      7
Restoration 2010 is the frst phase o
MovingTransit Forward 
, the region’s long-range transitplan, which is built on a solid oundation oridership demand, public input and transit-planning experience.This new plan is designed to serve the region evenbetter. This plan is not a block-by-block returnto the system citizens had beore the service cutso 2009. It restores the system’s reach andreliability and improves the system’s connections.Metro Transit customers will see many changesin Missouri:
Divided bus routes where there is a cleardierence in travel needs and ridership levels
Improved connections between severalbus routes
Streamlined bus routes, eliminating duplicationo service
Added additional trips throughout the system tobetter accommodate late-evening commuters
Maximizing use o current MetroBus vehiclesRestoration 2010 meets Metro’s continuedresponsibility to provide the most extensive,efcient and cost-eective transit system possible.For more inormation, visit
 or contact Metro Customer Service at
On April 6, 2010, area residents votedto invest more in public transit in ourregion. The community said servicerestoration was the frst and highestpublic-transit priority and, since April,Metro has been hard at work to deliveron what was promised. Now, threemonths ahead o schedule, we present
Metro Transit Restoration 2010
asummary o the fnal phase o MetroTransit service restoration.
A  U  G  U  S  T   3  0   
U  P  D  A  T  E  
Changes go inTo effeCT augusT 30
#11 ChippeWa
Two dierent bus routes replaceservice to customers previously served bythe #11 Chippewa: a shorter #11 Chippewa routeand the #21 Watson. The #11 Chippewa nowoperates along Landsdowne Avenue between theCivic Center and Shrewsbury Transit Centers. Forservice west o Shrewsbury Transit Center, seethe #21 Watson. For service on Watson Road andRiver Des Peres Boulevard, see the #30 Soulard.
Splitting long bus routes like the original #11Chippewa improves the perormance o the routeand the efciency o the Metro system.
#13 union
Now operates in the service area northo Central West End Transit Center towards WestFlorissant Avenue. For service east o CentralWest End Transit Center along Forest ParkAvenue, see the #42 Sarah. For service east oCivic Center Transit Center along Park Avenue,see #80 Park-Shaw.
These changes are required because o the planned reconstruction o Grand Bridge (beginning early 2011), and to improve perormance o the #13 Union route.
#14 BoTaniCal garden
A new route that replacesservice to customers in the Missouri BotanicalGardens area previously served by the #59 Shaw.West o Botanical Gardens, service continues onShaw Avenue, into the Hill area, Macklind Avenue,and Southwest Avenue.
Provides more direct  service around the Missouri Botanical Garden service area into Central West End Transit Center.
#17 oakville
Restored to pre-March 2009 servicelevels. Selected trips provide service to W.A.C.Industries. For service along Laclede StationRoad, see the #46 Tesson Ferry.
Improves servicein South County.
#1 gold
Evening trips now include aconnection at Clayton Transit Center.No longer operates on Forsyth Boulevardbetween Hanley Road and Big BendBoulevard.
The route extension to ClaytonTransit Center provides an improved connection or customers transerring rom surrounding communities.
#2 red
Service extended west o MaplewoodCommons along Big Bend Boulevard toSaint Louis Community College (STLCC) —Meramec. No service on Sundays southo Maplewood Commons.
Provides a direct connection rom the school to several largeemployers and major shopping centersin the region.
#4 naTural Bridge
Service extendedto the west along Market Street pastJeerson Avenue to Harris Stowe Universitybeore returning back to Jeerson Avenue.
Provides a more direct connection to HarrisStowe University.
#8 BaTes-Morganford
Replaces servicepreviously provided by the #59 Shaw westo Civic Center Transit Center to TowerGrove Avenue. Continues along Tower GroveAvenue through Tower Grove Park to ArsenalStreet, then along Morganord Road toBates Street and Loughborough Avenue.Service south o Arsenal Street on SubletteAvenue and Macklind Avenue to MorganordRoad is discontinued. For service romCentral West End to the Missouri BotanicalGarden and Hill area, see the #14 BotanicalGarden.
Eliminates service duplication inthe Missouri Botanical Garden service areaand provides more direct connections toCivic Center Transit Center.

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