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Shifters-Chapter One

Shifters-Chapter One



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Published by Garreth Flynn
This is my new story about time travle i hope you like it, please comment and tell me what you think good or bad
This is my new story about time travle i hope you like it, please comment and tell me what you think good or bad

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Published by: Garreth Flynn on Aug 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shifters-Chapter One
I was running down the street as fast as I could. I was late for my first day of work already. I was starting to work for T.S.U or time shifting unit.The rain pelted down on me. The building was just aheadthough. My hair was soaked by the time I got into the building. Ididn’t really care about my clothes because they were giving usa uniform when we got there.A woman wearing a grey dress walked up to me. She lookedlike she wanted to kill me. She had short black hair bunched upat the top and blue eyes that were so light they looked like ice.“You’re late,” she said staring at me. Her stare made menervous.“Sorry it won’t happen again” I said trying not to look at her.“See to it that it doesn’t” she walked behind a desk and rootedaround for a second.As she was busy I looked around the room. The whole placematched the ladies dress. Grey and boring. The woman came back with a plastic bag.“Go into that room and get changed quickly” she said beforewalking off. I shook my head. I picked up the plastic bag andwalked into the room.The uniform was all black leather. But it had a weird gap justat the wrist of the right sleeve. I sat down in the only chair in theroom and look around.This room was the same as the last one. Suddenly the door opened and two men walked in. the first was big and burly. Hehad a shaved head with a tattoo of a snake running around it.The second man was smaller and had a nice smile on his face.He had blonde hair and green eyes. They bother were wearingthe same uniform as me.“Finally you’re here” says the first man. He stared at me withhis arms crossed. I gulped. He looked like he wanted to kill me.“Oh leave him alone it’s his first day,” said the second man.“I’m Sam and this is Marcus” continued the second man. Heheld out his hand and I shook it.
“We are your trainers, we will train you to do everything todo with time travel” he said. I smiled at him I had I feeling I wasgoing to get along with him but not with Marcus.Sam handed me a huge watch. It was black and had three big buttons on it and a screen that cover most of the watch.“This what we use to time travel, it’s called a shifting watch”said Sam “It is very easy to use, I’m going to show you andMarcus is going to show your partner”“Wait what partner?”“Oh every one has a partner for back up your is just out side letme get her” said Sam before walking out of the room.It was scary being alone in a room with Marcus I felt cold,like really cold. Lucky for me Sam came back. A girl around myage, following him. She had long brown hair and blue eyes.“Adam this is Robin she is your partner” said Sam. I shook her hand and said hello.“Ok now that that’s done we can begin Adam take my handI’ll guide you through this”. I stood up and grabbed Sam’s hand.Suddenly the ground disappeared and I was floating.I felt like I was in a car but it was going too fast. I wanted toget sick but I couldn’t. Suddenly my feet hit the ground before Itoppled over on to the ground.I threw up quickly and only after I had finished did I noticethe light and immense heat. I looked around. Sam and I werestanding on a giant stone building in the desert.It was like four triangles placed on a slant joining at the top.But other then the building there was nothing else except thedesert.“What is this?” I shouted at Sam. Sam chuckled at myconfusion.“This is called a pyramid, it was here centuries ago but have been long forgotten to the sands of time” he said. “I brought youhere so you can get a view of what time travel is, you see your watch, the three buttons on it are there for a reason.” Hecontinued pacing as he talked.“The button on the left is a walkie-talkie that works throughtime, the one on the right I will give your body necessary
medicine when needed and the centre one is a reset button so tosay” he finished.“What do you mean reset button?” I asked. In was almostgasping with the heat.“I mean if you get in trouble and you can’t shift you hit thereset button and your back in present tense easy as that,” he saidclapping his hands together.“And how do you actually shift?”“Oh that’s easy you just think of a time, date and place andconcentrate hard and then your there”“But what if I was chasing someone who shifts what then?”“I was hoping you would say that, again it’s thought activatedyou just concentrate on someone and your watch does the rest itis just that easy”.I smiled I was happy to be back in the past and that I had gotthe job now.“OK we have to get back now and your going to do it byyourself” Sam said standing up.“What?!?!?” I shouted. He still had his smile but he lookedserious.“Fine I’ll try” I gulped but walked over to the centre on thefloor. I thought of the time and date and place really hard andmuttered it under my breath.“T.S.U building, April seventh, 2126, 8:43” I muttered over and over. Suddenly I felt that floating feeling again. I didn’t feellike I needed to vomit now.I landed with a sudden thud. I managed to stay on my feet thistime as well. Sam was sitting in the chair waiting for me“You were off by a few minutes but that doesn’t matter rightnow good job” he said patting me on the back. I smileddelighted with myself for actually time travelling.I kept trying to turn that over in my head but couldn’t. I hadactually travelled through time.I felt like screaming in joy but I didn’t want to look childishin front of Sam.“Do you want to go for one more?” he asked me “The other aren’t back yet so…”

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Good idea :) I like the T.S.U few grammar mistakes thats about it
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