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The Garden of Love

The Garden of Love

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Published by TorresAntony
The Garden of Love is the title of a serries of poems
The Garden of Love is the title of a serries of poems

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Published by: TorresAntony on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There will be a time.A time to rememberthe way it used to be;without hurting,without regrets.Knowing that whateverI went through,was for my learning.Life is a school,
if I don’t do my homework,
 I can't pass the test.In the art of living,Who is an expert in this world?
copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel
I love you through eternity.There is no place in theuniverse where I am not
where I can‟t find you.
 My love for you cannot bequenched. I am yours,your are mine,we belong together.
Even if you don‟t love me
I still do. You can‟t imagine
 what I have done for you.
You can‟t comprehend what
 I have for you.In the distance of eternityI have found in your heart mydwelling place the seat of mythrone, where I can see and heareverything. Love me that is allI ask as the time goes by you andleft behind only the traces of your mistakes.In your despair I will hear youand I will be ready to reach outand hold you.
Copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel
Writing is my passion and my clothing.It is the way I dress to show the worldmy most intimate self. Every pieceof information is like a chapter of a bookthat I am writing. My autobiography of alife that had good and bad times, a displayof characters in the most fantastic experiencecalled life.Without life it would be impossible for meto express anything at all. When I writeI pull down the veil between the knownand the unknown. I go deep down as possibleand higher as I am permitted to go.Everything is lay down like a feast table andI am invited to eat as I please. Nothing is hiddenfrom me, but I can only eat so much and digestso little, and when I am ready to express.I can only give a dim reflection of what I sawand heard.Every writer has an opinion to give, a world of ideasto display of what they saw and heard at the feasttable called life. The opinions can be delicious tothe intellect or bitter to the heart. Take it as you please!But remember that the way it is will be demand fromyour head, for not telling it like it is, for giving the wrong
interpretation instead of saying: “I am not sure” Writer!
 you have an ethics duty to the world to tell it like it is.If you twist and shout error, your world will be emptyand void. If you herald the good news in spirit and truth,you will be a guiding light in the darkness for those who seekinformation and insight. Does it matter what one believes?
“Like dead and life!” If I have the wrong information I had fail.
 If I have the right information I succeed. If 
I don’t know
 where to go? How can I get there? Can I say that there is
no God? Just because I don’t see Him. I can’t see the wind either
 but I sure can feel it! Can ignorance get me out of trouble? If I saythe wrong thing and offend somebody. Does it matter what I believe?
Ignorance is not an excuse. “Well, you can believe whatever you like
just as long as one is sincere” Can sincerity gets me out of hell?
 I say it again! Does it matter what I believe? Is your call, you call the shots!But make sure you a
re right. We can’t afore to be wrong. Can we
copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel
I have not forgotten you, I always remember you, andyour image is with me at all times. Ever since you cameinto my life, you give new meaning the word FRIENDSHIP.I know that you are special to me. I beg you that no matterwhat happens you will always have me somewhere specialin your heart.My desire for you is that you will prosper in everythingyou endeavor in this world. I know that your love isawaiting you, and when you are ready it will come to you.Called him every day. Created him every night in your heart.Go through every detail as to what you want from him.Play God for him; make him like God would it make him.He will came if you ask for him, but you first have to findthe greatest lover for you.Do you know who is it? First you have to find him within you,in order to find him without. If you meditate in your heart towhat I am saying to you, he will be real to you. And when that
happen you’ll be ready and he will come to fulfill your dreams.
 Tell me if you can. What is your ideal man? Do you know?Let me tell you something, you will attract the man that you are.So make sure you know what you are and what you believe of whatyou think you deserve. Because if you think that you are ugly you willattract ugly man in your life. My dear friend you will find what you are.Change what you are if is not what you desire.
If you can’t look up from
 above for help and you will receive what you ask for.
copyright 2008 Antonio Ranguel

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