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Memory Guru

Memory Guru

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Published by pogo2u

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Published by: pogo2u on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Memory Guru of India- A B C of Memory Part IIndBasic Theory of memory Improvement Part TwoPeg Words 1 to 20 - Tutorial 11Applying the Peg System - Tutorial 12Learning Peg Words 21 to 100 - Tutorial 13Overcoming Absentmindedness - Tutorial 14Remembering Speeches and Presentations - Tutorial 15Remembering Jokes and Stories - Tutorial 16Reading, Studying, and Learning - Tutorial 17Learning The 52 Card Words - Tutorial 18Sequences of Playing Cards - Tutorial 19Applying the Card Words - Tutorial 20Impressive Memory Stunts - Tutorial
UNLIMITED MEMORY BY N L SHRAMAN, THE MEMORY GURU OF INDIA ,EXTENDMEMORY BOOST MEMORY IMPROVE MEMORY DEVELOP MEMORY ENLARGE MEMORYBUILD-UP MEMORY WIDEN MEMORY ,ADVANCE MEMORY EXPAND MEMORY INCREASEMEMORY MULTIPLYMEMORY UTILIZE MEMORY REJUVENATE MEMORY AMPLIFYMEMORY RAISE MENTAL MEMORY ,ENHANCE MENTAL MENTAL MEMORY INTENSIFYMENTAL MEMORY STRENGTHEN MEMORY REDOUBLE MEMORY DOUBLE MEMORYRECOVER MEMORY ADVANCE MENTAL MEMORYMAKE PERFECT MEMORY BETTER MEMORY UPGRADE MEMORY TRAIN MEMORYMOTIVATE YOUR MENTAL MEMORY ,BOOST LEARNING MEMORIZING QUICK MEMORYRAPID MEMORY FAST MEMORY SPEED MEMORY SUDDEN MEMORY IMMEDIATE MEMORYINSTANT MEMORY ABRUPTLY MEMORIZING MATH MEMORY, ,BECOME CLEVERBRIGHT SMART INTELLECTUAL QUICK ABLE GIFTED INTELLIGENTUNDERSTANDING INCREASE APTITUDE BRAIN POWER .Contents* Peg Words 1 to 20 - Tutorial 11 <#Peg_Words_1_to_20_(2D)_Tutorial_11>* Applying the Peg System - Tutorial 12<#Applying_the_Peg_System_(2D)_Tutorial_12>* Learning Peg Words 21 to 100 - Tutorial 13<#Learning_Peg_Words_21_to_100_(2D)_Tutorial_13>* Overcoming Absentmindedness - Tutorial 14<#Overcoming_Absentmindedness_(2D)_Tutorial_14>* Remembering Speeches and Presentations - Tutorial 15<#Remembering_Speeches_and_Presentations_(2D)_Tutorial_15>* Remembering Jokes and Stories - Tutorial 16<#Remembering_Jokes_and_Stories_(2D)_Tutorial_16>* Reading, Studying, and Learning - Tutorial 17<#Reading(2C)_Studying(2C)_and_Learning_(2D)_Tutorial_17>* Learning The 52 Card Words - Tutorial 18<#Learning_The_52_Card_Words_(2D)_Tutorial_18>* Sequences of Playing Cards - Tutorial 19<#Sequences_of_Playing_Cards_(2D)_Tutorial_19>* Applying the Card Words - Tutorial 20<#Applying_the_Card_Words_(2D)_Tutorial_20>* Impressive Memory Stunts - Tutorial 21<#Impressive_Memory_Stunts_(2D)_Tutorial_21>* Memory Stunt Number 1 - Missing Numbers<#Memory_Stunt_Number_1_(2D)_Missing_Numbers>
* Memory Stunt Number 2 - Memorising a Magazine<#Memory_Stunt_Number_2_(2D)_Memorising_a_Magazine>* Memory Stunt Number 3 - Thought Transference<#Memory_Stunt_Number_3_(2D)_Thought_Transference>less <javascript:void(0)>more <javascript:void(0)>Permanent link to this knol:Link <javascript:void(0)>Link <javascript:void(0)>N L, Shraman. The Memory Guru of India- A B C of Memory Part IInd:BasicTheory of memory Improvement Part Two [Internet]. Version 6. Knol. 2010Jun 26. Available from:http://knol.google.com/k/shraman-n-l/the-memory-guru-of-india-a-b-c-of/2vz93n6bjulke/12.Citation <javascript:void(0)>Citation <javascript:void(0)>Email<javascript:void(0)>Email <javascript:void(0)>Print<javascript:void(window.print())>Print<javascript:void(window.print())>Favorite <javascript:void(0)>Favorite<javascript:void(0)>Collect this page <javascript:void(0)>Collect thispage <javascript:void(0)>------------------------------------------------------------------------Go to ABC of memory Part Ist Lesson 1 to 10</k/shraman-n-l/the-memory-guru-of-india-a-b-c-of-memory/2vz93n6bjulke/11#>Peg Words 1 to 20 - Tutorial 11The Peg Word system is based on the sounds of the Phonetic Alphabet. ThePeg Word for each number contains only the consonant sounds which thatnumber transposes to, plus any vowels needed to form the word, asnecessary. Remember that vowels have no value in the Phonetic Alphabet.For example, the number '1' is always represented by the phonetic sound't' or 'd', so the Peg Word for 1 must contain only that consonantsound. The word tie contains only the consonant sound 't', and can alsobe easily pictured, so tie can be the Peg Word for the number '1'.Of course, there are many other words which could have been chosen torepresent the number '1' using these rules - toe, tea, dye, die, and deware just a few examples. But the Peg System revolves around the ideathat there will be one Peg Word for each number, and it will always bethe same word. So, a picture of a man's necktie will always representthe number '1'.Using the same rules, the Peg Word for '2' must contain only theconsonant 'n'. The word that will always represent '2' is Noah. Picturewhatever image this word conjures for you - perhaps an old man with along, grey beard standing on his ark.The Peg Word for '3' will always be ma - picture a little old lady, oryour mother, or whatever that word suggests to you.The number 4 will always be represented by ray - picture a ray ofsunlight, or a beam from a torch.The Peg Word for 5 is law - picture a policeman, or perhaps a high courtjudge - anything which suggests 'law' to you.
Shoe is the Peg Word for 6. Picture a shoe.Key is the Peg Word for 7. Picture a key.Your Peg Word for 8 is ivy - picture ivy climbing all over a wall.Bee is the Peg Word for 9 - picture a large bumble-bee.The Peg Word for 10 must contain two consonant sounds, because thenumber '10' has two digits. The Peg Word for 10 will always be toes.Those are the first ten Peg Words in the Peg System. They are simple toremember, because the phonetic sounds more or less tell you what thewords are. Read through them once more, and you should know them. Youwill know them in and out of order, because you know the phonetic soundsout of order. When you are confident that you know the ten words,proceed with learning Peg Words 11 to 20 : 11 : toad- picture a croaking, wart-covered toad. 12 : tin- picture an empty tin can. 13 : dam- picture a dam on a river. 14 : tyre- picture a car tyre. 15 : doll- picture any sort of doll. 16 : dish- picture any sort of dish.

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