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Published by smkn1mataram

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Published by: smkn1mataram on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Memahami instruksi sederhanaIndikator:
Meresponi ungkapan –ungkapan yang menyatakan instruksi/ petunjuk 
Memberi saran atau nasehat kepada orang lain
Meresponi perintah atau komado
Menerima atau menolak pendapat orang lainMateri
Instruction/memo-Describing process-Announcement-Imperative sentence
Read the memo carefully and then write the instructions found in the memo. 
Questions:1How many instructions can you find in the memo?2Write the instructions3What should the room nurses do after reading the memo?
Read the instruction below and then answer the questions.
All RNs (Room Nurses)Date:July 17, 2006From:Margaret Smith, Director of NursesSubject:RN identity patchesEffective August 20, 2006, all RNs will have the choice of wearing caps or an identity patch. Patches should be sewn on the upper right arm of lab coats or uniform so that staff and patients can easily identify you as an RN. Those RNs wishing to wear identity patchesmay obtain them for one dollar a piece at the health Uniform Shop directly across from thehospital on Ames Street. Please call me at extension 732 if you have any question.
How to use new mobile phone to make a call
1Lift the back cover of the phone2Insert SIM card to the phone3Place the battery4Replace the back cove5Switch the phone on by pressing and holding the power key.
If the phone display “Insert SIM card” even though the SIM card isinserted, check whether it is inserted properly. If it is, you shouldcontact your network operator or service provider.
Do not switch
the phone on when wireless phone used is prohibited or when it may cause interference of danger!1Key the phone number, including the area code2Press “CALL” to call the number.3Press “END CALL” to end the call (or to cancel the call attempt)
:1.What should you do to make a phone call using a new mobile phone?2What will you do if the phone display “Insert SIM card”?3To end the call, what will you do?
To give instructions, the sentence should be started with verb. Study the examplesbelow. Now study the sentences below!
1.Open your book!2.Put your pen on the table3.Look up your dictionary to get the meaning of the word4.Call me if you need farther information5.Write your name on the up right corner.
To make a negative form use don’t!
Example:Don’t put it on!Don’t touch it!Don’t make a noise!
To make the sentence more polite add “please” before or after the sentence. Example:
-Put on your coat please!
-Please write down these sentences in pencil-Don’t make a noise, please!-Please don’t put your feet on the desk.
Task 1Write the sentences below in negative forms.
1.leave the room2.look at me like that3.eat in the class4.forget to do the homework 
Task 2Now arrange the instruction below about how to make a telephone call
1.Dial the number you want2.Pick up the receive3.Put the receiver on the telephone box when you finish telephoning4.Talk when some one answers your call 
Task 3Write the conversation below in English
Andy: Hi, Ridwan, datang kerumah saya nanti sore!Ridwan: Untuk apa?Andy: Kita akan belajar kelompok bersama Linda dan AriRidwan: Jam berapa kita akan mulaiAndy: Jam 4 soreRidwan: Ok, saya akan datang
Andy: Ya. Saya tunggu dan jangan lupa bawa buku Matematikanya
In describing a process, we usually use the following words:First......., second........., next.........., then........., and ........, after that............., finally.......
Study the example below about the way of operating a computer!First
plug the power cord,
Press the power button on. After a few minutes you willsee a windows menu on the monitor.
look at the left bottom of the monitor and thenhold the mouse gently.
After that
move the arrow pointer onto the ‘start’ menu and click it,
the last
click the program menu, and choose Ms-Word. Now you are ready to type
Task 4ReadingRead the reading below and write down the imperative sentences found in the textAsking people to do things
When Henry Allen came home from the office last Thursday night, he saw a note fromhis wife on the kitchen table, “Henry,” the note said, “my mother isn’t well and I’m goinghome to be with her for a few days. There are a few things that ought to be done while I’maway.“First, take your blue coat to the dry cleaner’s and leave your shirt at the laundry. At thesame time, would you please stop at the shoe repairman’s and gets my brown shoes? And goto the supermarket and get some coffee, milk and butter.“When you get home, please telephone Mary Bickford and tell her I won’t be able to goto her party tomorrow evening. Tell her why I can’t come.“There are three things that must be done before you go to work tomorrow morning:leave a note for the milkman asking for just one quart of milk, not two; put the garbage in the backyard; give the dog something to eat.If you have time on Saturday, cut the grass. Don’t forget the grass in the backyard. Thenewspaper boy will come on Saturday afternoon. Be sure to give him money.“I think that’s all. I’ll telephone this evening and let you know how mother is.Love,Alice”Henry looked out the window at the grass Alice wanted him to cut. His wife had askedhim to do many things. He hope her mother would be well very quickly.
Answer the questions based on the reading text above
1.What did Henry find on the kitchen table?2.Where had Alice gone? Why?3.What was the first thing Alice wanted Henry to do?4.Why did Henry have to telephone Mary?5.What did Alice ask Henry to do on Saturday if he had time?

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