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Eclipse- Atlas Shrugged

Eclipse- Atlas Shrugged

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Published by floralfs
The story begins after the kiss in the woods with Jacob. Bella's betrayal with Jacob is the final straw to make Edward stumble. Now she has to find the strength to put him back together and face the consequences of her actions.
The story begins after the kiss in the woods with Jacob. Bella's betrayal with Jacob is the final straw to make Edward stumble. Now she has to find the strength to put him back together and face the consequences of her actions.

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Published by: floralfs on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Atlas Shrugged
Chapter 1
It was inevitable that he would know.He would have heard two hearts beating deliriously; two lungs grasping forbreathe.; two burning bodies in the frozen forest. One mind would have beenglorifying in victory, in ecstasy; broadcasting, "Finally," for the one he knew waslistening.Yet for all this knowledge, he would only hear silence in the one that mattered. Hewouldn't know that when I asked the boy to kiss me, that I didn't really want it. Hecouldn't know my desperation to save the wolf from his pain and rashness. Hedidn't know that when I pulled back from his violent response that I had given up. Ihad already gone above and beyond to prevent his death; he couldn't possibledemand more of me.Little did I know that of course Jacob did, he would have all of me, which was theone thing I would always refuse him.Standing outside that feeble tent, on this day of requiem for vampire and wolf alike,
all he read in Jacob's mind, all he smelled on the air, all he heard… was my final
response.My struggle meant nothing, because I succumbed to temptation. I wonder if hecould hear the pedestal he had placed me on shattering into thousands of pieces. If Alice could see three hearts being shredded as surely as the newborn army below.Pondering his omniscience meant nothing, when I knew that for all of his abilitieshe would never know my thoughts or motives. He would assume I loved Jake as Iloved him. He would bear all fault and responsibility for leaving me and try to takethis on himself, saying he paved the way for another man. It wouldn't matter thatas the scalding skin pulled me closer, manhandled me, pushed and hurt me,attacked my mouth and went back for more; my body too was saying, "Finally." Myinsecurities and vulnerabilities were eschewed as they were presented withevidence of my desirability. As I felt that I was finally a woman and not a china doll.Edward would only ever see it as my revelry in his enemy and my best friend.My new confidence brought only more fear: terror of the consequences of myactions and dread for the battles, both emotional and physically that lay ahead. Onthis day, when everyone I held dear fought for their lives in order to protect mine, Ibetrayed my soul for the whims of my body.
Even filled with desperation, my body still quivered with the echo of Jacob's touch.Only my mind, far more understanding of my true desires, cooled the burningtouch; narrowed the build; hardened the lips and sweetened the breath. Long andblack became bronze and unruly; terracotta became diamonds; friend becamelover, shifter became marble.My mind struggled to comprehend all the contrasting emotions swirling in me. Thedesire to continue with Edward what was started with Jacob; the gut wrenchingguilt of my betrayal; my fear of Edward's response all bounced around competingfor my attention as I walked back.Deftly stepping over fallen branches and uprooted trees, I pushed the doubt asidewith the assurance that despite my foibles, Edward was above them. It was absurd,as he would say, that while my axis shifted, to think that his world would have evenrumbled. My fear for his reaction was only juxtaposing my emotions and reactionsupon him. I might be his weakness, but that did not make him weak.He would have read my intentions and motives through the fog of Jacob's lust asclearly as the blush on my cheeks. Despite all he couldn't know, he was Edward. Hewas my Greek God, all knowing and powerful, and not even the feeble confusions of a hormonal teenage girl would hinder that. He knew me to be merely human, knewthat we were fallible and we fail; that we give in to temptation. It may not affecthim, but his empathy would give him the grace to put me back together. To forgiveme my imperfections and someday soon, change me so we would be equal in allthings.Emerging into the snowy clearing of our camp, I calmed my wildly guilty heart andsteadied my frantic breathing, knowing I must not appear to be harmed. If therewas one flaw of my vampire, it was his unilateral devotion to my safety. I did notrisk my relationship with Edward to save Jacob's life only for him to lose it again.Allowing my guilt to come forward and preparing to apologize, I moved towards thetent and hopefully my Edward.The snow crunched beneath my boots, insuring that he knew of my approach, butneither Seth nor Edward made a move towards me. The only sign of recognition of me was an eerily disapproving growl from the young wolf at the door. Who it wasdirected at, I couldn't fathom, but it was abundantly clear he already knew whathad happened. As apparently did the rest of the pack.Bracing myself to grovel, I opened the tent still surprised he had not grabbed methe moment I left the woods, and slid through the hole. I allowed my eyes to adjustfrom the gleaming snow to the glistening vampire in the darkened tent. As my eyesfell on him, the inevitable traitorous tears began, my confidence dwindled, and myguilt drowned me. I only wish this was the worst of it, but one look at Edward's faceforewarned me my own foolishness would be the least of which to weigh down myconscience.
Prone against the cloth walls, legs strewn before him, was an Edward I had neverseen,or imagined. There was no look of desperation or deprecation upon his face.No angered gleam to his eyes or painful grimace upon his mouth. He did not mirrorhis anguished remorse he exhibited when we returned from Volterra. Even hisimpassive ambiguity days after my birthday would be preferable to this Edward.This blank and empty vampire.Even at our worst together, I could recall a gleam to his eyes that I was too blindedby my insecurities at the time to recognize. The look that silently begged me tounderstand he hurt and to please forgive him for what he was about to do. He mayhave been an expert liar, but everyone has a tell, and Edward's was always thatlone glint mirroring his soul. I yearned for that hint of emotion. Even if it said, "Ihate you," at least I would have something to distinguish him from a statue.Now though, he was sprawled in the tent, not moving or breathing, neitheracknowledging nor ignoring me; and still heartbreakingly beautiful. There wasnothing to show him as anything but an expertly crafted piece of marble. How sucha vibrant and soulful man could ever look empty did not escape my notice. Myactions were Medusa's gaze and the result was this statue before me.My tears and pleas, my cries and grasping yielded nothing. I flung myself on him,grabbing his shoulders, blazing tear and snot stained kisses over his lifeless body,dragging myself as close as possible, pulling his hair, and shouting in his ear.All for naught.I shoved my jugular under his nose to tempt him with my potent smell.No response.Frantically searching for anything to rouse him, I thought of the third wife whosacrificed for her people. I was already the stupid lamb, perhaps now I could be of use. I would be and do anything to reverse my Medusa spell, and return Edward tothe life he had slipped away from.I sought a sharp object to use to cut myself. He may have been able to ignore myattempts to rouse him, but he would not be able to deny his base instincts to feedand devour. I would give my life to return him to his. Finally I could be what heneeded.Finding only a rock I carved into my skin, positive that Edward would stop me atany moment. He never noticed, just as I was unaware of the pain as it dug into myflesh. If anything I rejoiced in it, some physical manifestation of what I put himthrough.

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