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Remedies for Abhukta Mula Birth

Remedies for Abhukta Mula Birth

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Published by sameer1973

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Published by: sameer1973 on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remedies for Abhukta Mula Birth
The Sage Parasara said. The ruling deity of Jyeshtha is Indraand the ruling deity of Mula is Rakshasa. As both the deities areinimical to each other, this Gandanta is considered, as the mostevil. A boy, or girl, born during the period of Abhukta Mula,should either be abandoned, or the father should not see theface of the child for 8 years. Now I shall describe the remedialmeasures to obtain deliverence from the evil effects of birthduring this extremely inauspicious period.In view of the extremely inauspicious effects of birth duringAbhukta I shall first describe the remedial measures to obtainrelief from Mula. The religious remedial rites should beperformed after the 12th day after the birth, the next JanmNakshatr day, or on an auspicious day, when Candr and thestars are favourable.. Erect a canopy (Mandap) with four arched gateways,embellished with festoons, on a sacred spot, besmeared withcow dung paste, to the East, or North of the house. Preparethere a pit (Kund), or place there a square vessel of clay, or metal for performing Havan. Then, according to one’s means,prepare, or get prepared an idol of Rakshasa of 16, 8, or 4 Masasof gold, as may be possible within one’s means. The idol shouldbe with a horrible-looking face, black in colour, with two heads,two arms, carrying a sword and a shield and seated on a deadbody.In the absence of an idol a piece of gold of the weight,mentioned above, should be used for worship, as gold is dear toall the deities.Thereafter the remedial rites should be performed in thefollowing order. Select a learned priest to perform the religiousrites, according to the prescribed procedure. Install a Kalashand put in it Panchagavya (five articles, yielded by a cow,namely milk, curd, Ghi, dung and urine), Shataushadhi and water of the holy river (Ganga etc.). Then install the idol of the

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