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Published by tamih1893

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Published by: tamih1893 on Aug 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When Rachel’s frown slips into a pout, Santana’seyes widen. “Okay, no. You’re not going to sit hereand whine to me. We’ll be at your hotel in fiveminutes. Then you can eat, shower, and call Quinn tobitch to her about this.”Rachel folds her arms across her chest but nods.  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________  With well practiced ease, Puck is able to quietlyunlock Quinn’s door and slip inside. He brieflyindulges the thought that if Quinn really has a gun likeshe says she does, then one day she may think he’sa burglar and shoot first then ask questions later.His worse fears are confirmed once he creeps to her room undetected. She’s under a mound of covers.The only thing visible is a long, blonde ponytail. Hegroans internally, wondering Rachel made Quinn thisdramatic.“Are you naked under there? ‘Cause if you are I’mgoing to join you in about five minutes.”He gets his desired reaction. Quinn lifts her head to
sit up, glaring at him while hugging the blankets to her to suggest that she is, in fact, naked.Shaking his head, he walks over to her armoire toretrieve a robe for her. He hands it to her and stares.She glares harder and motions for him to turn aroundso she can put the robe on without his prying eyes.He sighs as if put out and turns around.Once she’s properly dressed, he lies in bed besideher. “So, if Berry saw us cuddling?” he starts.She almost laughs. “Well I could probably get awaywith a thorough lecture on proper committedrelationship etiquette.” She spares Puck a glance.“She’d kill you though.”He scoots a little further away, still afraid of Rachel.“It’s a Friday night, Q. Are you really going to spend itin bed?”“I don’t want to go out,” she says quietly. “I don’t wantto do much of anything.”He tilts his head in an attempt to figure her out.“What’s wrong with you? I get that you’re upset aboutRachel being gone but this is extreme.”She looks at him for a long time before she speaks. “Iheard some rumors about Rachel today,” she tells
him.“What kind of rumors?” he asks carefully, realizingthat this has the potential to be serious.“Rumors about her sleeping with groupies after concerts.”His eyes narrow and lose focus as if he doesn’tunderstand. Then he replies. “Oh.”Quinn licks her lips nervously, not liking his shortresponse at all. “You don’t think…” She pauses. “Youdon’t think the rumors aren’t true, right?” she askswith uncertainty.He looks at her seriously as she gathers her sheetaround her body before sitting up. He sits up with her.“Do I think that women work hard to get past securityto get a piece of her? Fuck yeah. She’s a hot piece of ass, Q. And on top of that, she’s famous. Thosewomen are crafty. I bet at least five make it pastsecurity. And every once in a while, at least onemakes it to her dressing room.”Her brow furrows as the information sinks in. “Whyare you even here?” she grumbles, jealousy,sadness, and anger gripping her heart.Puck laughs a little before wrapping a reassuring armaround the blonde. “Because I’m your best friend,” he

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