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Creative design at British Red Cross

Creative design at British Red Cross

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Published by British Red Cross

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: British Red Cross on Aug 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In search of 
National Assembly 2009
Photos lefttoright ©: Jenny Matthews/BRC, JennyMatthews/BRC,Arzu Ozsoy/InternationalFederationof Red Cross, Layton Thompson/BRC,Jonathan Banks/BRC, Dominic Cocozza/BRC, MahmoudRaouf Mahmoud/Reuter/cour tesy www.alertnet.org,Jenny Matthews/BRC, Chris Oldham/BRC, AlexMaguire/BRC.
V_____ 7/2/ 2
In search of 
 While you’re heading for the
finish line
By running for the British Red Cross, you’ll be helpingthose incrisis acrosstheworld andaround the corner. To find out more information call
0870 170 9112
or email
RegisteredCharity Number220949
Flora London Marathon
22 April 2007
we’re helping on thefrontline
 ot   o s  e f  t  t   oi   gt   ;  ©  a  y t   o om p s  o /   ©  C  /   © l   e M a  g ui   e 
 ___ 3 :
 The only tool you’ll ever need.
Whether you want to read the latest news, finda colleague’s phone number, join a discussionor add an event to the diary, you can do it onRedRoom. It’s got a brand new look withmany redesigned features, including:
Improved search engine
Events diary
My favourites
Discussion boards
Case studiesWith all the tools you’ll ever need, you’llwonder how you ever managed without it!
RegisteredCharity Number220949Coverphoto:© BRCS
 You’re just a click away from anew and improved RedRoom!
British Red Cross
What we achieved20068
Whenthe Pakistanearthquakestruck in2005,teenagersMiriamandSidra barely escapedwiththeirlives.Sidra remembers:“Ourschoolbuilding collapsedwithmeunderneath.We lost lotsof people that day,including mybaby cousin.”But,helpedby the RedCross,the family have beenrebuildingtheirlives– andtheirhouse.Using bricksandironsheeting,the girls’family built a new,strongerhouse so they wouldbedry andsafe throughthe winter.ForMiriam,hernewhome marksa newbeginning:“Ourotherhouse wasbuilt of mudbut thisisa beautiful home.”
by theBritish Red Cross – wereready forIndonesian families.Ida Sabriwas overwhelmed by tears assheentered her newhome,along with herhusband Abdullah and young son Fadri.Shesaid:“Iwas so stressed thinking aboutthehousebutthis is likea medicineforus.Wearevery thankfulto theBritishRed Cross and peoplein Britain forhelping us.”And this is justthebeginning.In 2007,1,900 further houses willbecompleted –and financialsupportprovided to a further3,400 families – in Indonesia.Thenextyear willalso seeadditionalfinancialsupportwork in up to 30 villages in SriLanka and thecompletion ofmorethan200 houses in theMaldives.
“WhenI’veusedfirstaid,it’sbeeninsituationswhereotherpeople justdidn’tknowwhattodo”
Our firstaiders werealso ready tohelp atmorethan 10,000 publiceventsthroughouttheUK – including theGreatNorth Run in Tyneside,where500volunteers helped nearly 1,000 casualtiesin a singleday.AndRedCrosstrainingmakesalife-savingdifference.InSussex,volunteerJillBartlettusedadefibrillatortobringamanbacktolifeafterhecollapsedandstoppedbreathing.Shesaid:“It’sanamazingthingtosavesomeone’slife,butIcouldn’thavedoneitwithoutthehelpoftheRedCross.”Wealso established a unique‘inclusive’firstaid programme,specially designedto includegroups or individuals withdisabilities.Over thenextthreeyears,wewillwork in partnership with otherorganisations to makefirstaid skillsaccessibleto all.
In recentyears,weresponded to severalmajor crises,including thetsunamiandLondon bombings,whosecomplex naturebroughtparticular challenges to us as anemergency responseorganisation.That’s why,following reviews ofourresponses,wehavebeen makingimprovements to our services so wecanbeeven better prepared to acteffectivelynexttime.
FromAfricatoIndonesiathroughtotheMiddleEast,thepast12monthsbroughtseveralcrisesthatdemandedanimmediateresponse.But2006wasalsoayearinwhichwehelpedcommunitiesacrosstheworldrecoverfromearlierdisastersandrebuildtheirlives.MorethanoneyearonfromthePakistanearthquake,theRedCrossandRedCrescentMovementisstillverymuchtakingahands-onapproach–building13,500newemergencysheltersandimprovinghealthcareforlocalcommunities.As thesecond anniversary ofthetsunamipassed,hundreds ofhigh-quality,earthquake-resistanthomes – constructed
 __hatAchieve_28pp_A 11/5/0716:44age8
       1       2
   B  r   i   t   i  s   h   R  e   d   C  r  o  s  s
   W   h  a   t  w  e  a  c   h   i  e  v  e   d   2   0   0   6
       1       1
   B  r   i   t   i  s   h   R  e   d   C  r  o  s  s
   W   h  a   t  w  e  a  c   h   i  e  v  e   d   2   0   0   6
In2006,wehelped365,900peopletoregaintheirconfidenceafterapersonalcrisisthroughourindependentlivingandcommunityequipmentservices,makingadifferencetothequalityoftheirdailylives.Morethan44,330refugeesandasylumseekers–34,100of whomweredestitute–receivedemergencyassistanceandotherhelpfromus.
British Red Cross
What we achieved2006
British Red Cross
What we achieved20066
Lastyear,theBritish Red Cross oncemorefound itselfon thefrontline,responding tocrises both athomeand overseas.But2006was also a year for regeneration,duringwhich wehelped many communities acrosstheworld to recover fromdisasters andrebuild their lives.Inevitably,thenewyear broughtnewchallenges.A devastating earthquakehitIndonesia’s Java in May,killing thousandsand prompting our immediateresponse.Working through theInternationalRedCross and Red CrescentMovement,weprovided emergency firstaid,food andshelter to thosecaughtup in thedisaster.When conflicterupted in theMiddleEastduring thesummer,hundreds ofthousandsweredriven fromtheir homes.Dueto itstrusted neutralstatus,theMovementwasoneofthefeworganisations given accessand wewereableto help.And in Africa,wherean already desperatesituationdeteriorated further dueto droughtandongoing conflict,millions ofpeopleacrossthecontinentbenefited fromcontinuedRed Cross support.
Herein theUK,wewereready to respondround theclock athundreds ofincidentsacross thecountry.In August,weofferedsupportwhen thousands ofpassengerswerestranded atHeathrowand Glasgowairports following a major security alert.And when severeflooding in theHighlandsleftscores ofpeoplestranded in November,our volunteers spenthours rescuing thosecutoffby theweather.For thosecaughtup in crisis,our uniquefireand emergency supportservicemadearealdifference.Thousands ofpeople,including evacuees froma major blazeata Sussex fireworks factory and thevictims ofa Belfastarson attack,countedon our support.Recognising our value,fireservices throughoutEngland havewrittenus into their emergency plans.And weweretherefor British nationalscaughtup in disasters or terrorismoverseas.Building on our partnership withtheForeign and Commonwealth Office,our volunteers joined rapid deploymentteams to respond to eightmajor incidentsacross theworld – including bomb attacksin Egyptand Turkey – offering practicalhelp and emotionalsupportto thoseaffected.
In 2006,126,670 peopleattended RedCross firstaid courses.Thelaunch of our Life.Liveit.campaign,aimed atencouraging young peopleto learn life-saving skills,sawtens ofthousands of schoolchildren gain valuableknowledgeand experience.
Responding to emergencies andhelping people and communities toprepare for and recover from them
“We’vebeenworkingflatoutaroundtheclockwithamazingcooperationfromtheIndonesianRedCross.It’shugepressure,butincrediblychallengingtobe workingattheforefrontofthiskindofemergencyresponse”
 __hatAchieve_28pp_A 11/5/0716:44age6

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