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Imagine - Winter 2006

Imagine - Winter 2006

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Published by Chris
The Winter 2006 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.

The Winter 2006 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.


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Published by: Chris on Aug 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 2nd is to be declared
Republic Day,
a new annual event,celebrated by Republic membersand supporters around the countrywith a day of campaigning andpromotional events.
 June 2nd is also the anniversary of the day the Queen was officially givenher job-for-life as our unelected Headof State.Republic is going to reclaim June2nd and use it to celebrate the causeof democracy and republicanism, andto promote our campaign.
On Saturday June 3rd Republic willbe canvassing and leafleting in streetsand shopping centres around thecountry. We plan to have people inboroughs across London, promotingRepublic and recruiting newsupporters. New promotional materialand give-aways will be available for members to hand out to passers-byand supporters.Republic is asking all members andsupporters to back Republic Day.This is a first for Republic and it isintended to be an annual day to markthe continuing campaign for ademocratic head of state.
On the day itself, Friday June 2nd,Republic will be issuing pressreleases, and sending letters to thenational press and to the government.Supporters and members will beasked to send their own letters to their local press and to their MPs.“We want this to be a key date in therepublican calendar,” said GrahamSmith, “We want June 2nd to becomeknown as
Republic Day 
by everyone,so each year we get an excellentopportunity to promote the cause.”William Summers, Local CampaignsOfficer, added, “We’re very keen toget our network of local groupsinvolved in
Republic Day.
They arebest placed to promote Republic intowns and cities across the country.”
If you want to support Republic Dayby joining and organising a local eventplease visit www.republic.org.uk/rdayor call 08708 508 825 for moredetails. You can also find details of local groups by visitingwww.republic.org.uk/groups or bycalling William on 07870 928 789.
Republic rememberslong time supporterand former minister,Tony Banks.
The recent death of Tony Banks hasrobbed Republic of a good friend andlong time supporter. Mr Banks, whodied after suffering a stroke while onholiday in the US, never kept hisrepublican views secret.One of the few republican MPs tomake it to ministerial level (he wasSports Minister after the 1997 Labour landslide) he famously caused a rowby crossing his fingers while taking theparliamentary oath.Although also opposed to anunelected Lords Mr Banks took a seatin the upper house, reportedly wantingto take the title Lord Banks of theThames. Instead he opted for LordStratford. He will be sorely missed.
Volunteers Needed forRepublic Day
 Can you help on the day? We wouldlike to hear from you if you’re free onSaturday June 3rd, to help hand outpromotional items or run stalls in your local area.If you can help please call GrahamSmith on 07747 608 770 or emailg.smith@republic.org.uk.
 It is surprising someone who hopesto be prime minister, Gordon Browndoes not realise there cannot be aBritish equivalent to the American andFrench Independence Days (4 Julyand 14 July) as these days both markthe discarding of the shackles of monarchy and becoming modernrepublican democracies. This countrystill awaits becoming a moderndemocracy. Our parliamentaryrepresentatives have to swear allegiance to an elderly woman andher dysfunctional but unmeritedly richand over-privileged family rather thanpromise to work for the good of thecountry! Oh for a BritishIndependence Day, to celebrate whenroyalty is retired (no need for bloodshed) and we mere subjectsachieve the status of French andAmerican citizenry and are able to votefor an elected head of state.Jennifer JeynesLondon
 My own view is that we shouldcampaign quite clearly for a non-executive, largely ceremonial, role –simply replacing the present hereditarymonarchy by an elected President.There is a much greater chance of support if we go for the minimumchange; fighting two battles – thehereditary principle and the form of Government - is much too difficult atask, and will frighten many peopleoff. What we are proposing is a simple,democratic evolution, not anarchy or revolution.Malcolm Carpenter York
 I’ve been planning to start a newgroup in Brighton for the past fewmonths, and now I’ve had my firstmeeting I’m really optimistic aboutwhat we can do. With some supportfrom Republic we will be doing someleafleting in the town centre and weplan to support the new Republic Dayin June. If you live in or near Brightonplease get in touch with me and helpsupport Republic.Alex PittBrighton07747 013912
We’d like to hear from you. Are youorganising any local activities or doyou have some views on the campaignor the issues that you’d like to share?Send your letters toimagine@republic.org.uk or to
PO Box 69, Brighton,BN50 9GS.
PO Box 69BrightonBN50 9GSTel/Fax: 08708 508 825www.republic.org.ukenquiries@republic.org.uk
 If you would like to contribute to Imagine email imagine@republic.org.uk or call Graham Smith on 08708 508 825and ask for a copy of the Writer’sGuidelines.
CHRIS WHITEAt the time of writing, a poll of English national icons places theMonarchy at number 36. One of thelast remaining justifications regularlytrotted out by supporters of privilegeby birth is the symbol of national unitythat the Queen represents. Someunity that is, being placed 36th.Such a lowly spot on a list of English icons – particularly bearing inmind that the royals have alwaysbeen much less popular in the rest of the UK – is surely a sign that thereasoning that ‘the Monarchy hastraditionally been a feature of Britishlife and so should remain’ is waning.So is a republic inevitable?Parliamentary support for TonyBenn’s 1991 Commonwealth of Britain Bill was pitiful, in large partdue to the simple fact that themajority of MPs are of an age atwhich support for the Monarchy istypically higher. Certainly a greatnumber of younger people view theinstitution as more and moreanachronistic.Amongst this age group, thegreatest pro-Monarchism tends tocome from right-leaning members of the middle class, who view the royalsif not through rose-tinted spectaclesthen at least through novelty UnionFlag lenses. Yet they are open toargument: I am slowly but surelyconvincing a friend, who fits theabove description, that an hereditaryHead of State is incompatible with thedemocratic principle that sovereigntyflows up from the people, not downfrom one individual.There is another factor thatsuggests the inevitability of aRepublic. The Monarchy is toleratedlargely because the Queen’s positionis relatively inoffensive. Even thosewith an ideological aversion to power inherited rather than acquired onmerit will concede that theSovereign’s potential power is never used.The Queen doesn’t actually domuch at all: her legislative role isprincipally ceremonial and consists of giving Royal Assent to Bills passed byboth Houses of Parliament. But whatif Royal Assent were refused?Most Parliamentarians would takeumbrage at an unelected Queen or King interfering with their democratically reached decisions. Butit is not unthinkable. Prince Charlesrecently hinted that, had he beenKing, he would have refused Assentto the anti-Hunting legislation. Had hedone so, he would likely havefollowed the first King of that name inbeing replaced by a republic.The Monarchy’s future as a symbolof national unity is inevitably one of anation united against it.
Charles at Madame Tussauds: Is themonarchy losing national icon status?

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