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BobCarneyJr v WardEiness(Revenue)A100432_62cv09-8663(Gearin)

BobCarneyJr v WardEiness(Revenue)A100432_62cv09-8663(Gearin)

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Published by Sharon Anderson
Republican Candidates 4 MN Gub, Bob CarneyJr"dueprocess" Court Filings 62cv09-8663(Gearin)A100432 www.mncourts.gov Davis_Judicial Reform_Write In Gub,Public Notice via Sharon4MNAG Title 26 501(c)3 Court Filings Educational_ All Motions must be in pdf format, Only Orders appear to be published in Unpublished Opinions for Secret Government.
Republican Candidates 4 MN Gub, Bob CarneyJr"dueprocess" Court Filings 62cv09-8663(Gearin)A100432 www.mncourts.gov Davis_Judicial Reform_Write In Gub,Public Notice via Sharon4MNAG Title 26 501(c)3 Court Filings Educational_ All Motions must be in pdf format, Only Orders appear to be published in Unpublished Opinions for Secret Government.

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Published by: Sharon Anderson on Aug 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ISSUE:PoliticalContributionRefund_Unallotment Law.
AG's Motion Dismiss dtd. 9Oct09 (Alan J. Gilbert) Sol GenReg.No.003467862cv09-8663(Gearin) Appeal by Bob Carney et al A100432
To the Above Named: MN Chief Justice Lori Gildea by and thro ClerkFred Grittner Rule 24.04 Legal Notice to DFL Lori Swanson MN AGIncumbents,AG_ALL_Candidates, Media et al.
Elections come and go Issues Rule of Law Remain_Republicans BobCarneywww.republicancontract.com6Oct2010 nonoral hearing Court Filesapparantly requesting expedited hearing by and thro E-Commerce Notifications.Sharon4MNAG called Appellate Court 651-297-2581 Fax's are not excepted: 651-297-4149 ie: Clerk Anna very courteous_ Thank You.
and Leslie Daviswww.lesliedavis.orgWall of Shame Judicial Reform
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Case Number JurisdictionShort TitleStatus Type SubType
A100432Court of AppealsRobertCarney, Jr.,on behalf ofhimself andall otherssimilarlysituated,Appellant,vs. State ofMinnesota,et al.,RespondentsBriefingCivil
Candidate NamePartyWebsiteFile D
KATHLEEN GEARINNonpartisan 5/19/2 
Page 1 of 48/20/2010file://C:\Users\Sharon4Anderson\Documents\Lill_CarneyTakeOff.html
Advocate_Notice Write IN4Gub.
DISCLAIMER: TO The Public: Submitted re: Title 26 501(c) 3 forEducational Purposes
Court Tracking's, Apparantly numerous persons are denied Access with Clutter ofPaper Work, IFP etc. Judge Kathleen Gearin 2008 Canvass Board certifyingVotes of the Dead and Felons,
currently up for Election Unapposed_Unaccountable etc.Humble Request that the MN Courts scann in All Files for PublicSearch, re:
A party that files a pleading, written motion, or other paper drawing into question theconstitutionality of a federal or state statute must promptly:
(1) file a notice of constitutional question stating the question
 Order Promulgating Amendments to Rules of Civil Procedure - STATE ...
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P. 24.04 prior to the adoption of this rule. The rule imposes an express requirement for notice to the appropriate Attorney General—theMinnesota Attorney ...
 In a message dated 8/19/2010 11:36:53 P.M. Central Daylight Time,leslie@lesliedavis.orgwrites:While I have been a recipient of the PCR in the past once it was goneI realized that it was a subsidy and I don't support subsidies and I regretever having taken it like a pathetic mooch. Subsidies are for publicmooches.Today I don't support subsidies for politicians, campaigns, nuclear power,ethanol or anything else. A helping hand, a bit of promotion, maybe evena loan guarantee, BUT NO SUBSIDIES.Taxing the public to fund pathetic and non-pathetic (if there is such athing)politicians is unworthy of me. Leslie Davis for Governor 2010I can be the first ever write-in candidate to become Governor.Think of who you will get for Governor if you don't get me and after youget done throwing up give me a call and let's fight together. 612/522-9433www.LeslieDavis.org DAVIS ISSUES: are:1. The Davis Money Plan2. Education3. Judicial Reform4. Protected Environment----- Original Message -----From: "Bob Carney Jr." <bobcarneyjr@msn.com>To: <mn-politics@forums.e-democracy.org>
Page 2 of 48/20/2010file://C:\Users\Sharon4Anderson\Documents\Lill_CarneyTakeOff.html
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:28 PMSubject: [Minnesota] Bob Carney Jr's Political Contribution Refundunallotment lawsuit> Hi everyone -- I've been really busy with the campaign -- thanks for> everyone who voted for me -- #2 in the Republican primary, 8% statewide,> not bad...>> I want to thank my running mate, Bill McGaughey, for his good work and> valuable advice throughout the campaign!>> My Political Contribution Refund lawsuit is alive and well -- all filings> are complete in the Court of Appeals, and an October 6th nonoral> conference is scheduled.>> Because the election is approaching, I am planning to make a motion to> move up the date for the hearing. I am seeking support from everyone to> support this motion. I spoke with a representative with Tom Horner's> campaign today, and Horner will think about joining in such a call. I> will also contact the Emmer campaign. As many of you know, I'm not a big> fan of Emmer... to say the least... but he would be eligible for the PCR> program, so I want his campaign to know about it.>> I also have a call in to the Dayton campaign -- haven't heard back from> them -- Dayton's campaign is NOT eligible, but a lot of DFL legislative> campaigns, and other Constitutional office campaigns are -- so Dayton may> want to take a position on this.>> Over the weekend, I'll get out another news release on this, and will send> it to all Legislators I have on my current e-mail list. I am asking all> of you to e-mail legislative campaigns (non-incumbants) you know -- please> ask them to contact me if they want to support my effort for an> accelerated ruling.>> The best single summary of what's going on with both lawsuits is my> "Special Report: Unallotment and the Assault on Minnesota's Public> Campaign Finance System" -- it's on my news and information website:> www.republicancontract.com.>> It's about 40 pages, and somewhat turgid -- essentially a re-write of the> brief I filed for the appeal.>> If anyone has any questions or comments on this, please feel free to call> or e-mail me.>> A second post is on the way regarding the Minnesota budget.>> Bob Carney Jr.> Info about Bob Carney Jr.:> http://forums.e-democracy.org/p/rO7xMMGIDUY3TvnD17jWF>> View all messages on this topic at:> http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/5OYa4SANLfKfBbK9Vi9c8h> -----------------------------------------> To post, e-mail: mn-politics@forums.e-democracy.org> Use "Reply-to-All" via e-mail to post publicly.> To leave or for daily digest, type "unsubscribe" or "digest on"> in subject, then send to: mn-politics@forums.e-democracy.org>
Page 3 of 48/20/2010file://C:\Users\Sharon4Anderson\Documents\Lill_CarneyTakeOff.html

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