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Knapp 02 Astor.

Knapp 02 Astor.

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Astor the explorer from Janarvia Planet city of Morlau, Gamma Piscis he traveled with tourists to a planet beyond the Brana : Knapp.There he fights one of the tourists :Huston, and killed him. When returning ,he is punished through a big fine.A second voyage spoiled the spaceship but he and two other persons are saved and left at planet Knapp, where he met a quadruped species of humanoids; he had intercourse with a female quadruped and had several quadruped offsprings.
Astor the explorer from Janarvia Planet city of Morlau, Gamma Piscis he traveled with tourists to a planet beyond the Brana : Knapp.There he fights one of the tourists :Huston, and killed him. When returning ,he is punished through a big fine.A second voyage spoiled the spaceship but he and two other persons are saved and left at planet Knapp, where he met a quadruped species of humanoids; he had intercourse with a female quadruped and had several quadruped offsprings.

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Published by: Alfredo Juillet Frascara on Jun 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knapp 2 AstorScifi tale written by Alfred F H Juillet FCasa Juillet Casa Juillet Semper Vivens--------------------------------------------------------------------------------" Knapp 2 , or Hunter Astor . "( Follow up of " Knapp one or Konslo Gefuhl " )Written Enero 2007cuento de CF escrito por Alfredo Juillet Frascara .Characters - Personajes:Queen Rixia of Rixiaberg, Knapp planet. - Astor , Hunter - Doctor Franz - MissMaria Lwiron, daughter to Senator Lwiron of Janarvia . Lucrifuga , efemale forAstor while on the spaceship.Captain efemale : Trefulgona , spaceship Onefin".Shista = Special Hubot Intelligence Section Temporal Agency - Barilia, a woman -Mr. Huston , tourist ;Tourists : nine tycoons with their ladies .The men: three from Earth = Hudson,Bushion, Gonzalez ; two from Janarvia = Iwo, Sasko, Lee, and three from Javel, thefourth planet of Knapp's planetary system, and of course, of Asiatic stock =Shuiyen, Sukito, Akio .The mistresses = Latinia the clever, Marlene, Olivia, Shannon, Barilia, TeniadaNoshan Legan Lenevia Tidilenia .Servants to the Millionaires : 21. Ten emales, eleven efemales , names : Ejames,Efederico, Ejusto, E49, Egarlo, Efredo, etc. And the efemines : Edia, Egarla,Egasta, Enette, Ekala, and etc.SafariCrew members : 8 : Saldan, hunter.Goston, Farendo, others SahmanLugar : Ciudad de Monlau, Planeta Janarvia , Estrella Gamma de la ConstelacionPiscis .Year : 3507 DC.Capitulos de la obra: Chapters :1 .- Hunter Astor ................page 012.- The beginning of a Safari on Knapp ...........page 103.- In the Black List ..................page 224.- 3 A.U. Away...........page 29The end .....page 40.Chapter 1ASTORAstor seats in his old battered sofa and stretched his legs , looking thelandscape ; through the steelplast of the windows he could saw the thick trafficof a thousand different lines of aerial vehicles traveling over the city of Monlauat Janarvia planet , third from Gamma Piscis , colonized in the year 3.230 byViodel Nastirenio ; the year was the 3507 Common Era ( Earth chronology).In low tones, the holotvradio was giving the last galactic and local news of theday; often mentioned was the volumes of commercial interchange between Janarviaand the people on Sarkino IV, fourth planet of Beta Pisces .A Visophone beguin chiming, and Astor answered the call; it was old Fred 39, whotold him he had a new customer ; and if accepted, he could begun packing rightaway.
"It all depends ! How much I'm going to receive ?"- Astor asked mildly."It's a leisure trip , with all the luxury you could imagine ! Three tycoons aregoing there with their mistresses ! Extreme tact is required. "- Fred 39 said."Tact ! I'm the dumb clam of my trade ! "- Astor laughed, happy with the project."Remember you are going to Knapp , where there are two kingdoms , separated byspace and birth ! Knapp is ruled by the old king Knapp, of Knappian origin, andRixberg its actually governed by Queen Rixia, widower of former Janarvian KingReitze, killed by a dinosaur Parasaurus ; he left also a son, Prince Marmun, nowten years old. You must remember not to talk politics there , nor to go to theKnapp Kingdom except in disguise, or you'll be imprisoned without notice.""Old news to me."- Astor replied, boringly; those new electrobots believesthemselves the only fountain of knowledge in life ? , he thought."Remember Queen Rixia is of Knappian stock; she didn't want big vessels there, norharmful objects, or substances like cocaine, morphine, hashish, Preludins, crack,marijuana, Extasis and the like. "- Fred 39 prayed away."Understood; I'll leave my pipe here."- Astor said."You certainly could carry it there ! Just remember not to fill it with tobacco;it's forbidden."- Fred 39 remembered him."I'll be waiting the data to arrive here; I must know the names and the object ofthis trip."- Astor said."I'll be sending you everything plus a money advance by the airtube. Remember tobe at the Dimensional Port to-morrow at nine o'clock. Good riddance, Mr. Astor."-Fred 39 said."Bye, Fred."- Astor said, looking at the video monitor; the green face of Fred 39was there , as stolid as ever. It flickered away, and the airtube gives a luminouswarning ; a thud and Astor walked there, to open the lid; inside the tube, anotherplastic tube, red in color. He opened it, and several glossy plastic sheets werewritten in blue print, telling him everything he needed to know about the futuremission; he also finds there a small wallet, with a plastic card with his name onit; a new Bank (the "i3i33") has him as a customer, with 39.000 Credits available.He whispered a small mantra, and begun calculating how much it'll rest , after heends paying his bills in retard...He begun paying the bills using the credit card, and when all was paid, just ameager 18.390 Credits were available; he decided it was time to revise his gear,and half his guns and rifles were with problems; so he takes that half and carriedto Gus Wissel, a good gunsmith, saying :' Fix this in a hurry ! I get a job !"The man was small and with beady eyes; he said, with a profound voice K" Good tohear that ! I was thinking you was retired !""It's isn't funny ! Well, tell me when are you going to have all this ready for me!"- Astor said."Three days, at the least ! No less ! I must to be careful with my reputation; nofaulty repairs here !"- The gunsmith said, examining again those guns and rifles."Take, five hundred Credits . Three days."- Astor said, and paid the man; GusWissel takes the money and put it in a box beneath the counter, while Astor wentout of the shop; it was located in a very busy street, where he could also buy aglass of beer; the attendant was a superb woman, with a big smile; she said " Goodafternoon, sailor ! You from some outworld ?:"Astor was accustomed to hear that remark ; possibly his job was to be blamed forthis; so he said :" No, beauty ! Just a hunter."She narrowed her eyes, and said :' There are not much of your kind here,handsome ! Want some relax, after hours ?""Could be ! I'm going to be out of town for some weeks; a little dance will suitme fine. "- Astor replied; the woman was pure honey." Fine, hunter ! Wait me until this joint gets closed - about one o'clock in themorning.""I'll be nailed to the door, honey!"- Astor said, looking deep inside those greeneyes of her ...After the drink, he went out to the street, and visited his friend doctor Franz,
at the second floor of a condemned building; the staircase was creaking at heart'scontent, while another "tenant" was sneaking inside."That stair did squeak, Doctor !"- Astor said."Oh, I guess it want to collapse ! Last night I was figuring the whole buildingwas collapsing ! A good chunk of a wall collapsed last night; guess the buildinghas serious basement problems."- Doctor Franz said, looking at him near a stuffedtable; upon it, several pots, frames, photos, neckties, a pot and some dishes werestanding."Well ! Guess you are moving, at last !"- Astor said."Oh, and if I don't move, the house will move for me !"- Doctor Franz said,chuckling; he was some 68 years old, white skin, 1.69 mt. In height; he was fromthe old Terra planet, but moved from there in haste, after some experiments withhuman clones."I have news for you."- Astor said, putting a hand on the left shoulder of the olddoctor Franz."Bite, tell me soon what is on it for me !"- The old doctor smiled ." I will be going in a hunting ! Several weeks, lots of Credits involved ! Do youwant to come, in case I get cut in several pieces ? You could sew me in ,again. Iknow you could build me again , if a nail could be find.!"- Astor said."Of course! Could be a hair ."- Doctor Franz said, taking one from the shoulder ofthe hunter."Oh, perhaps that could made me a Nigger ! Get to clean my hair more often."-Astor joked ." You must come and help me out with my valises; my treasures and ...""Please, Doctor ! Take your medicine bag and be ready to-morrow at eight !"- Astorsaid, going away ; doctor Franz smiled , with lightened spirits : his problemswere going to end .Astor went to pick up the lady at 01.00 hours in the morning; she went out with anorange skirt and white sandals; her hair was smooth and danced at the sides of herhead, when looking for him ; he said :" I'm here!""Oh! I was thinking you wasn't going to happen !"- She said, smiling.Astor hailed a cab, and they went to a dancing place, where some drinks wereavailable at a table; she seats, looking fresh and saying " Oh, nice place ! Neverbeen around here.""You going out too often ?"- Astor asked, taking her hand."Oh, not much ! "- She said, looking at him dreamily; she pressed his hand, andhis dress tightened around her breast . He suddenly needed a drink, and while hewas drinking, she said : " Why don't we dance ? By the way, I don't know even yourname !"-"Astor."- He said, walking to the dancing floor, who was very crowded withbeautiful women and ugly guys."My name is Shista ! " She said, smiling .They danced, and very quick she was leaning on him, who was aspiring everyone ofher female odors with delight , wrapped up on a cheap perfume . After some twohours there, she said :" Oh, I'm suffocated here ! Could we go to some morerefrigerated place ?"He takes her to his apartment, where they went straight to the bedchamber; she waseager for love, and he was looking for a couple of dozen days in the open andwithout a female, so he was eager too for love.AT seven in the morning, Astor wake up, takes a shower and was going to leave,when she stand up on the bed, and asked :" Where are you going, love ?""Oh, I had things to do, honey ! You could stay here as long as you want ; butplease, when leaving, shut the door, will you ?"She stand up and walked by the room, with a tiny baby - doll on her, and his mouthmelted with desire; she smiled tenderly, and said :"NO time for another hug ?"He looks unto his watch, and blamed Doctor Franz, and said :" As you wish, baby !I have no guts to deny you that !"But instead of just a hug, it was a full time " catch as you can " , and they

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