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Knapp 5

Knapp 5

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The Xubar Corp. Sent a team to Knapp in a hired spaceship to obtain minerals . The BURION arrives to planet KNAPP , captain Nogar Nieg, not with a sound ship, but with a wreckage, as the traversing of the Branas was ill donned.
Dog people, offspring could talk .They find Oredloro city, native humans.Queen Urta.
The Xubar Corp. Sent a team to Knapp in a hired spaceship to obtain minerals . The BURION arrives to planet KNAPP , captain Nogar Nieg, not with a sound ship, but with a wreckage, as the traversing of the Branas was ill donned.
Dog people, offspring could talk .They find Oredloro city, native humans.Queen Urta.

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Published by: Alfredo Juillet Frascara on Jun 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KNAPP 5doc version, the real one.4/19/2007
4/23/2007 6:335/6/2007 7:57 TALE OF SCIENCE FICTION WRITTEN BYALFREDO JUILLET FRASCARA.13.04.2007Epoch : Year 3602Characters :Board of Directors from the Xubal Corporation : Perion Faktubal, Lorenfa Magnin, Gomer Tornaver. Lamar Fewrio (girlfriend to Perion); At Spaceship “ Burion”: Captain NoganNieg, Doctor Teciolar,Chapter 1.Perion Factukal said :“In the database of our Federation of Planets there are list of planets with theircharacteristics, who are uninhabited , so our Corporation would not require morepermissions than a simple Custom Office asks .”“But most of those planets are so far away ,that the voyage to and fro would cost afortune , Mr. Factukal ! I don’t know why you present this motion again !”- LorenfaMagnin , a beautiful lady, said; she was the owner of the 32 % of the total shares, andso her voice was an important one.“Certainly, Miss Maguin, that I am insisting again in this matters, but it’s because ourCorporation has been having great losses as of late ! If we keep on by the usual tracks ,lady, I am not sure if our Corporation has a future.” – Perion replied her.“The name is Magnin, Sir. “- She said, combing her black hair with proud.“Sorry about that. Well, Sirs, I almost finish my proposition here; only a few wordsbefore: With one single cargo spaceship we could earn millions ! Now the Branatransportation system is available, we could grab planets with a bucket, and for almosthalf the price we should pay if traveling here in our own Brana.” – Perion said. They were silent; the Corporation was in the brink of extinction, but also, they werealready millionaires themselves, with all the money they earn as providers for their ownprojects, or being seated at comfortable chairs at the same Corporation, as managersand directors. Miss Lorenfa Magnin said :” The Brana voyages are dangerous; not aweek ago, a whole train of starships were lost in one of that explorations.”“A risk we could afford, milady, if we want to keep on being seated at our desks here !All I want is a cargo ship, and we’ll rise the Corporation to a sustainable train of expenses. “- Perion said, and seated himself at the big round table .After half an hour of discussions, Gomer Tornaver, an old share older and Director of Commerce, said :” We are half certain you are right , Mr. Perion, in one aspect of yourspeech : the Corporation needs money, and your project seems to be a good safe jacket to everyone of us ! So, I am with you in this project, provided several things.”“And which they are ?”- Perion asked.“The spaceship; we better rent a cargo ship, that will be less expensive than to buy oneand begin collecting a crew ; also, the whole operation must not take more than threeyears; a Brana voyage takes little time finding a planet, specially , as you said, theGovernment had donned for us the exploration . Specifically, we want to know what areyou going to bring us back from those far away reaches. “- Gomer coughed along hisspeech.
“Well, the same we need here to sell our products ! Meat and copper ! I am sure copperis in three or five planets of that list ! And meat, it is where a planet such as ours isfound; so we could count with at least a hundred planets for this project to becameprofitable.”- Perion said.“Then , you will begin this project as from this moment ! Of course, we will all help youin any way you say.”- Gomer said.“But I would ask something else , to the honorable members of this meeting !”- LorenfaMagnin said. They all stared at her, specially Perion.“And what is that request, Miss Magnin ?” – Perion asked.“ That you go in that cargo ship, in order to see everything is being donned in the bestof the ways possible ! Any mishap, if you are not there, and the whole project will befailing , without the proper guide.”- Lorenfa said, with a glint of cruelty in her greeneyes...“I don’t know if I could go there, Miss Magnin ! I have a personal life to live in this cityof Monlau, and I am sure a good executive will do as best as I could .”- Perion said,turning white. He was not in the least wanting to leave the planet, now he has a goodBank account, and five girl friends to attend ...After some more discussion of the point, the general manager and Director Gomer said:’ We are certain you have studied all the points of your project as best as anyone ! So,if you denied us your presence on this project, it will be not accepted. But if you went inthat spaceship, and returns safely with a profit, be sure you will have some moreshares at your disposal.”“You honor me so much ! But give me some days to give you my reply. “- Perion said,and leaves the room; he was with his head in a turmoil; but when he arrives to theparking lot, Lamar Fewrio was waiting him near his turbo - plane, saying :” Oh, darling !So much I had been here waiting for you ! Are you going to lunch with me, or what ?”Perion looked at her, with her almost white blond hair, green eyes, and a superb bodysheathed on a expensive cloth the longitude of which was no more than fiftycentimeters ... The long legs were ending on red high heel shoes.“Sorry , dear, but we were at a meeting... “_ He said, opening the door for her; shekissed him and seats, with a dazzling show with her legs...He almost panted to his seat, and soon they were driving to a fancy restaurant...Unbeknownst to them, a small gadget was inserted near the neck of the suit MisterPerion was using, so everything they did and talk , was being recorded and sent to oneof the several detectives Miss Lorenfa Magnin had at her disposal. Soon she waslooking at the screen, with an abridged version of the whole trip to that Restaurant; along version of what they did at a bedroom of Hotel Windshield , and a short butinteresting conversation of Perion with a friend of him at the Cosmodrome ...“The trip is accepted ! You will be hired, together with your cargo junk ! “- Perion saidby the visophone.“Really ? You’re a genius ! And did you know at which planet I’m going to be sent ?”- The voice of the other person asked.“You name it ! We need copper and meat, nothing more ! A piece of cake ! “- Perionsaid.“But , when this will happen ? I need cash, to pay some bills !”- The other person asked.“Don’t you worry ! It will be soon enough ! The only problem is I must go with theexpedition ! And really, I have some friends here that will be very sad, if I ‘m gone.”-Perion said, looking at the beauty that was taking a bath at the next room.“You are a Don Juan ! I’m sure you could kidnap one or two of those beauties for yourtrip !”- The other person said, laughing.Perion ends the call, as his girlfriend was coming out of the bathroom.“With whom was you talking, dear ?”- She asked, rubbing her hair with a white towel.“With a cargo ship owner ! Business, dear. “- He replied. She feigned to be crying, andwhen he embraced her, she said :”Don’t talk business when I’m near, darling !”
AT the other side of the cable, Miss Lorenfa Magning smiled, and stop being in front of that monitor, thinking Perion was going to suffer during his flight, as she , personally,will forbid any tourist at the spaceship ! She was not going to let the project fail , due tothe lewd inclinations of Mr. Perion !But , three months later, when the “Burion” cargo space-ship deployed from theCosmodrome, Perion didn’t brought any girl friend to the spaceship, more to theamazement of Miss Lorenfa Magnin , who had several spies on the cargo ship informingher of everything. When the light of the recessing ship blurred in the distance, MissLorenfa said, between her lips :”Good luck to you, Perion ! You seems to be a worthyman !”But she was wrong; the “Burion” release a safe boat in the second orbit around planet Janarvia, in which interior was Mr. Perion laughing !“Sure I was going to be at that long and bored trip to nowhere ! My ladies are waitingme at the beach on Biarrel, one of the luxury vacation cities at Janarvia ! When myfriend Nogar Nieg returns, I’ll be at the Cosmodrome, ready to jump in ,feigning I neverwas out of it ! “Soon his small life saving boat was landing at Biarrel spaceport , with a smiling Perion jumping out of it. THE ARRIVAL TO PLANET KNAPP.Captain Nogar Nieg , hovering over Biarrel, saw the tiny craft landing, and said by theintercom :” Be ready for the take off ! We’re leaving the orbit around Janarvia !”And smiled, happy to see his friend was going to have a great time at one of the mostbeautiful resorts on the planet; Nogar was 45 years old, and was not egoistic ... Then,he revise the information at the screen; everything the Corporation needs were there ,written by his friend’s secretary ; copper , meat , quantities and the time he needs tobe back , carrying the goods and metal to the Corporation. His wages were high, andhe was more than thankful to his friend Perion; it was not the first time Perion gives hima good job .He looked unto his crew: they were all males, fine young people –except some of themat the engine room - , and they were all single; he didn’t want married people aboardhis space ship, as married people tended to be jumpy if the trip takes more than theaverage; instead, single people didn’t worried about more or less days in the trip, butasked for a good chunk of money; a thing now, thanks to Perion, Captain Nogar has alot. Three hours later, and far from the commercial routes, the “Burion” made the jumpbetween the Branas, using the same coordinates one of the exploratory spaceshipsfrom the Federation did more than fifteen years ago; once at the “other “side, they allsaw, by the screens, a huge red planet, covering the whole horizon in front of them,running as a racing horse against them. The whole of the alarm systems begin to wail inside the corridors and rooms; theautomatic pilot choose the best chance he had to land, and soon they were head – onwith the planet; the surface of the fuselage became of a sickly looking red color; piecesof metal dust begin to trail after the cargo ship, and then they were flying over a greatchain of mountains; one of them were so high and terrible, that seems to occupy thewhole universe by itself; the automatic pilot made a feat of skill, and banged only aside of the cargo ship against a rocky boulder; the vehicle made a jerky movement, andslide down the slope , ending its fast trip against a forest; pieces of wood were sentflying everywhere, and some of them caught fire; the spaceship banged against athousand tree trunks, and ended it’s crazy path on a rock.Inside the spaceship, half of the crew banged their bodies against the interior walls;their blood running by the corridors, made the whole place slippery for the rest ;Captain Nogar banged his head against a monitor and died , electrocuted; the first

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