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Bella and Edward Part 5

Bella and Edward Part 5



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find out where renesmee is! ur welcome!
find out where renesmee is! ur welcome!

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: !s@b3ll@ M@r!3 Cull3n on Aug 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BPOVNo, Rose, shes at Jakes. She said shed be there till three . I told her.No, I checked everywhere. Shes really missing. Everybodys looking for her. Even the wolves.Rosalie said. I looked at Edward, he looked just as worried as I was.Where should we look? Edward asked worriedly.Anywhere. Jacob is even going to let you on the reservation until we find Renesmee. Rosaliesaid. Edward growled and rolled his eyes.Hey, none of that, now lets go. Nessie could be hurt. I said.Yeah, suck it up Edward, its not like Jacobs gonna do something stupid. He cares about hertoo you know. Rose said.Thank you Rosalie. I said. She smiled and stuck her tongue out at Edward.Please Edward? Lets go, now. You two go out the window, Ill go downstairs and meet yououtside. I said and walked towards the door. But, before I got there, Edward spun me aroundand kissed me.I didnt get to say goodbye babe and thats not fair. He said.Well bye. I said and I kissed him.Bye. He said and he flew out the window. I rolled my eyes and walked out the door,downstairs and into the living room, where Charlie was watching baseball. Shocking.Hey dad, I gotta go. I said.Why? You just got here. He said.No, I have to. Rose just came into my room through the window and told me some terriblenew. I have to go. I explained.What news? he asked, but I was already out the door.Rosalie? Where are you? I called.Over here! she said, and I ran in her direction.Rose, what about Jacob? Have you heard anything from him? The last time I saw Renesmee,she was with Jacob. I said. Even though for Jacob, I knew that he knew where Renesmee would
be. She had never really been missing. Somebody always knew where she was at all times. I wasgoing to Jacobs house. If he wasnt there, Billy would know where he went. But when I gotthere, Billy wasnt. I heard Edward in the house, yelling at someone. How did he get therebefore me? I knew something was wrong, I had never heard him yell like this. He was veryupset. So I went into the house and found Edward with his hand on Jacobs neck, pinned upagainst the wall.Where is she? Edward screeched.I dont know! She left an hour ago! She didnt tell me where she was going! Jacob gasped.Edward! Let go of him! He cant breathe! I yelled.Bella stay out of this. Edward said. Then Jacob looked at Edward, like he was thinkingsomething to him.Damn it Jacob tell me where she is or Ill rip your limbs off until you do! Edward was reallypissed. I was starting to worry for Jacobs life.Bella will be so pissed if you do that. So will Nessie, if you find her. Jacob said breathlessly.Hes right you know. I said.Bella, I said stay out of this. Edward growled. I walked over to Edward, put my hand on hisshoulder and said:Please Edward, let him go. I put on my sad face. I knew he hated it when I was upset,especially when he was causing my sadness. Edward turned back to Jacob, bared his teeth,pushed on his neck and then let him drop to the floor. Jacob sucked in a huge gulp of air.Edward walked over to me and took my hand.Come on, we should go. He said.You go, Im gonna talk to Jacob. I said.But Bella- he started to say. But I interrupted him.Go, Ill be right there. I said. He left and I turned to Jacob.Okay Jake, where is she? If you dont want to tell me where she is, tell me why shes not here.I said.Youll kill me if I do. He said hesitantly.One sec- Edward! Go home! I yelled.
Damn. Edward said to himself. After I was sure Edward was gone, I turned to Jacob.Now, why isnt Renesmee here? I promise I wont kill you. I said.Shes in the basement. She had to hide. He said.What? Why is she under there? I screamed.If I tell you, please dont tell Edward. He said. My the wheels in my head started turning. Ohno, he was not going to say what I think hes going to say.Shes not what I think she is, is she? I asked. He got up from the floor slowly, but stayed awayfrom me. He nodded. Oh my god. She is. My mouth dropped open and my eyebrows raised.Then I smiled and squealed. I ran over to him and hugged him.Congratulations Jake! Im so happy for you guys! I said.Wait, he said pulling back from me, youre okay with her being pregnant at her age? heasked, shocked.Yeah but, oh crap! How are we gonna keep this from Edward? Hes going to want to know whyhe cant see Renesmee. I said. He shrugged.Well, tell her I love her and congrats. I gotta go. I said.K, bye. Jake said. I left and went immediately to mine and Edwards house. He wasnt there.Maybe hes at Carlisles, I thought. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice were all inthe living room, talking.Hey guys. Is Edward here? I asked. Alice shook her head.Good cause I have some great news he cant know. Promise you wont think about or talkabout this around him? I asked.Okay, yeah whats the news? Rosalie asked. I smiled as I looked around, looked behind me,then back to the family.Okay, here it goes. Renesmees pregnant! I said. Esme, Alice and Rosalie all got up, ran overto me and started squealing with me. Jasper, Carlisle and Emmett just rolled their eyes at ourchildish noises, but smiled anyway.I know right? Jacob told me. Its awesome, but the only problem is telling Edward.. So like Isaid before, dont think or talk about it when hes around. I said.Dont worry, we wont. Esme said.

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that is a GREAT idea but first finish THIS story first
!s@b3ll@ M@r!3 Cull3n added this note
hey im real sorry i cant update the story just yet. i am never on like one consistant computer, and i hav part 6 written, but its on a comp i cant get on but ill try whenever i can. sorry guys!!!
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when is gonna be part 6?
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