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Light Manual: A Pow Wow With God: Happiness

Light Manual: A Pow Wow With God: Happiness

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Part 4 of 'A Pow Wow With God'!
Part 4 of 'A Pow Wow With God'!

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Aug 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly – 8/20/2010
Let me put just about everything into focus. With this. With light. The path of mortal existence is one of total darkness. What will save us? Not materialism.We need to be sold on things. We live in a world where it is the salesman thatrises to the top. No? Hey we vote for them every year in politician mode. Wetrust salesmen. Sell your book, sell yourself. Without a slick presentation,your product, what you have produced, is absolutely trivial. Walk through thegrocery store. It’s all about packaging. Wow this is really shiny. I’m going toget this!Look around. Spend your years living patiently. Relax. Think about thequality of your life now. Not in some imagined future that you may not liveto enjoy and also once having reached said event realizing that no youhaven’t found the happiness at the end of the tunnel that you foolishlyconvinced yourself you would. In this way joy and happiness exists now. Andif they don’t do what you can to work on your inner and outer existence tomake positive they do in the future.The backside of this obviously is that most people can’t enjoy life periodanyways. People who you might think, “Wow. That person has everything, Iwould be so happy if I was that person.” often aren’t. Happiness is a fountainthat flows from within and is not reliant on any outside condition or event. If 

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