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Published by fayaz

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Published by: fayaz on Jun 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We are what we consider ourselves to be , so many people …thinkthemselves to be something , but they don’t react ,they ….justfascinate and keep on doing it ,dammit.As someone said, sometimesago: “dreams come true, when you are
. But are we really awake??Every morning we wake up, do our routine, and just do whatever we want to do…wedo it. We do this thing, every time, without a thought or a blaze of consciousness. Are we programmed?
 Are we becoming the product of other’s system
, forgettingourselves? Forgetting the castle of dreams we built, when we were small? We were small but, yet had courage and belief. But now, as wheels of time have turned, you havereached a position where you can pursue your dreams .Suddenly. There is a suddenfeeling ….. “
Oh, my God, what am I doing .I am taking a big risk now. Iam not the man for it 
”.Now where the hell is that courage and belief, which, once we had .Where is it? 
A child while learning to walk, tries to walk .But
….Fails so many timessssssss, but; but the childnever knows, what it had encountered? Its sole purpose is to walk, even after continuousdownfalls, its spirit of walking constantly revived .It is because of the fact: it does notknow what failure issssss. Every time I use the word “
” it says “
”. Try till youget what you want!!Life
: I agree. Life
: I agree. Life
when expected: I agree.Life is a life long
: I agree .Life is
: I agree. I agree with every sadistic termor phrase, we name life. The ultimate truth is these : life rewards those who
, thosewho
take the
; those
who know how to have hope, when there is nohope
; those who are
in there approach; those who fail and
learn fromthere failure
. These are the person’s wins the race .These is the ultimate truth you andI cannot change these becausethese is the truth .
 Truth clearly stands out from the error
 We blame GOD for the bad things that happen to us, spit at our fates. We blame every bad thing on HIM. And when we look at the successful people, we say, they have thegrace, they are fortunate.
But look closer there is something more than fate,there is
work, there is ability to take pain; climb forward, thereare thousands of sacrifices
. Let’s make one thing clear today:
GOD does not owe us anything, but we owe HIM everything
. GODgave us everything, we don’t need stuff from outside, and everything is inside us. Menalways look for a miracle, had he stood before mirror, had a careful observation. Hewould haveFound a miracle inside him, everyone is born with it.
Men fail to understand that he
himself is a greatest miracle
. He can do whatever he wishes to ……………………….

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