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Overcoming African American Disposition to Benefit a Race

Overcoming African American Disposition to Benefit a Race

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Published by Erin Pembroke

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Published by: Erin Pembroke on Aug 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pembroke 1Overcoming African-American Disposition to Benefit a RaceBy: Erin PembrokeI detest how we as African-Americans feel the need to go back to the days of slavery. This is a new and younger generation, people! What do you know of slavery?You were some generations removed from it! I am part African-American and I do notrecall ever being enslaved by Caucasians in my entire life-time. I do not ever recall beingwhipped, spit at, hunted down by dogs or segregated based on the color of my skin.We as African-Americans as a whole need to come off the subject, especiallywhen we are the new generation that has never experienced the suffering of the previousgenerations. How can our generation even discuss something that we have no recollectionof or even experienced? Think about it. When was the last time you were oppressed by aCaucasian person? Next, why must we feel the need to turn the N-word into the positive word,“nigga” with a positive connotation meaning “friend,” “buddy” or “home-boy?” Whycan’t we simply just drop the use of the word altogether? I know I do not want to think of a black slave every time I see myself in a mirror or see a friend in public. I also know thatI am not lower than dirt, so why must you choose to be? When you use this word, you areillustrating that you are because you choose to be.Furthermore, we are only oppressed because we choose to be. Caucasians do notoppress us, we oppress ourselves because we live in the obsolete notion that “blacks aremeant to be poor” and act a certain way. Why must we act ghetto? What, to appease theCaucasian stereotypical view on us? When we become this stereotype, we are invitingother races and ethnicities to also view us in such a manner.Martin Luther King Jr. stated it is the “lie of their inferiority that is accepted astruth in the society dominating them.” Therefore, in a way, we are oppressed; oppressedto the Caucasian stereotypical view on us in which we choose feed into and choose to beenslaved by. It is sad that we are choosing out of our own free will to still be enslaved.Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “How passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as hewho helps perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is reallycooperating with it.”Additionally, not only are we enslaved by the Caucasian stereotypical view on us,we are also enslaved but our own mind because we have never let the topic go. We havenever dropped the topic of slavery that has occurred decades ago. The idea is stuck in theolder generation’s mind which causes them to reiterate or plant this idea into their children’s minds and so forth until it reaches my generation. Now, my generation has to live with these views that do not even apply to thisnew and changed world. We have this false sense of hate that seems very real to us. It issomething we think we understand but we do not because we have never experienced itand this is the stuff that shows up in music videos and in pop-culture. Martin Luther King

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