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The Health Benefits of Tomato Soup

The Health Benefits of Tomato Soup

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Published by sureshbabubnys

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Published by: sureshbabubnys on Aug 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Health Benefits of Tomato SoupThere are health benefits to this tomato soup as it is high in Lycopene. Lycopene is anantioxidant that is not made in the body, so we need to eat vegetables that have good sourceof Lycopene in them. And tomatoes are one of those vegetables that are very high in naturalLycopene.Studies have shown that Lycopene can guard against cancer, especiallyprostate cancerinmen, and cancer of the digestive tract, colon and lungs. Lycopene guards against aging of theskin and can be helpful with diabetes and cardiovascular problems and keeping vision healthyby preventing cataracts. Some studies are showing that it could prevent osteoporosisThey also now make supplements but they are not as good as getting the Lycopene fromnatural sources.Health Benefits of Tomato
Tomato juice is useful for the production of many anti aging and sunscreen productsas it protects our skin from UV rays and also prevents wrinkling at earlier age.
Tomatoes areantioxidantsand so help in cancer prevention.
Tomatoes can prevent heart diseases.
Tomatoes help in reducing highcholesterollevels.
Tomatoes help in reducinghigh blood pressure.
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K and so prevent hemorrhages.
Tomatoes act as natural blood purifiers. Digestive system is kept healthy by them.IMPORTANCE OF VEGETABLE SALAD Broccoli - has secured a great importance in the diet of any health conscious person. Thismay be because it contains broccoli as its main constituents. Broccoli exhibits a range of benefits of eating which does not allow you to skip it from your diet. The major benefitsinclude lowering the cholesterol rate and also reduce the risk of having prostate cancer. Thiscontains a range of nutrients and vitamins which reduces the possibilities of colon, breastalong with bladder cancer to minimum level.It belongs to the cruciferous vegetables family which is rich in phytochemicals. The mainconstituents of the broccoli salad are the raw broccoli or cooled broccoli which can be obtainedfrom steaming. This is considered as one of the best salad for your home and away if you areout for a picnic.Cucumber Salad - is another most widely used salad for its health boosting reasons. It exhibitsa great natural cooling effect which might be the reason for its regular use in salads andsandwiches. As it exhibits cooling effect, it is used in cleansing the palate and hence served asappetizers. This is one of the most popular and the most widely used element of the salads.Most common cucumber salad is prepared by slicing and peeling to a thinly and applying
pickling solution. Pickling solution is prepared from mixing sugar with vinegar in equalproportion along with water and salt. Cucumber salad goes great with grilled pork.Carrots Raisins Salad - is one of the best salads which are very popular around all over theworld. This is famous just because both carrots and raisins are considered as rich in severalvitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene and vitamin A . Raisins are also included in saladas they constitute iron, vitamins, calcium and potassium and several other vitamins along withvitamin B.Cabbage Salad - is considered as one of the cheap and the complete source of antioxidants. Italso includes some of the most vital health boosting constituents such as potassium and folicacids along with several vitamins like vitamin C &B6. These salads are considered as one of the most refreshing and simple to make.Salads are very healthy. Dieticians always advise you to include salads in your daily diet.Usually, we eat salads as a side dish or before taking the full course. However, let me tell youthat you can have salads as a meal. Rather, the meal is better, as itpromises you low caloriebut loaded with vitamins and anti oxidant agents.When I am talking about salads, don’t think that it would be your simple garden salad. Saladscan be of many varieties including the ingredients like nuts, fruits, lean meats and lots of green veggies. Here in the following I would give you some tips to make verities of salads tofill yourself.For a real low calorie filling diet,green saladsare best. Green salads are full of fiber, whichfills you and at the same time, it does not give you unnecessary calories. What you can use forgreen salads is spinach, lettuce, iceberg, leaf and etc. For better taste, you can use a bit of butter, only if you are having salad as your full meal.Vegetable salads are also common and easy to prepare. Here, you can add any raw vegetableaccording to your choice. There is a range of choice like green beans, carrots, radish, snappeas, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and many more.You also have the option of choosingfruit salads. To prepare this salad, you can useblueberries, apple slices, pineapple slices, and raspberries, dry fruits like resins, nuts as well.According to your taste, you can add a pinch of salt. To make it more filling and delicious, youcan add some yoghurt.Out of various leaned cooked meat, you can prepare delicious filling salads. Yes, you can usehardboiled egg apart from cooked chopped and cooked lean beef, shrimp, and chicken breast.However, you have to remember that meat salads have more calories than fruits or vegetablesalads. When I am saying cooked meat means, they are supposed to be plainly boiled meat,not the fried one.Importance of juices:-Juices not only help in overcoming fatigue but also boost energy and work wonders in astate of dehydration. They revitalize body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. But ensurethat the sources, from which they are good quality for flavor and nutritional value. Even insummers, none would deny that there is no better way to deal with the rising heat than byrelishing a cool glass of fresh fruits and vegetables is beneficial to health.Certainly, munching on fruits and vegetables is beneficial health, but one would also agreethat juices and fruit cocktails are cooler, pleasurable and exciting than just having vegetablesor fruits.Juices not only fight fatigue and boost your energy but also work wonders when you aredehydrated and need to realize your body as a whole. Moreover, they are rich in various kinds
of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, low in calories and do a load of good in boosting ourimmune system.Having a glass of orange juice with your breakfast is a great way to start your day. Besidesbeing loaded with vitamin C, it is rich in antioxidants. One can also interchange it with a tallglass of vegetable juice comprising carrot, beetroot and tomato. Add to it a piece of ginger, adash of lemon juice, salt and rock salt to keep you energetic throughout the day.Pineapple juice: Alternatively, pineapple juice is also a good source of vitamin C and helps indigestion. Steamed and raw peaches and apples also make healthy and tasty fruit juices.For the hot summers: Chilled water-melon, cucumber and grape juices are simply made forthe afternoons in hot summers and every evening, when the heat is at its worst. Add to the juice chunks of melons and grapes and your energizing health is complete. Grape juice notonly helps incurring constipation but also rich in vitamin C.Fruits and vegetable juices can be made tangy and tasty adding rock salt, a pinch of cinnamonpowder, a dash of lime juice or ginger juice and black pepper for extra flavor.However, a few words of caution for buying and storing fruits and vegetables. Buy fresh fruitsand vegetables in season for preparing juices. It will not only prove to be cheaper but theyalso will be at their flavor and nutritional peaks. Also wash fruits and vegetables with cleanwater before using them for making juices. When buying vegetables and fruits from the shops,avoid fruits and vegetables that look brownish, oily dull and dried out.So, go natural and load up on juice instead of usual coffee, tea, or soft drinks this season.Moreover, it is proven fact that the nutritional goodness of fruit and vegetable juice with adiet that is low in fat and cholesterol and containing whole grain products and cereals decreasethe risk of heart disease and cancer[Importance of juices in nutrition of infants and preschool and school children][Article in Russian]Kon' IIa.AbstractThe data on assortments and nutritional value of infant's juices are reviewed. Special attentionis devoted to the disputable problem of the time when the juice is to be introduced to theinfant diet. The necessity of further investigations on the quality criteria of juices for infantnutrition is emphasized. Modern data on nutritional value and physiological role of juices forpreschool and school children are also presented. The perspectives of future investigations onthe development and manufacture of new juices for infants and children are outlined.Vegetable juicesThe juices extracted from fresh raw vegetables are highly beneficial as they furnish all thecells and tissues of the body with the elements and the nutritional enzymes which they need.It is true that the body can derive these elements from whole vegetables. But the fresh juicescan provide them in the manner in which they can be most easily digested and assimilated. Avitamin and mineral deficiency can thus be made much more quickly by drinking fresh juicesthan by eating raw vegetables.Practically all vegetables make good juices, but some bitter than others. Vegetable juices maybe divided into three main types. These are (i) Juices from vegetable fruits, that is, tomatoes

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