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Folder System for Juniors

Folder System for Juniors

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Published by: The Liberal Arts and Science Academy on Aug 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The majority of colleges and universities that LASA students typically apply to use one of the followingapplications in the admissions process: (a) the ApplyTexas Application, (b) the Common Application, or (c) of their own design. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to determine which application is required.
ApplyTexas.org –
to be used for application to Texas public colleges. A few private colleges in Texas accept theApply Texas application. See the website for more details on participating institutions.
This application doesnot require a letter of recommendation.
If a student applies only to Texas public colleges and universities, he/she does not need to provide a folder toteachers, counselors, or college advisor unless they are requesting letters of recommendation. Again,recommendations are not required for the ApplyTexas process but may be encouraged in some cases.
Commonapp.org –
to be used for application to colleges and universities who share a commitment of promotingaccess through holistic admission. There are now over 400 Common Application members in 42 states and theDistrict of Columbia. See the website for a complete listing of member institutions. Common App Memberschools
require these
important forms in the application process: Secondary School Report, Mid-YearReport, and the Teacher Evaluation.
Colleges and universities typically require three letters of recommendation as part of the application process.These come from: the high school counselor or college advisor, classroom teachers, and mentors or members of the community.Note on recommendations: Teachers will be inundated with recommendation requests this fall. In fact, someteachers may only agree to write recommendations for a specific number of students. It is important that you ask early to “reserve” your spot. This means asking well in advance before handing the folder over to the teacher,counselor, or college advisor.
Not all colleges require recommendations, as is the case with many of thepublic schools in Texas. Please check college websites for specific requirements.Please give your teacher, counselor, or college advisor a minimum of 2 – 3 working weeks (not calendarweeks) before the deadline to complete their part of your application. This is especially true for December1
deadlines (Thanksgiving holidays fall before this due date) and January 1
Introduction of Folder System/Recommendations and Naviance Process for JuniorsIncludes IMPORTANT NEWS about the College Application Process
We implemented changes this year that affect how students complete the College Application Process. Thesechanges involve use of the Naviance system and concern the following components of the application:
Application Tracking
- all colleges and universities you plan to apply to will be tracked in Naviance,including admissions decisions
Transcripts and Recommendation letters/forms sent to Common Application member schools
-LASA Counselors will send the required Secondary School Reports, Mid-Year Reports, recommendationletters, and transcripts electronically through Naviance. Many LASA teachers will do the same with therequired Teacher Evaluation. This applies to
Common Application member colleges only, not Texaspublic universities who accept the ApplyTexas application
 Recommendation letters sentelectronically through Naviance may lessen the emphasis on the traditional Folder System process we have utilized in previous years.
Transcript Requests
– students will request transcripts in Naviance to be sent to ALL schools;transcripts can also be requested via Naviance for scholarship applications
Process for Linking Naviance and CommonApp.org and Adding Colleges
(Option not available until senior year)
Log on to your personal Naviance site: http://connection.naviance.com/lasa2.
Click on the
Click on ‘colleges I’m applying to’4.
Read the Important Privacy Notice and click whether you DO waive access or DO NOT waive access.***It is our strong recommendation that you DO WAIVE access. This is generally considered bycolleges as the more truthful assessment of you; therefore, the recommendation is given more credit orweight in the evaluation.)5.
Click on the checkbox to allow us to send your academic records (transcript) to the colleges you request.6.
Enter your CommonApp.org user name and password (
your Naviance user name and password) in thedesignated fields to make sure your forms and recommendations are linked to your Common Application.7.
Add the schools to which you plan to apply. When you click “lookup”, the College Picker box willappear. If the college you are searching for is not in the Quicklist, you can search by name, state, orcountry. You can add or remove schools if you change your mind at a later time. Adding your schoolsensures that your counselor and teachers send their recommendation letters and related forms to theappropriate schools. Another benefit: should one of the schools on your list plan to visit campus, you willreceive email notification of their visit.
Process for Requesting Teacher/Counselor Recommendations through Naviance
(Option not available until senior year)
Before adding a teacher or counselor on Naviance, you must first ask that teacher or counselor in person if they will write the recommendation on your behalf. If they agree, you will give your recommendationwriters a copy of your resume, brag sheet, parent brag sheet, copy of test scores (for counselors only), anyother related documents, and a list of schools you’re applying to with appropriate deadlines.
Considerplacing these documents in a two-pocket folder with your name and contact information and list of schools alongwith their deadlines on the outside of the folder.Once you have permission from your recommendation writer, complete the following steps in Naviance:1.
Log on to your personal Naviance site2.
Click on the
Scroll down to Teacher Recommendations and choose the appropriate person (both teachers andcounselors are included) from the dropdown menuNOTE: Not all teachers participate in the electronic recommendation process through Naviance. If ateacher is not listed, you must give them the traditional folder with all of the printed forms, addressed
envelopes, and stamps.4.
Your teacher/counselor will receive email notification that you requested a recommendation throughNaviance. If they agreed to write your recommendation, they will complete their forms online (toCommon App member schools).
You should give your recommendation writers a minimum of 2-3 working weeks (not calendar weeks)before the application deadline to complete their part of your application. This is especially true forDecember 1
deadlines (Thanksgiving holiday falls before this due date) and January 1
deadlines(Christmas holiday break falls before this due date).How Naviance and Electronic Recommendation Submission will affect the Folder SystemNaviance may, in some cases, eliminate the need for a traditional folder if you are applying to CommonApplication member schools since your counselor and most teachers will be sending recommendations andforms online. You must still provide the recommendation writers with copies of:
List of colleges along with their due dates in order of the earliest due date.
these due dates.Please indicate whether it is a POSTMARKED DATE or RECEIVED DATE.
Postmarked Date: all materials just need to be postmarked by this date but don’t necessarily needto be in the college admissions office by this date
Received Date: all materials must be received in the college admissions office on or before thisdate
Academic Resume
Student Brag Sheet
Parent Brag Sheet
Copies of ACT/SAT scores (for counselors only)
Any other pertinent documentsYou may consider placing these items in a two-pocket folder with your contact information and list of schoolswith deadlines on the outside.
When the Traditional Folder System is Necessary
Instances where putting a folder together for your recommendation writer is necessary:
If you are applying to several non-Common Application member schools who require their ownrecommendation forms
If a teacher (or another recommender) does not utilize the Naviance system to send electronicrecommendations and instead, needs to mail documents on your behalf 
When you talk to your recommendation writer, you should find out if they will submit recommendation formsthrough Naviance or if they prefer, instead, to mail the recommendation forms. If they choose to mail the forms,you should provide them with an accordion-type folder (one that has several pockets with tabs).For each folder, please include the following:On the outside cover, facing outwards a large sheet of paper with the following information:
Your name, address, telephone numbers (including cell phone), and email address. Your teachers,counselor, and college advisor should be able to read your name from a short distance
A list of your colleges along with their due dates in order of the earliest due date.
thesedue dates. Please indicate whether it is a
If you are applying to the University of Texas at Austin and want a recommendation (though notrequired) sent on your behalf, please include your UT EID Number. Other colleges and universities may

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