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Arizona savagery p. 39

Arizona savagery p. 39

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Aug 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LAND OF THE RED GIANTS OF IXTLAN Chapter 18 - Ellsworth Bombs: "Elegy to the Thunderbird" "Every war when it comes, or before it comes,is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac."- George Orwell A Prime Nuclear Targetby Randall ForsbergBlack Hills Survival Gathering, 1980"Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakotais becoming a prime target for Soviet nuclear attack. The Pentagon estimates that over 300nuclear bombs might be set off around the basein a first-strike counterforce attack - two 1-megatonbombs on each ICBM silo and a few on theB-52 bomber fields and command and controlcenters. The explosions would create tremendousoverlapping blast waves, winds of 600-800 mph,immense fires and resulting climate changes.The radioactive fallout of particles from the air would irradiate the entire southern region of South Dakota, leaving little human or other life."The ability to attack nuclear forces, rather than only cities and conventional forces, willmake nuclear war seem less suicidal andgreatly increase the chance that it will occur in some crisis or by accident." "This UFO incident allegedly occurred at Ellsworth AFBabout 7 miles west of Nisland, South Dakota."{The following is from a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act]request. It quotes the actual United States Air Force officialreport [released in 1999], available from the Department of Defense [DOD].}"At 2059 hrs., 16 Nov. 1977, Airmen 1C Phillips, Lt. A. LimsSecurity Control, telephone WSC. and reported an O2 alarmactivation at L-9 and that Lims SAT #1, A-1C Jenkins & A-1CRaeke were dispatched, (Trip #62, ETA 2135 hrs.)."At 2147 hrs., A-1C Phillips telephones WSC and reportedthat the situation at L-9 had been upgraded to a COVEREDWAGON PER REQUEST OF Capt. Stokes, Larry D., FSO."Security Option 11 was initiated by WSC and Base CSC.BAF (Backup Security Force) #1 and 2 were formed. At 2340
hrs., 16 Nov. 77, the following information was learned: Uponarrival (2132 hrs.) at Site #L-9, LSAT, Jenkins & Raeke,dismounted the SAT vehicle to make a check of the site fenceline."At this time Raeke observed a bright light shining verticallyupwards from the rear of the fence line of L-9. (There is a smallhill approximately 50 yards behind L-9)."Jenkins stayed with the SAT vehicle and Raeke proceededto the source of the light to investigate. As Raeke approachedthe crest of the hill, he observed an individual dressed in aglowing green metallic uniform and wearing a helmet with visor.Raeke immediately challenged the individual, however theindividual refused to stop and kept walking towards the rear fence line of L-9. Raeke aimed his M-16 rifle at the intruder and ordered him to stop. The intruder turned towards Raekeand aimed a object at Raeke which emitted a bright flash of intense light. The flash of light struck Raeke's M-16 rifle,disintegrating the weapon and causing second and thirddegree burns to Raeke's hands."Raeke immediately took cover and concealment and radioedthe situation to Jenkins, who in turn radioed a 10-13 distressto Line Control. Jenkins responded to Raeke's position andcarried Raeke back to the SAT vehicle."Jenkins then returned to the rear fence line to stand guard.Jenkins observed two intruders dressed in the same uniforms,walk through the rear fence line of L-9 (Minuteman II ICBM silo).Jenkins challenged the two individuals but they refused to stop.Jenkins aimed and fired two rounds from his M-16 rifle."One bullet struck one intruder in the back and one bulletstruck one intruder in the helmet. Both intruders fell to theground, however, approximately 15 seconds later Jenkins hadto take cover from a bolt of light that missed him narrowly."The two intruders returned to the east side of the hill anddisappeared. Jenkins followed the two and observed them goinside a saucer shaped object approximately 20' in diameter and 20' thick. The object emitted a glowing greenish light."Once the intruders were inside, the object climbed verticallyupwards and disappeared over the Eastern horizon."BAF> #1 arrived at the site at 2230 hrs., and set up a securityperimeter. Site Survey Team arrived at the site (0120 hrs.) andtook radiation readings, which measured from 1.7 to 2.9 roentgens."Missile Maintenance examined the missiles and warheadsand found the nuclear components missing from the warhead."Col. Speaker, Wing Cmdr. arrived at the site and set up aninvestigation. A completed follow-up report of this incident willbe submitted by order of Col. Speaker.
"Raeke was later treated at the base hospital for second andthird degree radiation burns to each hand. Raeke's M-16 riflecould not be located at the site." "Abolition of all nuclear weapons, worldwide, will endthe continuing nightmare of proliferation; of crises spunout of control and the dreadful headline announcing a cityvaporized in a thermonuclear cloud. 60 retired American,Russian and other generals and admirals have joined mein calling for the phased elimination of nuclear arms. Itis not credible for the USA to demand small countries likePakistan, North Korea, and Libya get rid of any nuclear weapons programs they may have, while we have at least10,000 superbombs."- 4-star General George Lee Butler,USAF commander of SAC ELLSWORTH BOMBSAugust, 2005Rapid City (AP) The Base Realignment and ClosureCommission (BRAC) taketh away and it giveth back.In May the Pentagon recommended the closure of Ellsworth AFB, home of 2 squadrons of the B-1B Lancer bombers, but today, after intense political and localpressure from panicked businessmen, the BRAC reversedtheir ruling and allowed the Base to stay open."We're jubilant," shouted Bruce McElgunn, chairman of theChamber of Commerce and head of the committee to keepthe local Base open. "Everyone said we only had a 15%chance of winning, but we did it, thank God."The Base employs almost ten thousand local workers,as well as about two thousand military personnel, with acumulative boost to the economy of almost $300 millionannually.It was also widely seen as a challenge to Senator JohnThune's influence with the Republican administration of President Bush, who had endorsed Thune last year in hisdefeat of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Thunehad lobbied, at times almost desperately, all spring andsummer to convince the Pentagon commission the B-1swere crucial to national defense, "especially now, in timesof war, the War on Terror" he said."It just didn't make any sense," Thune stated at a pressconference, with his Democratic colleagues Senator TimJohnson and the State's lone Congresswoman StephanieHerseth enbracing him in a unanimous political agreement,

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