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Light Manual - A Pow Wow With God - Inner Balance

Light Manual - A Pow Wow With God - Inner Balance

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Some thoughts on finding balance in the unpredictable and chaotic world that we all live in.
Some thoughts on finding balance in the unpredictable and chaotic world that we all live in.

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Aug 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly – 8/21/2010
Ask the right questions. Let your brain grow. Transmit. We reach others withour thoughts and words and also by our actions. By demonstrating goodthought in action. By riding our bikes or volunteering to help others. Actionsthat produce good karma. When I’m driving my van and I see someone ridingtheir bike I think damn how come I’m not riding my bike and I feel a littleguilty. We can all help make this world a better place. You may think: I don’thave time! I wake up, feed the kids, get to work, get home, make supper. Mywhole life is go, go, go.There is almost always something we can be doing to help make this world a better place. I’m finding more time to write because I’m teaching my kidshow to cook. I’m also riding my bike a lot. I was getting a little worried aboutmy heart before, I don’t know why I just was. But now my heart feels reallystrong and I never think about it.If each of us lives life a little differently, if each of us plays our part in theworld’s evolution then big things can happen. What if no one ever boughtgasoline from BP again? I would be embarrassed to be seen there. Someforms of good action can be things that you can do that use less of the Earth’senergy and resources. The use of energy obviously not such a huge concern
once renewable energy sources like solar and wind power become morecommonplace.Producing good karma makes one feel happy. This is something that a goodmajority of the Earth’s population seems to have forgotten or maybe never really knew in the first place. Many people think that producing bad karmalike wasting money on not needed consumer goods will make them happy. Nope. Someone was telling me about a study they did with people whereasthey gave them a thousand dollars to spend on themselves and then athousand dollars to spend on others. They then asked them which experiencemade them happier. Giving the money away was a way more joyfulexperience.Good karma. Right thought and action. Proper living. Balance. Theingredients to a good life lies in a proper mix that obviously varies from person to person. What I need in my life may vary from what you need. If Iexercise too much for instance I’m too sore and a little unhappy but if I don’texercise I’m unhappy as well. When I used to have a girlfriend on the islandhere there would be stress in my life if I spent too much time with her or viceversa, too little time. These are obviously issues of balance. We find balancein experimentation sometimes, in learning through experience, through trialand error. Writing is a very good way to learn to find balance like writing a journal because it can make evolving or growing a little easier. In writing we become more reflective and begin to contemplate our lives naturally. Theancient spiritual path of alchemy involves writing about one’s own spiritual journey in order to produce inner clarity.What do I need from life? If I’m not happy what are the causes? If one is notfirmly entrenched on the spiritual path then the causes of unhappiness arealmost always material. The spiritual seeker may think: I am not happy because I am divorced from my higher self. This is the immaterial root of allunhappiness really. Divorced from our higher selves we may let our livessnowball into a reflection of our spiritual maturity really. Our outer lives areoften a reflection of our inner ones. When we reach to enlightenment, unitywith our higher self, it becomes relatively easy to begin to unravel one’smaterial existence away from total chaos and unhappy living. Spiritual

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