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10 Motives_White_Paper - Red Bricks Media

10 Motives_White_Paper - Red Bricks Media

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Published by wnbanyc

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Published by: wnbanyc on Aug 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Red BRicks Media’s 10 Motives of seaRch
cRaig hoRdlow | chief seaRch stRategist
Search engne marketers knw that deepng the rght kewrd st s paramunt tcampagn perrmance; therere, kewrd research s a cruca cmpnent  a suc-cessu SEM campagn.Wth s man kewrd ts ut there, hweer, seectng the mst reeant audenceterms can be a chaenge. Ts ke Gge’s kewrd suggestn t make t eas tdeep a database  hundreds  kewrds n mnutes, but there’s n guarantee thatthese kewrds w perrm. These kewrds cud as end up beng extreme cm-pette, expense terms that w cnsume the marketng budget wth a hgh cst percck. Mst mprtant, hweer, these kewrd ts dn’t cer a  the mtes asearcher mght hae n a market segment.Red Brcks Meda has deeped gudenes r kewrd research that we ca “The 10Mtes  Search.” The ke here s “mte” – wh s the audence searchng n the rstpace? D the want t bu? D the want t cmpare? Are the trng t nd a speccbrand? Understandng the precse mte r a gen search enabes a marketer t cre-ate targeted messagng that w mnmze bunce rates (snge access) and maxmzecnersns. Addtna, the st enabes ur kewrd branstrmng sessns t gener-ate mre cmprehense sts that  we were t se re n stware (we utze thecmbnatn  a mte branstrm AND stware).These mtes  search are the resut  seera ears  research. Each kewrd waseauated wth the wng questn n mnd: “what s the ga ths searcher s trngt accmpsh?”.
the 10 Motives of seaRch
Each mte w be detaed bew.
1 | PRoduct / seRvice
T better understand the 10 mtes  search, magne desgnng a search engne mar-ketng campagn r Cmpan Z runnng shes. When dng kewrd research, CmpanZ mght seect, bus, “runnng shes” r “athetc shes.” These are bth exampes prduct terms – terms that drect descrbe what a prduct s r des. These aredente kewrds that shud be cnsdered r bddng, but the brad nature  theseterms cud make them extreme cmpette. Therere, expandng the kewrd stacrss the ther 9 mtes  search w pre mst eecte.
2 | coMPaRison / Quality
Pepe wh are cmparsn shppng mght use terms ke “cmpare,” “tp 10,” “thebest,” etc. Cmpan Z wud want t ncude ke terms ke “cmpare runnng shes”
RBM ca s  s  udy
foR inQuiRies contactsales@RedBRicksMedia.coM
1   0 6  o s  oM s  |   s  ui   3  0 0 |   s  ca 9 1   0 3  |   w w w.RdBRi   ck s Mdi  a. c oM |  1   5  5  5  0 6  5  0
and “the best runnng shes” n ther kewrd sts, and brng users t a page that actu-a des prde cmparate nrmatn.
3 | adjective QualifieR
She enthusasts and athetes ake w qua ther searches wth adectes, ke “whtebasketba she” r “custm desgned shes.” When dng kewrd research, t s mpr-tant t understand hw the audence mght descrbe the prduct (whch ma nt be thewa that marketers wud descrbe ther wn prducts) and market t them accrdng.Agan, t s mprtant t brng the searcher t a page that matches ther quer.
4 | intended use
When searchng r Cmpan Z’s prducts, cnsumers mght tpe n “chdren’s runnngshes”, r “wmen’s runnng shes”. other ntended use queres mght ncude: “r smabusnesses”, “r ames”, “enterprse”, etc.
5 | vendoR/ManufactuReR
it’s er mprtant t bd n branded terms. Ths searcher aread s amar wth thebrand, and ncudng man reeant brand terms n a pad search campagn w hepharest ths w-hangng rut. Cmpan Z wud want t bd n “Cmpan Z shes”as we as “Cmpan Z runnng shes” and “Cmpan Z basketba shes.” Addtna,et’s sa the cmpan’s bestseng shes are caed Zach’s Zms. These terms shudbe ncuded as we. Branded terms ma nt dre as much trac as brader terms ke“athetc shes,” but the trac that the d dre w be er quaed and n-target.
6 | location
Ge-targeted terms can be a pweru,  nt, essenta, part  a search campagn. Man these search strateges are bus: r nstance, smene searchng r a restaurants hgh ke t search r the catn (“San francsc itaan restaurants”). Hweer,ne nt s bus aspect  ge-specc searches s that  campagn expansn.imagne u perrm csmetc surger n San francsc. Wud u n ptmze r“San francsc csmetc surgens”? The smart strateg s t ptmze r ther ges n partcuar, ges cse enugh s that ptenta custmers can eas cme t u ANDn ges unke t hae a t  seectn. The act that u are a San francsc csmetcsurgen as ppsed t a Reddng surgen can wrk t ur adantage  u pstnur mre csmptan catn as a quatate derence.one ast nght abut catn: users ten spec “nne” as a catn. i er ten seeusers specng “nne” as a catn r serces, partcuar educatn.
7 | action ReQuest
Actn requests ke “app”, “bk”, “purchase”, and “qute” can sgna readness t bu.i smene s searchng r “bu runnng shes,” t’s mprtant t shw up near the tp the search engne resuts page. These pepe are read t spend mne n shes, andstudes hae shwn that amst 80%  a searchers d nt k at resuts past the rstpage. fr ptma resuts, ths mte can be cmbned wth mte #5 (endr/manu-acturer) and ncude kewrds ke “bu Cmpan Z shes” and “bu Zach’s Zms.”
8 | instRuction
Cnsumers ma as be usng search t earn hw t use prducts and serces. let’s saCmpan Z has grwn t ncude nt ust shes, but an entre ne  athetc equpment
RBM ca s  s  udy
foR inQuiRies contactsales@RedBRicksMedia.coM
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