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Report Electronic voting machine

Report Electronic voting machine

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my report in bachelor degree
my report in bachelor degree

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Published by: M-Y-TH on Aug 22, 2010
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Introduction1.1 Overview :
There are many type of voting process occur in different time and place fromearly shape of hand rising to most modern type by using Internet .Microcontroller is one of the most powerful general purpose device which is used in this project to realizing the voting machine which have the ability to process data in highspeed , precise result and work together with PC to manage the over all operation .
1.2 Historical Review :
The past few decades have witnessed evolution of Microcontrollers. They haverevitalized a number of products or equipment in almost all fields includingtelecommunications, medical, industrial, and consumer products. These embeddedMicrocontroller systems now resides at the heart of modern life with a variety of applications in fields like consumer electronics, automotive systems, domestic, and evenin aerospace products. Embedding a Microcontroller in an electronics instrument or  product requires a specialized design skill which requires a synergy of hardware andsoftware skills. [ 1 ]In our day-to-day life we come across a number of embedded products. When weswitch on the washing machine or send an SMS on a cell phone one cannot preventwithout thinking the mechanism and the co-working of hardware and software in the background. The market for such smart embedded products is occupying newer andnewer applications seemingly impossible few years back.
A Microcontroller (or MCU) is a computer-on-a-chip used to control electronicdevices. It is a type of microprocessor emphasizing self-sufficiency and cost-effectiveness, in contrast to a general-purpose microprocessor (the kind used in a PC). Atypical Microcontroller contains all the memory and interfaces needed for a simpleapplication, whereas a general purpose microprocessor requires additional chips to provide these functions . [ 1 ]A highly integrated chip that contains all the components comprising a controller.Typically this includes a CPU, RAM, some form of ROM, I/O ports, and timers. Unlikea general-purpose computer, which also includes all of these components, aMicrocontroller is designed for a very specific task – to control a particular system. As aresult, the parts can be simplified and reduced, which cuts down on production costs .The definitions given by various sources describe Microcontroller as an integratedcircuit (IC) with processor as well as peripherals on chip. But the crux of the matter isthe widespread uses of Microcontrollers in electronic systems. They are hidden inside asurprising number of products such as microwave oven, TV, VCR, digital camera, cell phone, Camcorders, cars, printers, keyboards, to name a few. The last three decades andespecially the past few years have
witnessed the tremendous growth in the top-of-the-line processors used for personal computing and digital signal processor (DSP)applications.Today, the use of Microcontrollers in embedded systems
outnumbers the use of  processors in both the PC and the workstation market. It is estimated that over 50% of the vast majority of the computer chips sold are Microcontrollers. The main reasons behind their huge success are powerful yet cleverly chosen customizable electronics,ease in programming, and low cost. These days Microcontrollers find increasingapplication even in areas where they could not be used previously. With the decreasingcosts and footprints, it is now possible to have small-sized and cost-effective
Microcontroller units (MCUs) for new applications. The Microcontrollers today aresmall enough to penetrate into the traditional market for 4-bit applications like TVremote controls, toys, and games. For the simplest of all control applications they canoffer high value smart switch functionality for applications that previously usedelectromechanical devices. [ 1 ]
1.3 Aim of the project :
The aim of the project is to design and implement an electronic voting machinethat has several features over present voting operation .
1.4 Report Layout :
The report of this project consists of five chapter some of them for theory other for particular works as shown below
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 :
Microcontrollers and RS-232 Data interface
Chapter 3 :
System design and hardware implementation
Chapter 4
Software implementation
Chapter 5 :
Conclusion and future works

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