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The Truth

The Truth

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Published by: Renee Miller-Johnston on Aug 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The TruthBy Renee Miller I know the papers reported this already, but they don't have the real story. I’ll tell youhow it went down. First, I wasn’t on the balcony that night. Second, he wasn’t my dreamanything. Everyone's saying that I'd fallen for his charm, blah, blah, blah. Do I look stupid to you? Honestly, I've never heard of anything so ridiculous. A successful,attractive, and totally not desperate woman of thirty-three doesn’t fall for a loser likeCharlie.I knew he wanted to kill me the second time we went out. You might say I'm good atreading people. But really, I know a psychopath when I see one. Most single girls do. Theway he smelled his food, how he liked to hold my neck in both hands when we kissedgood night, the way he stared at me while sharpening his knife; kind of spoke volumesabout his mental state.I should have broke it off then, but my Irish wouldn't let me. I couldn't stand that hethought he was smarter than me. I played the game instead. And what a game it was. Hetried to kill me four times before—well, you know. But I managed to outsmart him.That's when the other girls went missing and I kind of feel bad about that, but how was Ito know he'd do that? I didn't know he was the type of psychopath that made a serialkiller. I'm not the freaking FBI. Hell, they didn't know he was a serial killer until the dayafter it happened.I’ve lost track. Where was I? Oh yes, the night of the incident. After the ceremony andreception, I knew he'd up his game. When he asked me to marry him, he didn't expect meto make it to the big day, so I figured he'd be pretty pissed about that. I went along withwriting our wills and 'joining' our bank accounts before he proposed. I think he wastrying to scare me, hoping I’d run so that the game would be more fun for him. Too badfor Charlie it was more fun for me to play stupid.We entered the honeymoon suite, the deluxe one with the heart-shaped bed and the hottub, and Charlie's true colors finally emerged. Oh the names he called me, the things hewas going to do to me. He tossed me around a bit, and I let him. I have to admit, he'sdamn sexy when he's angry. His blue eyes lighten to a grey color and his tan turns to adeep shade of red…so hot. When he pulled the knife from his jacket, I ran as he hoped tothe balcony, where I'd set everything up that morning.Charlie, tangled in the drapes, his vision impaired due to his night blindness, didn't seeme climb over the edge and down the makeshift rope I'd tied there earlier. Hotel bedsheets are really strong. Where do they get them? I don't know.Charlie stormed through the doors and, seeing the dark form leaning over the edge,hearing my voice call for help, he shoved the form and it went over. Fifteen floors to thestreet below. Stupid ass didn’t even wonder how a six foot tall and somewhat curvy—notfat, thank you very much—woman could be shoved over a balcony so easily. He didn’t

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