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Nuke Liability Bill Dilution

Nuke Liability Bill Dilution

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Published by GeeJay
‎"Dilution" is Indian's master-piece.
‎"Dilution" is Indian's master-piece.

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Published by: GeeJay on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By The Author of
The Simple Divine Truth Books
> thesimpledivinetruth.org <


Published in August 23, 2010

Why the nuke liability bill is diluted to favor the Nuke suppliers?
Who is putting pressure and which way?
Is it under pressure or payments?

Why the Indian Parliamentarians support the nuke suppliers and betray
the people of Ind
Bhopal tragedy heat is not over, before that another betrayal. (Bhopal will
never be forgotten, till the end of the world)

In the original bill, the Clause 17(B) said - "the nuclear incident has
resulted from the willful act or gross negligence on the part of the supplier
of the material, equipment or services, or of his employee."

You can never prove, the Nuke accident occurred, as a willful act of the
supplier, only in such case you can claim for compensation.
Another thing is the term ‘Incident’ is used in place of ‘Accident’.

Accident = is a mishap causing damage or injury which is not deliberately done. We don’t call an accident – as a willfully or deliberately done act. In any case nuke deal is teaching a lot of good English and tricks in agreement wording.

Incident = Happening
What is the divorce settlement of Tiger woods and his wife - $750 million.
What can be settlement in India -- pay for the cost of living?

When US Company or any other foreign companies operate in India, they
must pay much as they pay in US.
What is the claim if nuke accident occurred in US?

The Price-Anderson Act enacted in 1957 ensures the availability of a large pool of funds — about $10 billion — to provide compensation to people who incur damages from a nuclear accident — no matter who is liable.

Japan has already given an ultimatum to India: -- If India conducts Nuke testing Japan will withdraw from the deal. Japan stands under the shadow of US that is why they dare to say all these things. Hiroshima and Nagasaki fear still haunts Japan, so they have no grit to speak against US but to speak for them.

The Union government plans to cap the maximum liability for each nuclear incident to $300 million Special Drawing Rights ($460 million or` 2,100 crore). This is lower than the $470 million settlement in the Bhopal gas disaster. (1 crore = 10’000’000/ 10 million

Nuke agreement is between the dwarf (India) and the giant (US); on the basis of military strength. If they don’t pay India, do the Indians have any means and capability to extract it? If any dispute comes between US and India then you will see the 7th fleet with the nuclear arsenal, in Arabian- Sea followed by embargos.

India has already declared moratorium on Nuke testing. On this condition nuclear fuel is supplied. India has surrendered its sovereignty before other countries. Once for all India has abandoned nuclear developments.

With whose permission Indira Gandhi and Vajpayee Government
conducted nuke test?
India’s nuke deal is to bring disaster to India and also to destroy the
Indian economy.
Nuke suppliers will be spying all over the country.
India’s Nuke deal, itself a big question?
Nuke deal is totally unwanted; the following reasons will convince you.

Nuke deal can produce only less than 9% of power needed what will you do for the rest. India claims to be nuclear country but the world has not accepted it.

China, Russia, US, France, Britain are the only recognized countries. CTBT and NPT do not apply to them. They make rules and India has to obey them.

For more than 33 years US has put trade sanction on nuke supplies. They also blocked Russia’s cryogenic engines. India had to develop their own, for the rockets, which has delayed progress for several years.

International Atomic Energy Agency cannot inspect the above five
countries, where as they can inspect India.
India is a second class nuclear country and not a nuclear power nation.
Indian politicians have ruined India’s status before the world.
The agreement that has been made between BUSH and MONMOHAN
SINGH has imprisoned India once for all.

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